How To Write a Management Team Business Plan (With an Example)

A management team business plan is a section of a proposal that indicates the credentials and expertise of a team of managers in a company. Its purpose is to show prospective investors that the professionals your company has appointed are educated and experienced, making them capable of fulfilling leadership positions.

When creating a business plan, the management section outlines your management team, personnel, resources, and the ownership structure of your company. This section should not only list the members of your management team but also how their individual skill sets will affect your financial results. We’ll go into detail about how to put together and highlight your management team in this article. This section can be conveniently organized by dividing it into the following sections:

Writing the Management Team Section of Your Business Plan

How to write a management team business plan

Consider using these guidelines to produce a powerful team business plan:

1. Collect resumes from each manager

Typically, resumes outline a professional’s qualifications, including their training, prior employment, and technical and soft skills. You can use the resumes of your management team as a resource when writing content for your business plan. Ask each manager to send a fresh copy of their resume Asking them to modify their resume to reflect their specific position within your company could be useful and make it simpler for you to create their profiles. Include copies of their resumes as annexes to your proposal.

2. Organize your management team into categories

The next step is to depict the chain of command within your company. List the profiles, going from the company’s owners to the departmental supervisors in descending order. Your management team business plan can appear more organized by using categories, and your audience will understand how the teams’ qualifications correspond to their positions. If your company has multiple divisions, categories may also be useful.

3. Write the managers name and job title

Finding the manager on their individual profile is the third step. Include their role title and first and last names in your writing. Consider adding their department to distinguish between them if there are multiple managers with the same title. To be more specific, you could write “Assistant Manager, Marketing Department” for various employees with the title “assistant manager.”

4. Describe their employment history

The employment history details prior positions your managers held in the sector. Listing the candidates’ prior positions can support your decision to appoint them as managers if they have experience as organizational leaders. Summarize their responsibilities and projects theyve coordinated in the past. You can also highlight your managers’ achievements in this section, such as awards they have won or helpful things they have done for previous employers.

5. Explain their educational background

The manager profile’s education section covers the institutions your team attended and the degrees they obtained. It can further highlight the manager’s credentials by demonstrating that they have received the necessary training to oversee other team members in your organization. You can also write professional certifications your managers have. For instance, listing a certification in spreadsheet software may impress potential business partners if you run a technology company.

What is a management team business plan?

A management team business plan describes the qualifications and experience of a group of managers in a company. Its goal is to demonstrate to potential investors that the professionals your business has hired are qualified for leadership roles because they have training and experience. It includes details that distinguish your organization from competitors. A potential investor or business partner may be persuaded to provide funding or work with your company if your management team’s business plan impresses them.

Tips for writing a management team business plan

The following three rules will help you gather data and organize your management team business plan:

Incorporate relevant information

Include information that is relevant to their interests in your management profile as a way to attract potential investors. List the qualifications of your leaders in relation to your company and your sector. By including pertinent information, you can demonstrate to potential customers that your team has the managerial skills they need. Be selective when gathering information about your managers to avoid detracting the audience from your goal.

For instance, if you work for a ride-sharing company, you might be looking for partnerships to expand into major cities. You could note in your management team business plan that your executives have experience in customer service, technology, and transportation, three crucial areas that can help the ride-sharing business succeed. The strategy shows potential partners that your team has the expertise to work in the field, encouraging them to collaborate with your company.

Use straightforward wording

Simple language can keep your management team business plan clear and understandable. It’s crucial that customers can understand your company’s organizational structure and which employees are responsible for what tasks. The size of the business and the number of supervisors there are may have an impact on the length of the proposal. But even if your plan is more detailed, keeping your writing simple can help you keep the interest of potential stakeholders. It might be beneficial to reread your sentences and omit any pointless details so that you can convey the key ideas of your message in fewer words.

Clarify information with your team

It may be difficult to include every qualification of an employee on a resume because they are typically one page long. To learn more about your team members’ professional backgrounds, think about speaking with them directly. Find out if they have any additional pertinent information to include in their profile that will appeal to potential customers. Maybe you should mention a gap in their resume or point out that they have more work achievements you can list in their profile. Clarifying details with managers can help you plan the content more effectively and prevent repeating too many details from their resumes.

Example of a management team business plan

You can write a management team business plan that is successful by using the following example of a team member’s profile as a model:

Management Team Member Profile

Jane Stewart, Director of Marketing

The marketing division is headed by Jane Stewart, who is also the coordinator of marketing, social media manager, and graphic designer. Her duties include keeping an eye on social media engagement analytics and creating creative consumer engagement strategies. Stewart graduated from Pine Ridge University with a bachelor’s in marketing and a master’s in business administration. She is professionally certified in social media management and content marketing. Stewart’s previous position was assistant marketing director at full-service advertising agency Oak Wood, where she saw a 25% increase in email and video subscriber numbers.


How do you present a management team in a business plan?

An organizational chart of your small business, including departments, department managers, and employees, should be included in the management team section. Biographical information about you, the owner, and any other owners. Clearly state your ownership stake in the company and your day-to-day responsibilities.

How do you write a management plan for a business plan?

Follow this list:
  1. Indicate the number of employees your business will require at each stage and their associated costs.
  2. Describe the specifics of how your company’s human resource needs can be satisfied.
  3. Describe your hiring needs, including a list of the particular skills that any employees you hire must possess.

How important is management team in a business plan?

A strong management team is especially important if you want the company to expand and grow as a whole. A management team is crucial for distributing leadership responsibilities as a business expands. If your business operates in multiple locations, it is essential.

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