The Top 25 Jason’s Deli Interview Questions You Need to Know

Jason’s Deli is one of the largest and fastest-growing delicatessen chains in the United States. With hundreds of locations across the country, Jason’s Deli offers delicious sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and catering services.

As a growing company, Jason’s Deli is always looking for talented individuals to join their team. If you have an interview coming up with Jason’s Deli, it’s important to prepare for the most common questions you might face. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 25 Jason’s Deli interview questions and how to best answer them.

Overview of Jason’s Deli

Let’s start with some background on Jason’s Deli The company was founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice Jr. in Beaumont, Texas What started as a small delicatessen counter soon grew into a popular local eatery known for its quality ingredients and friendly service.

Today, Jason’s Deli has over 260 locations across 28 states. The company emphasizes serving fresh, wholesome food using organic produce, antibiotic-free meats, and sustainable seafood. Jason’s Deli sets itself apart in the fast-casual dining segment with its commitment to health and high-quality ingredients.

Some key facts about Jason’s Deli:

  • Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas
  • Currently over 260 locations in 28 states
  • Emphasizes fresh, wholesome ingredients and healthy food options
  • Offers sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, catering and more
  • Privately owned by founder Joe Tortorice Jr. and over 19,000 employees
  • Reports annual system-wide sales over $800 million

Jason’s Deli’s Hiring Process

The hiring process at Jason’s Deli typically involves multiple stages

  1. Initial online application
  2. Phone or video screening interview
  3. In-person interview at a Jason’s Deli location

The interviews are described as conversational and aim to understand the applicant’s availability, skills, and fit for the specific role. Hiring managers tend to ask situational and behavioral questions to assess aptitude. The in-person interview may involve interacting with the manager on a trial basis.

Some qualities Jason’s Deli looks for in applicants include reliability, teamwork, customer service skills, and ability to work at a fast pace

Top 25 Jason’s Deli Interview Questions

Let’s now dive into the top questions that frequently come up in Jason’s Deli interviews:

1. Why do you want to work at Jason’s Deli?

This opening question allows you to express your enthusiasm and passion for the company. Mention your knowledge of their commitment to quality, fresh ingredients, and healthy food options. Share how their values align with yours. Convey your interest in the role and eagerness to be part of the Jason’s Deli team.

Example: I’m excited to work at Jason’s Deli because of your commitment to serving fresh, wholesome food made with high-quality ingredients. As someone who is passionate about health and nutrition, I really admire the organic produce, antibiotic-free meats, and sustainable seafood you source. Your values around providing quality fare align with my personal beliefs. I would love to be able to serve Jason’s Deli’s delicious and nutritious food to customers.

2. What do you know about our company and mission?

With this question, interviewers want to see that you’ve researched Jason’s Deli and understand their brand mission. Highlight facts about their history, values, menu offerings, and any recent initiatives or expansion plans. Show your enthusiasm for contributing to their goals.

Example: I know Jason’s Deli was founded in 1976 by Joe Tortorice Jr. in Texas. You started out with a small delicatessen counter focused on quality ingredients and warm service, which are still core parts of your mission today. With over 260 locations now, you’ve grown into one of the largest deli chains but stay true to your commitment to health through serving antibiotic-free meats, organic produce, and sustainable seafood. Your catering services and sandwich delivery also help busy customers conveniently get nutritious meals. I would be excited to join a company with such a strong dedication to fresh, wholesome fare.

3. Why do you want to work in the restaurant/food service industry?

This question gauges your passion and suitability for the industry. Share what attracts you to food service specifically, such as enjoyment of customer interaction, appreciation for food and nutrition, or interest in operations. Convey your enthusiasm for learning and growing in this dynamic field.

Example: I’m excited to work in food service because I love interacting with customers and providing excellent hospitality. I also have a personal interest in health, nutrition, and creating quality dishes, which drew me to Jason’s Deli specifically. I appreciate the high energy and fast-paced nature of this industry and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping run a smooth operation. Food service allows me to pursue my passions while continuously learning new skills. I can’t wait to start my career in this dynamic industry with a great company like Jason’s Deli.

