31 Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas For Work

Here are four ideas to try for an inspirational themed bulletin board:
  • Praise. This board provides an easy location for employees to leave praise and show appreciation for their fellow coworkers. …
  • Gratitude. …
  • Motivation. …
  • Go green. …
  • Local “foodie” …
  • Menu pinup. …
  • Snack inspiration. …
  • Food ideas.

Sometimes it’s nice to look at something other than a screen because we look at so much information on our phones or computers. The office bulletin board can be a great way to inform staff members about upcoming training, fun lunch spots nearby, or just to get to know coworkers better. Utilize these ideas for bulletin boards to spice up office communications.

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Benefits of bulletin boards

An office bulletin board can be a place where coworkers can connect, exchange information, and find inspiration. Consider using enticing, interesting, and appealing ideas on your office bulletin board to encourage participation. Some workplaces may benefit from vibrant colors, interesting designs, and creative ideas, while others may benefit from muted colors and more conventional ideas. Your office bulletin board can be both interesting and practical with the right amount of flair, thoughtful design, and intriguing theme.

Motivational bulletin board ideas for work

Here are some suggestions for bulletin board ideas to inspire your team members in various ways:

Inspirational-themed bulletin board

Improve the atmosphere at work with positive thinking and motivation. Here are four concepts to consider for a bulletin board with an inspirational theme:

Employees can easily leave compliments and displays of appreciation for their coworkers on this board. On the board, you can post awards and promotions, sticky notes with compliments, and employee of the month nominations for coworkers.

Use a gratitude bulletin board to raise spirits and remind people to be grateful. Post daily reminders about living a grateful life, invite staff to make a gratitude list, or display quotes about gratitude.

With the help of this board, staff members might look forward to feeling a little more inspired and motivated. Items that are posted can be lighthearted, like amusing images or cartoons, or they can be serious, like inspirational quotes and thought-provoking stories. Leave space for staff to add their own quotations or images.

Feature ways for employees to go green at work. Encourage environmental stewardship by establishing a sustainability team, recycling more, going paperless, purchasing eco-friendly office supplies, setting up regular eco-challenges, or soliciting employee ideas.

Food-themed bulletin boards

Here are four concepts to consider for a bulletin board with a food theme:

This board might serve as a resource for staff members looking for new restaurants in the area. Inquire of staff about their preferred neighborhood eatery, favorite dish, and reasons they like the establishment. Post the suggestions with images as if they were online reviews.

Everyone could pin their preferred to-go menu for ordering takeout in this convenient location. Remember to update or throw away old menus occasionally.

On this board, you could:

Post the images of the employees’ preferred homemade meals or lunch ideas, along with the recipes that go with them, for everyone to see.

Social-themed bulletin boards

These four suggestions for socially themed bulletin boards will unite coworkers and promote a sense of community:

This board aids in informing everyone of social and professional events. Post company and employee events, such as business meetings and happy hours, to keep things inclusive.

This board emphasizes learning and collaboration, so anyone can benefit from it. Post details about upcoming opportunities, such as training sessions, team events, team-building exercises, continuing education classes, and professional development days.

Invite your coworkers to a pick-up soccer match, a band concert, or a performance by a local theater company. You can also share if you have extra tickets to concerts or sporting events, as well as community events like golf tournaments and cultural festivals.

Companies now frequently participate in volunteer work or provide a quarterly PTO day for it. This board features volunteer and fundraising opportunities, volunteer invitations, and details or summaries of previous volunteer events.

People-themed bulletin boards

Here are four ideas for people-themed bulletin boards:

By learning more about your coworkers, you can develop a closer relationship with them. Some ideas include:

This idea for a board works well for recognizing achievements, highlighting employees of the month, and welcoming new hires. With business achievements, professional biographies, and promotions or projects, it is a more professional version of the employee spotlight board.

Ask staff members what inquiries they’ve always wanted to make to the management team but haven’t yet A manager who has agreed to participate in the board should be screened and forwarded the questions; after they have had time to respond, they should post the Q&A. Employees might learn the answers to queries they weren’t even aware they had

Sticky note pads or an erasable white board work best with this board. Post a question on the board every day or every week and invite staff to respond.

Here are some examples:

Location-themed bulletin boards

Here are three ideas for location-themed bulletin boards:

Allow staff members to discuss their travels, whether they are on a family vacation or a business trip. One strategy is to use a world map and allow staff members to pin places with a brief image and description. Another strategy is to highlight a few trips at once, adding more images and longer stories.

Create a map of the area around the office with helpful locations, especially for newer employees. Find out from the staff which nearby dry cleaners, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and other useful establishments are the best.

This board is an office staple and is placed in a logical area with lots of employee traffic. Keep information succinct and to the point for the best readability. Plans for emergencies, announcements, schedules for cleaning the kitchen, or conversation starters are a few ideas.

Activity-themed bulletin boards

You can try these five suggestions for a bulletin board with an activity theme:

A wellness board is a great way to encourage healthy habits like exercise and meditation. Some suggestions include:

The avid readers who enjoy gathering and discussing their favorite books should attend this. This board could include information about:

This noticeboard is for the staff who are enthusiastic about music. Request the staff’s favorite musicals, soundtracks, songs, and playlists, then post them on the bulletin board. Combining employee song suggestions can result in some amusing playlist categories.

One way to set up this board is to allow employees to share personal photos of their children, pets, or other family members. Another way to set up this board is to allow staff members to post images of their favorite famous works of art along with a brief history of the piece.

Allow coworkers to use this space to post about items they want to share, give away for free, or are looking to buy. You might also encourage staff members to add nearby sales events or publish coupons for their preferred retailers.

Fun-themed bulletin boards

These three suggestions for entertaining theme bulletin boards will brighten your workday:

Invite staff to share their preferred board games, books, movies, songs, fashion trends, or other hot topics. This bulletin board could be put up in the break room so that staff members can discuss current pop culture events over lunch.

Post images, wordless memes, or even candid pictures from the office on this board. Allow space underneath each image so that employees may add clever captions. You could even make it a contest.

A bulletin board with the day’s appropriate jokes will bring some humor to the office. You can ask staff to share their favorite jokes with the office, or you can ask them to learn a new joke to tell at dinner parties.

Informational-themed bulletin boards

Here are four suggestions for informational-themed bulletin boards that might still attract staff members’ attention when the workplace culture calls for more formal decoration:

What makes a company unique is frequently significantly influenced by the history of the business and its development over time. With a timeline of significant historical moments, old pictures, and concise biographies of the founders, you can share your company’s distinctive history.

A dedicated location for posting rules, policies, workplace modifications, job openings, and any other information the HR department needs to share is provided by this bulletin board. Simply ask your HR department for the crucial details to post each month.

This board enables staff members to link their daily work to actual results. You might discuss the sales team’s stellar month, company call highs and lows, the main points of the most recent shareholder meeting, or other exciting highlights from different departments.

Sticky notes with explanations of how people use the mission concepts in their daily work, what the mission statement means to them, and mission moments or company accomplishments that demonstrate the company’s core values can be added to a board with the company’s mission statement posted on it.


What should I put on my bulletin board?

Motivational sayings, employee birthdays, and images should be placed to one side. Place things like monthly event calendars, newsletters, and details and reminders about operations on the opposite side.

How do you make a bulletin board more attractive?

Consider putting up some personal items that mean a lot to you or that you are proud of.
  1. 1st place science fair medals.
  2. Award winning essays.
  3. Personal artwork.
  4. Postcards, birthday cards, or other holiday cards.
  5. Tickets to concerts and movies.

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