How to Write a Networking Follow Up Email

It’s crucial to stay in touch with those you met at conferences, networking events, seminars, and other business gatherings. When sending a follow-up letter to someone you met at a networking event, timing is crucial because you want to strengthen the relationship before the person forgets about the event or even you.

How To Follow Up After a Networking Event

How to write a networking follow up email

You should get in touch with someone you met at an event right away, ideally within 24 hours. As you express gratitude for their time, include specifics about your conversation.

When writing your email, consider the following steps:

1. Write an attention-grabbing subject

Keep your subject line short and catchy to ensure that your recipient reads your email. Try to include a personal statement in the subject line, such as the sender’s name, the name of a book they wrote, or a common interest.

2. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself briefly and mention the conversation you had with them at the conference or networking event. Remind them of what you talked about by saying something like, “I liked talking with you after the lecture on human rights at the Hello Conference. “.

3. Include details

Inform the recipient of the value you offer, how you can be of service to them, and why your relationship will be beneficial to both of you. Offer to help before asking for a favor. If there is any way you can help your contact, do so. For example, you could introduce them to a person you know or send them the article you were talking about.

4. Arrange to meet

Making plans to meet up is a fantastic way to advance your conversation and establish a trustworthy connection. Although meeting up in person is preferred, staying in touch over the phone is also a good option if this is not possible. If you live nearby, think about suggesting a time to get together for coffee. You could offer to carry on a discussion you started at the event. Try to provide your new contact with at least two meeting dates and times.

5. Say thank you

Thank your new contact for their time and consideration. By expressing your gratitude, you can make a lasting impression on your audience.

6. Be professional

Sign your email and, if possible, include a link to your online resume Make your email look professional. Connecting on professional sites may strengthen your professional relationship. Future recommendations for your skills could come from your new contact.

7. Read aloud and edit

In order to make a strong, favorable impression, read and edit your email aloud a few times and make sure it is error-free. When your email is prepared to be sent, read it once more and consider whether you would respond to it if you were the recipient.

Why write a follow-up email after networking?

You can meet people through networking, and these new connections may play a significant role in your professional or personal development. A follow-up email solidifies your new connection, helps you stand out from other attendees at the event, and lays the groundwork for a long-lasting professional relationship. Your likelihood of receiving a response from a networking follow-up email increases the earlier you send it.

Sample follow up emails after networking event

When you make your next contact, use these sample networking follow-up email templates.

After a networking event

Your follow-up email should be personalized and contain as many specifics as you can.

Subject: Have you tried using WordLine to create your website?

Hi Gabriel,

Im glad we met at the Future IT event. I was thinking back to our conversation about the best practices for creating websites, and I really liked your perspective on staying current with technology. I use WordLine as the framework for my website and have found it to be user-friendly.

I’d love to talk more about it, can we arrange to meet in person over a cup of coffee next week? I’m available on Tuesday or Thursday morning.

Once more, it was wonderful to meet you at Future IT, and I anticipate seeing you soon.


Maya Smart

After a conference to promote your service

Networking events offer a fantastic chance to advertise your goods or services. Send a follow-up email to the company or person for potential future collaboration after the event.

Subject: Maria, this may help you with your sales goals

Hi Maria,

At the End Times Marketing event, it was wonderful to meet you. You mentioned in our conversation that you want to increase sales by 30% over the next six months, so I thought I’d share a book that I found extremely helpful. Using the advice from the book, I surpassed my own sales target goal last quarter. Its called Sales for Tomorrow, Ive attached the digital version. I hope you enjoy it.

I’d be delighted to talk to you about the book and my methodology. I am available any day next week if you want to grab coffee.



To ask for a meeting appointment

A follow-up email to schedule a meeting to discuss a matter in more detail or to present an idea works. This is a brief email; always respect people’s time and do your best to accommodate their schedules.

Subject: Free for coffee?

Hello Hans,

I enjoyed meeting you last night at AB Solutions event. I really appreciated our conversation about what you do, and I would love the chance to speak with you over coffee and find out more about your background in copywriting. I currently write advertising copy for Intec, so I’m very curious about how you use Grammarly to improve your writing.

Even though I am aware of how busy you are, I wanted to see if you could take a 20-minute coffee break this Wednesday or Friday at 10 a.m. m?.



If you have not received an answer to your previous follow-up emails

It’s possible that the response to your initial follow-up email was delayed. Your new contact might be overworked or forget who you are. Be very specific about who you are and where you work in this second email.

Subject: Hello Jose, we met at the Happy Year event

Dear Jose,

I am Rose from Ready Press. Last week I sent you an email about publishing. How you increased your profits by 50% in just six months really impressed me. I visited your website, and I was astounded by how dynamic your offering is.

I figured you’d be interested in learning more about how Ready Press differs from other products you’ve used in the past. We have coverage in more than 120 countries, so I’m confident we can help you.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing the opportunities that are available and your feedback.



Ready Press


How do you write a follow up email after networking?

How to write a networking follow up email
  1. Write an attention-grabbing subject.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Include details.
  4. Arrange to meet.
  5. Say thank you.
  6. Be professional.
  7. Read aloud and edit.

How do I follow up after networking?

Tips for Following Up With a Contact From a Networking Event
  1. Follow up within 24 hours. You want to get back to the acquaintance right away so that they remember you.
  2. Mention a conversation from the event. …
  3. Offer to help. …
  4. Ask to meet up. …
  5. Connect on LinkedIn. …
  6. Edit, edit, edit.

How do you send a follow up networking email after no response?

6 steps to write a perfect follow-up email
  1. Determine Your Goal & Tell Your Prospect About It in Step 1
  2. Step 2: Craft A Clever Subject Line.
  3. Step 3: Provide Prospect With Context – Introductory Line.
  4. Step 4: Strengthen Your Value.
  5. Step 5: Add a Call-To-Action At The End.
  6. Step 6: Automate Your Follow-Up Sequence.

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