4. What relevant experience do you have for this role?

This is your chance to highlight your skills and qualifications. Discuss previous roles, emphasizing transferable skills like customer service, multitasking, organization, stamina, communication ability, and relationship-building. Reference specifics like working with point-of-sale systems, handling cash transactions, and managing inventories.

Example: As a server at a busy restaurant for the last three years, I cultivated customer service skills crucial for this role. I’m accustomed to working energetically for long periods, multitasking efficiently, and resolving customer requests politely even during rushes. I have experience processing orders using POS systems, handling cash transactions securely, and assisting with inventory management. These skills will enable me to thrive in the fast-paced environment at Jason’s Deli.

5. What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?

Pick 2-3 key strengths relevant to the job like customer orientation, work ethic, communication skills, positivity, detail focus, teamwork ability, adaptability, honesty and integrity, etc. Provide specific examples of demonstrating these strengths in past roles.

Example: Some of my key strengths are my customer service skills, work ethic, and communication abilities. In previous roles, I received praise for my ability to resolve customer issues diplomatically, adapting my communication style as needed. Managers also appreciated my dedication to completing all tasks efficiently and correctly the first time. I believe these strengths of customer focus, diligence, and communication will enable me to excel at Jason’s Deli.

6. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

Be honest but pick a minor weakness that won’t significantly impact your job performance. Follow up by emphasizing your awareness of the weakness and the steps you’re taking to improve on it.

Example: A weakness I have is occasionally taking on too much at once. Because I’m eager to demonstrate my abilities, I sometimes end up with an overwhelming workload. However, I’ve gotten better at saying no and asking for help when needed. I’m also using tools like daily to-do lists to stay organized and focused. I know my limits more now and continue improving in this area.

7. How do you handle stress and pressure?

The food service industry can be high-pressure. Share an example of successfully handling a stressful situation calmly by being organized, focused, and proactive. Emphasize teamwork and clear communication.

Example: In a past serving role, I developed effective strategies for handling stress during the busy dinner rush. When the restaurant filled up quickly with customers, I took a breath, made a plan of attack, and worked methodically through one task at a time. I also communicated clearly with the kitchen staff to ensure orders were accurate. My calm demeanor spread to the other servers as well, and we worked together as an effective team. This experience showed me I can thrive under pressure by staying focused, organized, and collaborative.

8. How do you motivate coworkers and lift team morale?

Employers want to know you can positively influence the team culture. Share examples of motivating or supporting colleagues, from checking in on stressed co-workers to organizing morale-boosting activities.

Example: I believe leading with positivity can motivate coworkers. For instance, I congratulate colleagues when I see them handle a difficult situation well. To lift morale, I’ve organized fun team lunches or activities outside work hours. My enthusiasm and encouragement have also inspired my co-workers to keep striving on tough days. I’m committed to fostering great teamwork and camaraderie.

9. How do you handle an unhappy or rude customer?

Customer issues are inevitable in food service. Demonstrate patience, empathy, active listening, and conflict resolution skills. Share how you turn negative interactions around.

Example: When handling an upset customer, I first listen attentively to understand their full perspective. I empathize by apologizing for the inconvenience and let them know I appreciate them bringing this issue to my attention. I then do everything possible to resolve the situation, whether that means remaking a dish or offering a discount on their next visit. I aim to not take their frustration personally and turn the interaction positive.

10. Are you

Deli Interview Questions


What should I wear to a deli interview?

When deciding what to wear, aim for a balance between professionalism and approachability. Opt for clean, well-fitted clothing that is suitable for a restaurant setting. You most likely don’t need to be overly formal – a button-down shirt, simple blouse, or sweater paired with clean pants or slacks is a safe choice.

Does Jason’s Deli drug test?

No they do not. Are there regular drug tests? No drug test.

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