How To Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Child Care Worker (With an Example)

In search of the ideal daycare for their children, parents invest a lot of time. Safety is not the only concern. Most parents look for a daycare that feels like an extension of their home, one where they believe their children will be educated and nurtured.

How to Own a Daycare : Child Care Worker Cover Letters

How to write a letter of recommendation for child care

Here are some guidelines for creating a letter of recommendation for a child care provider:

1. Talk to the person about the position

Talk to the person youre recommending for the position. Ask them to share their most recent resume with you along with the job description, and find out more about their motivations for applying for the position. Inquire as to the basis for their decision to have you write a letter of recommendation for them.

It’s crucial to determine who is in charge of sending the letter back to the business. Determine if you or the candidate will submit the letter. Ask the business whether it would prefer to receive the letter via email or regular mail.

2. Review the job posting

Review the job description the candidate provided for you. Do some research on the business to learn more about its goals and values. Look for opportunities to relate your interactions with the candidate to the business. This might enable the hiring manager to appreciate the value this candidate could bring to the business.

3. Review their resume

Review the candidates resume to refresh yourself about their experience. Pay attention to the skills they emphasize, and try to include these in your letter’s examples. When including specific information, like dates and certifications, consult the resume

4. Create an outline

Make a list of the crucial details you want to include in your letter and outline them. To impress the hiring manager, consider stories that best illustrate the candidate’s qualifications and personality. Include relevant information or competencies to make sure your letter best represents the applicant.

5. Start with a heading

Begin your letter with proper formatting. Your name and address should be written in the top left corner of the document. Including your phone number and email address is optional and is up to you. In the space after your contact information, write the date.

Instead of formal letters, some people submit letters of recommendation via email. You can skip this step if you’re writing your letter of recommendation for child care in the email body. However, add a subject line to your email. As the email subject, think about using “Reference” or “Referral” with a hyphen or colon, as well as the first and last name of the person you are recommending.

6. Add the addressees contact information

Add the recipient’s contact information below the date in the correspondence. Include the first and last names of the hiring manager if you know them. The company name and the individual’s title are optional, but you may include them if you prefer. Add the companys address below the name.

However, there are some exceptions to this step. If you don’t, you can just state the name of the business and a title like “Hiring Manager.” You can skip this step if you’re writing your letter in the body of an email.

7. Begin with a greeting

Start writing your letter with a formal greeting. Include “Dear” before the recipient’s first and last names and a comma after that. For example, you may write “Dear Ms. Simpson” as your greeting. You can put “To Whom It May Concern” and a comma if you don’t know the hiring manager’s name.

8. Introduce yourself

Begin the body of your letter by introducing yourself. State the reason youre writing the letter. Include the person’s name, the position they’re applying for, your connection to them, and the length of time you’ve known them.

9. Establish the applicants credibility

Provide further information about the candidates credibility. Discuss your relationship with them further, mentioning tasks you made sure they completed. Also, consider mentioning certifications they earned.

10. Include specific examples

Provide specific examples of your experiences with the candidate. Pick illustrations that reflect the company’s services or its mission and values. To highlight their qualifications, emphasize instances of their interactions with children. You could also mention information about how they interacted with parents, depending on the position.

11. Highlight the applicants skills

Incorporate the applicants relevant skills and qualifications into your letter. Emphasize skills that may distinguish them from other candidates. Consider including examples or details related to:

12. Add personal details

Include personal details or anecdotes in your story. Think about describing the candidate’s working style or the reasons you liked working with them. Use these examples to demonstrate the candidates’ personalities and the reasons the company should hire them.

13. End with a call to action

Finish the letter with a concluding paragraph in which you reiterate your support for the candidate. Invite the recipient to get in touch with you if they have any additional questions by including your contact information (phone, email, or both). Thank them for their time.

14. Sign the letter

Your letter should conclude with a closing statement and a comma. Choose a statement like “Sincerely” or “Best. If you plan to print and mail the letter, add a space and some extras so you have room to sign your name. If desired, type your professional title and company below your name as well as your name.

15. Proofread

Once you finish your letter, review your work. Check the letter for any grammar mistakes and compare it to your outline to make sure you covered everything. Make any changes as necessary.

What is a letter of recommendation?

A formal letter of recommendation is a written statement endorsing the skills and qualifications of another person in light of previous accomplishments. For a new job, college admission, a promotion, an internship, or a similar opportunity, someone might need a letter of recommendation. You can share personal information and viewpoints in a letter of recommendation to back up what a candidate stated in their resume. These letters are typically only one page long and are relatively brief.

Example letter of recommendation for child care worker

Heres an example of a child care letter of recommendation:

Nancy Porter
5750 Patterson Street
Louisville, KY 40207

July 25, 2019

Maggie Johnson
8124 Vista Court
Louisville, KY 40202

Dear Ms. Johnson,

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jenna Thomas to you for the position of childcare provider at Leapfrog Preschool. Jenna has been a camp counselor at Sunshine Smiles Summer Camp for the past five years, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with her during that time. It’s been wonderful to see her develop as a caregiver and teacher.

After completing high school, Jenna joined us as a day camp counselor before starting her early childhood education bachelor’s degree program at Louisville State University. Her yearly visits to our camp have given us the opportunity to watch her develop into our lead camp counselor. She was adored by all the children, and our staff appreciated her leadership and dedication to providing a secure, enjoyable environment for children to learn.

In her most recent role with our camp, Jenna was responsible for planning activities each week and creating new curriculum for our campers. Every week, she came up with fresh themes and made activities for every grade level. The campers enjoyed learning from Jenna because she had a special understanding of what each age group was interested in. Because of the success, we’ve already decided to use a similar approach at camp the following summer.

One of the most dependable counselors we’ve ever had on staff is Jenna. She always arrived early and ready to work. Jenna is also excellent in emergencies. She has extensive first aid training, a CPR certification, and is frequently the first to act in a crisis. Jenna is an expert at soothing children, tending to their wounds, and getting them back to laughing quickly.

We at Sunshine Smiles Summer Camp are all sad that this will be Jenna’s last summer with us since she graduated from college. However, I am aware that when I strongly advise her to work for your company, I am speaking for both myself and my fellow peers. Please feel free to contact me at nancyporter@sunshinesmiles or (502) 555-5555 if you have any additional inquiries about Jenna. com.

Thank you for your time.


Nancy Porter
Sunshine Smiles Summer Camp


How do I write a letter of recommendation for a childcare job?

How to write a letter of recommendation for child care
  1. Talk to the person about the position. Talk to the person you’re recommending for the position.
  2. Review the job posting. …
  3. Review their resume. …
  4. Create an outline. …
  5. Start with a heading. …
  6. Add the addressee’s contact information. …
  7. Begin with a greeting. …
  8. Introduce yourself.

What are the 6 details that should be included in a letter of recommendation?

How Do I Write a Letter of Recommendation for an Elementary Student?
  1. Follow the Guidelines. First, stick to the requested format, if one is suggested.
  2. Reflect on the Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses. …
  3. Adhere to Core Parts of Recommendation Letter. …
  4. Write Like You Really Know the Child. …
  5. Be Honest. …
  6. Proofread.

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