Ace Your Justworks Interview: The Top 25 Questions You Need to Prepare For

Someone from Justworks might ask you why you want to work there during your interview. Here are three answers, written in a professional, funny, and casual style, that you can use to show the recruiter that you really want to work at Justworks.

Getting hired at a fast-growing startup like Justworks is an exciting opportunity, but also a challenging one With its innovative HR solutions and exceptional customer service, Justworks only recruits the best of the best. As a leading SaaS provider for small businesses, Justworks needs employees who are creative problem-solvers, excellent communicators, and passionate about simplifying HR and payroll

This means the interview process is rigorous, testing candidates on a range of skills from technical proficiency to strategic thinking. Preparation is key to standing out among the competition and landing your dream role at this dynamic company.

In this comprehensive guide, we break down the 25 most common Justworks interview questions along with tips on how to craft winning answers. Read on to learn what to expect, get insights from other candidates, and be fully prepared to ace your Justworks interview!

Overview of the Justworks Interview Process

While every role is different, there are some commonalities in the Justworks hiring process:

  • Initial Screening Call: A recruiter will reach out for a short preliminary phone screen, lasting 30 minutes or less. This is a chance for both parties to gauge mutual interest before moving forward.

  • One to Three Interviews: Depending on the role, expect at least one interview but often two or three. These are conducted over video call and can include hiring managers, teammates, senior leadership, and cross-functional partners.

  • Assessments: Some roles require completing a technical assessment, case study, skills test, or presentation to evaluate hard skills. Do your best to prepare for these.

  • Reference and Background Checks: Justworks conducts standard reference and background checks on final candidates. Make sure your references are available to provide positive recommendations.

The process is rigorous and can take one to two months from initial screen to offer. Don’t get discouraged by delays; keep following up politely. With preparation and persistence, you can get noticed!

Now let’s get into the interview questions.

Top 25 Justworks Interview Questions

Here are the most frequent and challenging questions asked in Justworks interviews with tips to help you prepare winning responses:

1. How would you approach building and maintaining relationships with key clients to ensure their long-term success with our platform?

As a customer-focused company, Justworks needs employees who can build solid client relationships. Interviewers want to see that you take a strategic, long-term approach to client success.


  • Emphasize understanding client needs, setting expectations, and aligning goals
  • Discuss ways to nurture the relationship with robust onboarding, regular check-ins, and ongoing support
  • Give examples of how you’ve proactively helped retain and expand past client accounts

2. Can you share an example of a time when you had to overcome objections from a potential client? What was your strategy, and what was the outcome?

This behavioral question tests your persuasion skills and ability to problem-solve. Interviewers want to see how you handle rejection and identify solutions.


  • Pick an example that showcases your perseverance and creative problem-solving.
  • Discuss how you overcame the objection; focus less on the detail of the scenario.
  • Share the positive outcome of the situation as proof of your skills.

3. Tell us about your experience managing accounts and handling renewals or upselling opportunities.

Justworks wants long-term client relationships. This question assesses your ability to manage post-sale activities like account renewals, upsells, and expansions.


  • Highlight your experience managing client accounts over long periods.
  • Discuss how you identify upsell or renewal opportunities through data analysis or conversations.
  • Give examples of how you’ve expanded customer spend after the initial sale.

4. Describe how you’ve resolved a challenging issue for a customer while balancing company policies and interests.

There will be times when client needs conflict with company rules. Interviewers want to know you can find solutions that satisfy both parties.


  • Pick a challenging client situation and walk through how you solved it.
  • Emphasize listening to the client while also considering the company’s perspective.
  • Focus on the creative solution you developed; resolve the issue in a “win-win” manner.

5. How do you prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively when dealing with multiple clients or projects simultaneously?

Juggling multiple clients and projects is standard in client-facing and account management roles. This question tests your time management and organizational skills.


  • Discuss tools and systems you use to stay organized and Prioritize (e.g. lists, GANTT charts, calendars).
  • Share how you juggle competing priorities based on deadlines and importance.
  • Use an example that demonstrates your ability to multitask effectively.

