How To Make a Job Offer (With Script)

When you have found your ideal candidate and want to formally offer them a position, you can use this job offer email template. You can modify your email to include whatever information you believe your candidate will find helpful before making a decision. Using our tutorial, you can learn how to create an email that stands out when making a job offer.

Your email’s subject line cannot leave your candidate guessing. It should clearly communicate that you’re offering them a job. Make sure to include all pertinent details in your message, such as the position’s title, working hours, department, and manager, the duration of the contract, if applicable, and the salary (including benefits). If your candidate accepts your offer, you might think about including helpful documents, such as company policies and a compensation plan, or a copy of the employment terms that they must sign. Don’t forget to establish a deadline for receiving your candidate’s final response.

How to Accept a Job Offer: All You Need to Know Before Taking a New Job

How to make a job offer to candidates

Learn how to make a job offer to a candidate by following these steps:

1. Move quickly

Most applicants who are actively looking for work may submit more than one application at a time. They might also go to various interviews because of this, and they might get competing job offers. If at all possible, think about getting in touch with candidates the day after their last interview or the day after you make your choice. This demonstrates that the business is eager to hire a new employee. It might also lessen the candidate’s anxiety associated with waiting for an offer.

2. Make a phone call

To offer a position to a candidate, call as soon as it is practical. As a result, you can immediately respond to inquiries about the new position and share your excitement about the opportunity. Leave a message with your contact information if a candidate doesn’t pick up the phone so you can reach them at a more convenient time. Consider sending them an email to schedule a time to speak if you can’t reach them by phone.

3. Show excitement

Even though you might have avoided conversation during the hiring process, you can express to the candidate how thrilled you are to have them join the company during a job offer call. Think about praising the candidate or getting their reaction to the offer.

4. Provide reasons for the decision

Tell the applicant in detail what background, abilities, or characteristics contributed to their employment. Tell them why you think they’ll fit in with your organization or what fresh ideas you anticipate they’ll have to offer the business. Inform them of the specifics that set them apart from the other applicants you interviewed in terms of qualifications or suitability.

5. Talk about payment

Inform potential employees of the base pay and any significant perks that will be part of the package. Typically, you discuss salary expectations during the interview process. Consider offering a salary that is higher than what they make at their current job because many people look to switch jobs in order to get a raise. Give specifics on important perks like paid time off and insurance Include information about any probationary or benefit waiting periods. You could also say that a more comprehensive list will be included in the written offer letter.

6. Get a response

Ask for a response if the applicant doesn’t immediately accept or reject the offer. Ask them how theyre feeling. Some candidates might need more time to consider the offer before accepting it or may need to see the full offer sheet before deciding. Consider communicating your intention to send an offer sheet and establishing a deadline for their decision.

7. Ask for additional feedback

See if the candidate has any questions that you haven’t already addressed. Before they start the job, ask them if there is anything else you should know about them. Talk about other details you might mention in the offer letter, like a potential start date or prior obligations for time off. Again, provide your contact information so they can record it if necessary. They may have additional questions after receiving the offer letter.

8. Send an offer in writing

Send the written offer letter through email or traditional mail. You might also think about posting it on a website for human resources. The written offer letter includes terms and conditions such as:

What is a job offer?

An employer extends a job offer to a candidate when they intend to hire them. Job offers may be made informally or formally, orally or in writing. Candidates have the option to accept or reject a job offer as it is made by the hiring manager or to bargain for more favorable terms.

Tips for making a job offer

Follow these recommendations to make the job offer process simpler to candidates:

Consider a video call

Instead of a phone call, think about offering the job via a video call. You might be able to do this to observe and assess a candidate’s response to the news. This might be a professional choice for remote positions if you also interviewed using online meeting software and if you’ll keep communicating that way once they start their new job.

Create an offer letter template

Before you begin the hiring process, create an offer letter template. This could help you quickly put one together to send to a new hire. Additionally, you can use it as a reference guide during interviews or to support further candidate questions.

Consider using an automated approval process

If you want to speed up the offer process, think about using an automated approval process program. These tools could assist with error checking, tracking candidate negotiation requests, and centralizing information for simple access and approval.

Prepare the offer letter in advance

Before calling a candidate and extending the job offer, take into account writing the letter. If they agree, you may be able to expedite the process and obtain a commitment. If they ask any additional questions during your conversation, you can also refer to the offer letter.

