The Top 20 National Income Life Interview Questions To Prepare For

Getting hired at National Income Life can be a competitive process. With over 65 years of experience providing supplemental insurance coverage, they only want the best candidates. As you prep for your National Income Life interview, here are the top 20 commonly asked questions to expect so you can ace the interview process.

1. What interests you about working for National Income Life?

This is one of the most common interview questions you’ll encounter. Interviewers want to gauge your knowledge of the company and why you specifically want to work for National Income Life over other insurance providers.

In your answer, highlight some key facts about National Income Life that stand out to you For example, you could mention their history of serving labor unions, credit unions, and associations Share why their supplemental insurance products and focus on helping working families appeals to you. Most importantly, tie it back to your own skills/experience and how you can contribute to their mission.

2. How would you go about building a client base in our industry?

Strong relationship-building and networking abilities are must-haves for success at National Income Life. When answering this question, lay out a strategic plan for how you would establish connections and start building a solid client base.

Discuss tactics like networking events, referrals programs, lead generation, and social media outreach. Emphasize how you would leverage existing contacts and connections to kickstart your customer base. Share examples of how you’ve built relationships from scratch in the past.

3. How do you handle rejections and overcome objections during sales?

Objections and rejections are inevitable in sales. Interviewers want to know you can keep your cool and turn them into opportunities. When answering:

  • Share techniques you use to overcome objections like active listening, offering solutions, and providing samples or testimonials.

  • Give an example of a time you turned a rejection into a sale with persistence and effective communication

  • Emphasize staying professional and maintaining a positive attitude when facing rejection,

4. How do you stay motivated to meet sales goals when facing rejection?

Insurance sales involves a lot of rejection before making successful sales. Interviewers want to know you have the resilience and drive to power through the nos to get to the yesses.

In your response:

  • Share tactics you use to self-motivate such as visualizing success, positive self-talk, recording wins in a journal, competing with your own metrics, etc.

  • Give examples of times you pushed through rejection to ultimately meet sales targets and quotas.

  • Emphasize that you don’t take rejection personally but see it as part of the process. Discuss learning from each no to improve for the next pitch.

5. Why do you want to sell insurance versus another product or service?

With many sales jobs to choose from, interviewers want to know what attracts you specifically to insurance. Is it the ability to help people? The relationship-based sales process? The opportunity to educate?

When answering, share your motivation for insurance sales. Play up your skills as strengths for the field like relationship-building, communication abilities, and persistence. Emphasize your passion for educating and protecting families to show you’re driven by the right things.

6. How do you balance meeting sales goals and providing good customer service?

National Income Life prioritizes customer satisfaction while meeting business needs. When answering this behavioral question:

  • Give examples of times you went above-and-beyond for a customer while still meeting sales or performance goals.

  • Share how you determine which tasks to prioritize when balancing competing priorities.

  • Emphasize that keeping customers happy drives referrals and repeat business so it ultimately supports sales goals as well.

7. How do you respond when a customer complains about a product or service?

Nobody likes complaints, but they’re inevitable in customer service roles. When answering this question, interviewers want to see that you can handle complaints professionally and turn dissatisfied customers into happy ones.

  • Share your step-by-step process for addressing complaints – listening empathetically, expressing understanding, resolving issues, following up, etc.

  • Give an example of a time you successfully appeased an angry or dissatisfied customer and improved the relationship.

  • Emphasize the importance of owning mistakes, acting quickly, and making things right. Position complaints as opportunities to improve.

8. Tell us about a time you had to convince someone who was resistant to purchase insurance. How did you eventually persuade them?

Closing a reluctant prospect demonstrates sales skills and persistence. When sharing an example:

  • Provide context on why the client was resistant or hesitant.

  • Share how you tailored your pitch to address their specific barriers, concerns and objections.

  • Emphasize listening, asking questions, and establishing trust and rapport.

  • Share the outcome and how your skills ultimately won them over.

9. Describe a situation where you exceeded sales quotas or metrics. What strategies did you use?

Hitting targets and exceeding goals deserves recognition in interviews. When choosing an example:

  • Share a specific time you blew past a revenue, policy or lead generation quota.

  • Discuss the strategic actions you took to surpass goals like taking on extra hours/clients, honing your process after losses, implementing tools to boost productivity etc.

  • Tie it back to your competencies like work ethic, organization, communication abilities, and willingness to take on challenges.

10. How do you stay up-to-date on product knowledge and industry changes?

Insurance can be complex, and regulations and policies frequently change. Interviewers need to know you can stay in-the-know. To stand out:

  • Share resources you rely on to continuously build your insurance knowledge like industry publications, newsletters, training programs and certifications.

  • Give an example of how you recently implemented a policy or product change so clients stayed current.

  • Emphasize you are self-motivated to constantly expand your industry knowledge and embrace changes.

