Crafting a Compelling Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship From an Employer

The college journey starts way before stepping foot on campus — mainly due to the staggering tuition rates.

Due to this, many students are turning to scholarships to fund their higher education and avoid diving headfirst into academic debt.

In addition to financial status and educational achievements, students are often advised to submit a scholarship recommendation letter that vouches for their eligibility.

Obviously, a well-written recommendation letter matters and can make all the difference. So, if one of your students or someone you know has asked you to craft a recommendation letter for a scholarship, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll provide samples covering various circumstances that will kickstart your inspiration and give you some splendid ideas.

When an employee asks you to write a letter endorsing their scholarship application, it’s an opportunity to help advance their career Your perspective as their employer lends extra weight, painting a complete picture of their qualifications and potential

But what exactly should you include in a compelling letter of recommendation for a scholarship? Follow these tips to write an impactful letter that gives your employee’s application a competitive edge

Open With Your Relationship

Start by introducing yourself, your job title, and company name. Share details on how you know the applicant and for how long. For example:

  • As Sarah’s supervisor for the last 3 years at XYZ Company, I’ve directly witnessed her exceptional work.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex for over 5 years in my role as Director at 123 Industries.

This establishes upfront why you’re qualified to recommend them.

Provide Context on the Scholarship

Give a 1-2 sentence overview of the scholarship they’re applying for and how it will help them educationally or professionally.

For instance:

  • Sarah is applying for the Women in STEM Scholarship which supports outstanding female students pursuing computer science degrees.

  • Alex hopes to obtain the Green Technology Scholarship to complete his Master’s in Sustainable Engineering.

This provides helpful context for your endorsement.

Highlight Relevant Skills and Qualities

Discuss specific skills, achievements, and strengths that make the applicant well-suited for the scholarship. These may include:

  • Strong technical capabilities in their field of study
  • Project management, leadership, or collaboration skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities
  • Communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Initiative, resilience, integrity, or other personal strengths
  • Passion for their area of study and eagerness to keep learning

Use vivid examples of how they’ve demonstrated these qualities at your company. Quantify results when possible.

Emphasize Things Unique to You

As their employer, you have special insights others can’t provide. You can speak to:

  • Their role and responsibilities
  • Contributions to projects and impact on the organization
  • Work ethic and professionalism
  • Collegiality and teamwork
  • Growth mindset and quest for continuous improvement
  • How they overcame challenges specific to your industry

Leverage your one-of-a-kind perspective to reveal their promise.

Call Out Relevant Academic Achievements

While grades aren’t everything, outstanding academic performance can help show merit. If relevant, mention achievements like:

  • Graduating top of their university class
  • Earning coveted departmental academic awards
  • Maintaining a near-perfect GPA while working
  • Securing competitive internships at top companies

This quantifiable data complements your qualitative praise.

Discuss Compatibility with the Scholarship’s Mission

Explain how the applicant’s aspirations align with the mission of the scholarship program. For example:

  • Sarah’s dedication to closing the gender gap in technology makes her an ideal candidate for the Women in STEM scholarship.

  • Alex’s passion for sustainability matches seamlessly with the Green Technology scholarship’s vision.

This level of compatibility strengthens the endorsement.

Speak to Future Potential

While past success matters, highlight their future potential as well. Share your confidence that:

  • They will excel in graduate school and contribute meaningfully to their field.
  • This scholarship will enable them to build on their impressive achievements thus far.
  • Their determination and gifts will only continue to grow with further education.

This focuses on the big picture beyond just previous accomplishments.

Close With a Strong Recommendation

Wrap up by clearly stating you “highly recommend” or “fully endorse” the applicant for this scholarship. Include a sentence like:

  • I’m confident Sarah has the ability, passion, and work ethic to maximize this opportunity.

  • Alex would make an exemplary scholarship recipient, making your organization proud.

A decisive final statement leaves no doubt regarding your support.

Proofread Meticulously

Read over the letter several times to polish the content, tone, sentence structure, and formatting. Look for:

  • Grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Any awkward phrasing or repetition
  • Places to incorporate vivid examples
  • Opportunities to reword statements for maximum impact

A flawless, professional letter prevents distractions from your message.

Ask the Applicant for Updates

Check in with the applicant to see if they win the scholarship and how your letter helped strengthen their application. Learning about the difference your letter made will ensure your future letters are even more influential.