6. Explain your sales process – from prospecting to closing – and any tools or systems that have helped you succeed.

For sales roles, interviewers want to understand your sales methodology and use of systems like CRM to manage your pipeline. Showcase your organized process.


  • Walk through the steps in your sales process from initial outreach to closed deal.
  • Share productivity tools or systems you’ve used to track prospects and deals.
  • Use specific examples or metrics that prove your process works.

7. Discuss a situation where you had to handle difficult feedback from a client. How did you address the concerns, and what was the outcome?

This tests your response to criticism and conflict resolution abilities. Interviewers want to see you can handle negative feedback professionally and work to resolve issues.


  • Choose a constructive example not just negative feedback.
  • Demonstrate listening to the client’s concerns without getting defensive.
  • Share how the issue was resolved; focus on the positive outcome.

8. Can you provide an example of how you’ve used data analysis to identify areas of growth or improvement for a customer’s account?

Many roles at Justworks involve leveraging data to add value for clients. This question assesses your ability to analyze data and extract insights.


  • Pick an example that demonstrates your proficiency in data analysis.
  • Discuss how you turned insights from the data into recommendations and actions for the client.
  • Share the positive business impact such as increased sales, lower churn, etc.

9. Have you ever developed and implemented a new workflow or system to improve efficiency within your team or department? Please describe the problem and solution.

This question tests your problem-solving skills and initiative. Interviewers want to understand how you identify issues and implement solutions proactively.


  • Outline a time when you spearheaded improving a process to drive better results.
  • Detail the problem, your proposed solution, process to implement, and results.
  • Quantify the impact through metrics if possible to showcase hard results.

10. How do you stay current on industry trends and changes, and how do you apply this knowledge to better serve your clients?

Ongoing learning and applying insights are key skills in client-facing roles. This question assesses your curiosity, strategic thinking, and commitment to self-improvement.


  • Discuss how you stay updated on industry changes through reading, courses, conferences, etc.
  • Give examples of how you’ve applied emerging trends or new knowledge to improve client offerings.
  • Demonstrate a passion for continuous learning.

11. Describe a successful collaboration between yourself and a cross-functional team (e.g., engineering, product, marketing) to achieve a specific goal.

Justworks maintains a collaborative culture. Interviewers want to assess your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a group setting.


  • Pick an example that involved coordinating across departments toward a shared goal.
  • Discuss your role along with the approach to communicating and collaborating effectively.
  • Share why the end result was successful thanks to the team’s efforts.

12. Can you give an example of a time when you had to adapt your communication style to meet the needs of different stakeholders?

This tests your emotional intelligence and ability to connect with diverse audiences. Tailoring messaging for different stakeholders is an important client skill.


  • Share a scenario when you modified communication for a certain audience.
  • Discuss how and why you adapted your style for the situation at hand.
  • Emphasize flexibility and willingness to modify approaches as needed.

13. Share your experience with Salesforce or other CRM platforms, as well as any additional software tools you find valuable in managing client relationships.

For client-facing roles, Salesforce expertise is a huge plus. Highlight your CRM skills and eagerness to learn new systems.


  • Discuss your level of experience with Salesforce, its useful features, and how you leverage CRMs to manage accounts.
  • Mention any other software tools or systems you’ve used to nurture leads and clients.
  • If lacking experience, demonstrate willingness to learn quickly.

14. How do you balance

here are 3 answers that you can use to tell why you want to work at Justworks –

I am interested in working at Justworks. com because it is a company that is committed to providing its employees with a great work-life balance. This company seems like a good fit for me because I want to work for a company that cares about its employees and their work-life balance.

I want to work at justworks. It looks like a lot of fun and interesting work at com. The people there are friendly and driven, and I think it would be a great place to learn and grow.

I want to work at Justworks because it looks like a great company with lots of cool perks. I also think it would be a fun place to work.

Good luck with your Interview at Justworks .

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers


Is JustWorks a good company?

Is Justworks a good company to work for? Justworks has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5, based on over 366 reviews left anonymously by employees. 57% of employees would recommend working at Justworks to a friend and 63% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has decreased by 10% over the last 12 months.

What are role alignment questions?

The questions regarding role alignment will evaluate the candidate’s level of related knowledge, preparation, and capabilities to effectively function in the role.

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