11. Why do you think you’d excel as an insurance sales rep?

This question is directly asking you to sell yourself. Don’t be modest! Confidently pitch your value as an insurance sales rep by highlighting relevant skills and experiences. For example:

  • Persistence and resilience to keep pushing through rejections

  • Communication and relationship-building abilities to establish client trust

  • Knowledge and passion for educating people on insurance products

  • Organizational and time management abilities to juggle clients and administrative tasks

  • Competitive drive to keep hitting and exceeding targets

12. How do you prioritize leads when you have a full pipeline?

With a frequently overflowing pipe, interviewers want to see you take a strategic approach to managing leads. Discuss how you:

  • Qualify leads to identify those most likely to convert using criteria like budget, authority, need and timeline.

  • Prioritize based on potential deal size, likelihood to convert quickly, and effort required.

  • Balance working top tier leads while still nurturing others.

  • Use productivity tools to stay organized and follow-up appropriately.

13. Tell us about your experience meeting deadlines in past sales roles.

Sales roles come with deadlines for progress reports, renewals, and sometimes proposal submissions. Share examples of times you successfully managed deadlines through preparation, organization, and focus. Emphasize that you recognize missing deadlines negatively impacts client relationships and sales. Therefore, you take them very seriously.

14. Describe your approach to prospecting new potential clients.

Prospecting is lead generation, so this question reveals your strategy for expanding your pipeline. Impress interviewers by showing you take a multi-pronged approach such as:

  • Networking events and industry conferences

  • Social media outreach and email campaigns

  • Asking existing clients for referrals

  • Monitoring your CRM for companies fitting ideal client profiles

  • Cold calling and emailing prospective buyers

15. How would you leverage technology and the internet to grow your book of business?

Today’s insurance sales reps need to be tech-savvy. Discuss how you would utilize technology for sales tasks like:

  • Managing client data and interactions in a CRM

  • Automating follow-ups and nurture campaigns via email

  • Connecting and engaging prospects through social media

  • Creating presentations, proposals and reports

  • Researching prospects online prior to making contact

16. Tell me about a time you struggled to meet a sales quota or target. What actions did you take?

Interviewers expect roadblocks when pursuing ambitious sales goals. Admitting you’ve missed quotas in the past actually demonstrates self-awareness. The key is to spotlight what you learned and how you improved going forward. For example, you might have:

  • Identified weak spots in your sales process that were causing clients to churn

  • Worked with managers to adjust unrealistic quotas

  • Implemented better lead follow-up and organization practices

  • Expanded prospecting channels to increase your pipeline

17. How do you manage your time and productivity in sales roles?

With sales, wasted time means missed quotas. Showcase your time management abilities by discussing tactics like:

  • Setting daily goals to focus efforts on

Who we are Philosophy

When we say NILICO supports working families, we mean it. National Income Life backs important issues and campaigns and puts money into a public agenda that reflects values that all working people care about.

We give money to a number of groups that study, research, and come up with solutions for issues like fair trade, good jobs, protecting the environment, and choosing candidates who will be fair.

Publicly we:

  • Defend Workers’ Rights
  • Advocate for Financial Reform
  • Champion a Fair Economy

Privately we:

  • Visit thousands of families a year
  • Offer affordable, permanent, portable life insurance
  • Company Growth

An insurers ability to pay claims should be a factor when considering an insurance company. National Income Life has consistently earned high Financial Strength ratings.

With steady growth year after year since its inception in 1999, NILICO currently has over $7. 2 billion of life insurance in force (as of 12/22).

As other companies downsize, National Income Life continues to experience growth. NILICOs efforts are focused on creating more union jobs. We proudly proclaim our status as a 100 percent union label Company. Everything is done under the union label, from the field reps who write the applications to the CEO and the administrative staff in the corporate office.

High customer satisfaction, new lead programs, word-of-mouth recommendations, and one of the best Agent compensation plans in the business have all helped NILICO grow. For more information on opportunities with National Income Life, please visit our Careers page. Advocacy.

National Income Life doesn’t just insure our policyholders. We also support causes that are important to our policyholders. Giving is at the heart of National Income Life Insurance Company. Giving back to our communities is vital to the success of our Company. In fact, giving permeates every facet of National Income Life. Because of this charity, our policyholders trust and stick with us, and people in the community respect us. Labor Movement.

Bernard Rapoport founded American Income Life Insurance Company, NILICOs parent company, on the bedrock of supporting labor. Like you, we deal with bread-and-butter issues. American Income Life and National Income Life have a long history of working with the labor movement. They have done this by running ads for national and local leaders, supporting important issues and campaigns, and putting money into a public policy agenda that reflects the core values of all working people.

National Income Life works with our countrys most prominent labor organizations, leaders, and activists. This includes working with the leaders and membership of over 45 international unions.

About National Income Life Insurance Company

National Income Life Insurance Company wants to be the best company in New York for selling life insurance to working families in their own homes.

In addition to our strong history of giving working families extra benefits, we take great pride in building long-term relationships with our customers and being there for them during their hardest times. We keep up our “personal touch” tradition, which isn’t common in the insurance business these days: we meet with our clients where they feel most at ease. their home.

American Income Life | 4 MUST Ask Questions Before Joining


Why should we hire you?

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

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