46 Great Maternity Leave Messages for Your Colleague

Messages to give to a coworker going on maternity leave
  • All the best to you for a happy and restful maternity leave. …
  • Congratulations on your new arrival! …
  • Best wishes for a wonderful maternity leave with your new baby!
  • I’ll be thinking of you and sending you lots of love during your maternity leave.

For both parents, maternity leave is a very special and private time. During this period, they may require a lot of support and alone time to get used to their new lives. And the workplace will be the place where they need assistance the most outside of their home. Sending congratulations in a maternity leave card will help your coworker know you’re thinking of them as they prepare to go on maternity or paternity leave.

How do you write in a maternity card if you’ve never done it before? How professional is too professional? Should you just keep your maternity wishes brief? Maternity wishes not only show your colleague a friendly level of support, but they can also make them feel valued and cared for by their place of work.

Let’s Chat About My Maternity Leave

Messages to give to a coworker going on maternity leave

If one of your coworkers is getting ready for maternity leave, think about writing them a quick note or collaborating with other members of your team or organization to come up with a thoughtful message they can take with them while on leave:

1. Best wishes for a joyous and restful maternity leave. Blessings to you and your family!.

2. I’m so happy for your family and am so happy for you on the arrival of your new baby.

3. Happy maternity leave and welcome to your new baby, my dear!

4. Throughout your pregnancy, I’ll be thinking of you and sending you lots of love. All the best to you and yours!.

5. May you have all the happiness and peace you want with your child during this time.

6. Congratulations on the wonderful addition to your family and the new baby.

7. Being a parent is an exceptional joy. I wish you all the best!.

8. Enjoy every second of your maternity leave with your newborn by taking the time to do so. We love you!.

9. Forget about your job and spend time with your newborn instead!

10. I know youre going to be a tremendous parent. Wishing you nothing but happiness!.

11. Even though we will miss you when you are gone, we only want the best for you and your family.

12. Congratulations! Enjoy every single second of your maternity leave.

13. I’m sending you lots of love and best wishes for a joyous pregnancy leave.

14. Happy maternity leave! All the best to you and yours!.

15. Do not think about work even for a moment while spending time with your baby. Love you!.

16. Even though I can’t wait for you to return to the office, I’m so happy for you. Enjoy this special time!.

17. I sincerely hope that having your new baby brings you nothing but extraordinary happiness every day.

18. Best wishes for a joyful maternity leave—your baby is so fortunate to have a parent like you!

19. I know youll be a magnificent parent. Best wishes to you and your family!.

20. What a magical time—I hope you can treasure it with your new child.

21. You deserve every minute of this leave with your family. Congratulations!.

22. I wish you nothing but happiness with your new baby and will miss your kindness and optimism in the office while you’re gone.

23. May your maternity leave give you nothing but happiness!

24. Enjoy every minute of your maternity leave with your newborn. Lots of love!.

25. Many blessings for your growing family!

26. I’m so glad you have this time to relax, heal, and bond with your newborn. Many congratulations!.

27. Many congratulations to you and your family!

28. Enjoy this time with your baby. Wishing you all the best, my friend!.

29. Youll be a fantastic parent to your baby. Congratulations to you and your family!.

30. Enjoy every second you have with your child, good or bad. It goes so fast!.

31. I’m so happy you have this opportunity to spend time with your child. Theres nothing more important for a parent. Enjoy every moment!.

32. May your maternity leave fulfill all of your expectations and then some!

33. Happy maternity leave! Youre going to do a great job. Lots of love!.

34. Tell me how I can help you during your maternity leave, please. Im so happy for you!.

35. Babies are so much more work than us. I have no doubt that you’ll do an outstanding job raising your newborn!

Why it’s important to acknowledge maternity leave

Maternity leave is a special circumstance that necessitates special consideration from both the person taking it and their employer. With the knowledge that their job and the professional community are waiting for them when they return to work, support from superiors and coworkers can be of great assistance to them as they care for their newborn.

Wishing the person going on maternity leave well and congratulating them prior to their departure contributes to fostering a culture where all employees are valued and cared for, even if they aren’t physically present in the office or virtual workspace.

Tips for helping a coworker return from maternity leave

Many people gain from their supervisors’ and coworkers’ support when returning from maternity leave. When your coworker returns to work, keep these suggestions in mind to assist them in doing so comfortably:


How do I write a maternity leave message?

Short & Sweet
  • Congratulations and best wishes for the family’s newest member.
  • Wishing you luck on your new adventure, which is sure to be your best one yet!
  • Enjoy your journey into parenthood! …
  • You’re both going to make amazing parents. …
  • We can’t wait to meet your little blessing because you are so blessed.

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