Job offer script

Use this sample script to learn the proper format for a job offer phone call:

Hi, this is [Your name] from [Your organization], says the hiring manager (HM). May I speak with [Candidates name]?”.

[Candidate replies.]

HM: “Are you available to talk?”

[Candidate replies. If they say yes, continue with the conversation. Ask when a good time would be to call back if they respond negatively. ].

HM: “It was a pleasure getting to know you during the interview process, and I believe you’d be a valuable addition to [Company name]’s [Department name].” We conducted interviews with [Number of candidates] candidates for the [Position name] position; however, as a result of your [Experience or skill 1], [Experience or skill 2], and [Experience or skill 3], you are the candidate we want for the team. I believe [Reason 1] and [Reason 2] make you the best applicant. “.

HM: “I’m thrilled to offer you this position with a base pay of [Salary amount] and additional perks like [Notable benefit 1], [Notable benefit 2], and [Notable benefit 3]” We’re still finishing up the offer package, but I wanted to immediately let you know the good news. What do you think?”.

[Candidate responds. If the candidate accepts the offer:]

Congratulations! We’re excited to have you join our team, HM said. By [Expected arrival date], you should anticipate receiving an offer letter via [Email or a platform for managing human resources]. ”.

[If an applicant requests more time to consider the offer or make a decision:]

HM: “Absolutely. Choosing a new position is an important decision. Will you be able to decide by [Deadline date]?”.

[Candidate responds. If they say yes, continue with the conversation. Ask them if they would like to delay the deadline if they respond negatively, and if they do, decide whether you are willing to extend it. ].

Do you have any additional queries for me regarding the position or the offer? “.

[Candidate responds. If they say no, continue with the conversation. If they say yes, give them the most truthful responses to their inquiries. ].

HM: “If you have any additional questions or would like to accept the offer, please feel free to call me at [Your phone number] or send me an email at [Your email address].” I look forward to speaking with you again soon!”.

Job offer example

See how a sample job offer phone exchange might go by using the following example:

Hi, I’m Sara Morales from the Oak Park Library, says the hiring manager (HM). May I speak with Andrew Nolan?”.

Candidate (C): “Hello, this is Andrew.”

HM: “Are you available to talk?”

C: “Sure, yes.”

HM: “It was a pleasure to get to know you during our interview, and I believe you would be a valuable addition to Oak Park Library’s technical services division. We received 15 applications for the position of information technology lead, but after considering your master’s degree, five years of work experience at Mango Tech, and impressive portfolio, we decided that you were the best candidate. I believe that your familiarity with our technological systems and your lighthearted demeanor really made you the best candidate. “.

HM: “I’m thrilled to offer you this position, which comes with a base salary of $65,000 and additional perks like paid time off and health, dental, and vision insurance. We’re still finishing up the offer package, but I wanted to immediately let you know the good news. What do you think?”.

C: “Wow! Yes, I want this position.”

Congratulations! We’re excited to have you join our team, HM said. An offer letter should arrive in your inbox by the end of the business day tomorrow. Do you have any additional queries for me regarding the position or the offer?

C: “Not at the moment. As soon as I read the entire offer letter, I might have more inquiries. “.

Feel free to contact me at 555-989-0101 or smorales@opl, said the host. org if you have questions after reviewing the offer. We need a signed copy of it back from you in three business days. Does that work for you?”.

C: “Yes, Ill be able to do that.”

HM: “I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Goodbye!”.

C: “Bye, and thanks!”


What are job offerings?

An employer will invite a potential employee to work in a particular position if they accept a job offer. Job offers typically include information about the employment offer, such as salary, benefits, duties, and the name and title of the reporting manager.

What is it called when you are offered a job?

You want to use the word “opportunity” in your sentences. “A job opportunity is when a job is a possibility.” Prior to making an actual job offer, almost no company would refer to this as such. Additionally, it is a very broad term that can be applied at any point in the process.

How do you offer a job at someone?

Jessica Eastman Stewart
  1. Be thorough, but do not wait unnecessarily. …
  2. Always call. …
  3. Share why they are the right candidate. …
  4. Share the compensation. …
  5. Ask what questions they have. …
  6. Discuss start date. …
  7. Set a date by when they will let you know.
  8. Congratulate them again.

Who makes the offer for a job?

#1: The official job offer should be made by the hiring manager. After all, the position is open due to the employer.

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