Writing a letter of recommendation for a scholarship applicant demonstrates your genuine interest in nurturing their professional growth. By thoughtfully highlighting their merits, you provide personalized insights scholarship reviewers want. Prioritize clarity, specifics, and sincerity as you compose this meaningful letter. Not only will you help your employee afford educational advancement, but you’ll build loyalty by cheering them on.

letter of recommendation for scholarship from employer

#4 Marshall Scholarship recommendation letter

The Marshall Scholarship, another program that supports American students applying for a graduate degree in the UK, boasts strict eligibility criteria. Thus, your recommendation letter should focus on the candidate’s:

  • Academic results and flexibility,
  • Leadership capabilities, and
  • Ability to represent both the US and the UK in the best possible light.

Given these requirements, a sample like the one below could help sway the minds of the selection committee.

“To the Marshall Scholarship Committee: I am thrilled to recommend Mr. Tom Anderson, a senior in the Political Science program at Jordan Springs University for the prestigious Marshall Scholarship. The PolSci program at our college encompasses various courses notorious for their workload, and many students choose to extend their time here by 1-2 years to meet all the requirements. However, that isn’t the case with Mr. Anderson. Besides staying on top of their studies, he has taken additional courses each semester, often exceeding the regular credit limit — a testament to his motivation and excellence. His multidisciplinary strategy has produced several detailed research papers on the use of language in public spaces, focusing extensively on the impact rhetoric can have on marginalized communities. Mr. Anderson’s calm and friendly demeanor has solidified his reputation as a reliable team player. Moreover, he’s always ready to use available resources to fund community-centered initiatives. For instance, Mr. Anderson was the one who crafted the proposal letter for establishing the Alliance of International Students, a student-governed body seeking to amplify the voices of international scholars at our institution. In conclusion, I’m happy to recommend Mr. Tom Anderson for the Marshall Scholarship. His academic excellence and leadership qualities make him an ideal candidate. Sincerely, Lorna Cox”

Pumble Pro Tip

Rhodes and Marshall scholars should also be well-versed in cross-cultural communication, as they’ll likely collaborate with people with diverse backgrounds. To learn more about the subject, check out the following blog posts:

#3 Rhodes Scholarship recommendation letter

The Rhodes Scholarship allows students from the US to pursue graduate studies at the University of Oxford.

Compelling recommendations for a Rhodes Scholarship underscore:

  • Leadership potential,
  • Concrete examples that indicate how the candidate will progress in their studies and future career, and
  • Favorable characteristics without succumbing to implicit bias.

Here’s an example demonstrating how such a recommendation can look in practice.

“Dear Mr. Hugh Warrant, I am happy to recommend Jennifer Song for the Rhodes Scholarship. Although I’ve only had the pleasure of teaching her on 3 of my undergraduate courses, I’ve worked with her on several research projects directly tied to my department. Most notably, I’ve witnessed the time and effort Miss Song has invested as the Vice President of the Student Council to optimize the college’s community work and impact. Moreover, she has gone to great lengths to involve more high schoolers in the annual Science Fair held on campus. As a result, more students have started inquiring about upcoming events, curious how they can help — all thanks to Miss Song’s extraordinary contributions. With a grade point average of 4.0, Miss Song has demonstrated impressive dedication to her studies, but I am most in awe of her time management skills. Alongside respecting all coursework and tight deadlines, she has managed to publish 2 research papers in the college’s scientific journal and excelled at her part-time job. Miss Song’s extracurricular activities [volunteering at relief shelters, organizing fundraisers, etc.] and interest in using her research to find optimal solutions to real-life problems are qualities that will undoubtedly make her an exemplary Rhodes scholar. I could not be more enthusiastic about this recommendation and implore you to contact me regarding any additional information. Best wishes, Dr. Andrea Jefferson”

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship – Scholarship Recommendation Letter From Employer

How to write a letter of recommendation for a scholarship?

Overall, the best structure for a letter of recommendation template for a scholarship from an employer is one that is clear, organized, and specific. By highlighting the employee’s strengths and providing concrete examples, you can help them stand out as a qualified and deserving candidate for the scholarship. Dear Scholarship Committee,

What is a good sample scholarship letter?

1. General scholarship recommendation letter This is a great sample scholarship letter if you’re trying to offer a rounded view of a student’s performance in high school. You’ll include information about your experience with them as well as your thoughts on their potential success in a higher-education setting. 2. Sample Rhodes Scholarship letter

What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a direct address between you, the employer, and a representative of the scholarship program. You can speak on behalf of the employee and aim to persuade the selection committee to select the candidate as the award recipient. Here is information your endorsement may cover:

How do I get a scholarship recommendation?

By choosing the right teacher or authority figure to ask for a recommendation, and providing them with comprehensive information about your academic and extracurricular achievements, you can boost your odds of receiving a letter that makes the right impression on a scholarship committee. Looking for tips on extracurricular excellence?

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