Is Mechanical Engineering a Good Major?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, mechanical engineering is one of the most versatile engineering science with a projected growth of 4% in employment over the next 20 years from 2019 to 2029.

Here’s Why Mechanical Engineering Is A Great Degree

What does a mechanical engineering major consist of?

If you study this subject in college, you might take the following courses:

For entry-level positions, mechanical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in the field. Some senior management positions require a masters degree. Search for courses that have been approved by the U.S. Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology. S. Department of Educations Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineers create machines, tools, engines and devices. They are in charge of all phases of product development, including research, building, and testing. They typically have the following duties:

Is mechanical engineering a good major?

As a mechanical engineer, youll enjoy benefits such as:

Jobs options for mechanical engineers

Think about the career opportunities available once you earn your degree when selecting a major. Mechanical engineers can pursue a diverse array of careers including:

A petroleum engineer’s main responsibilities include finding oil and gas beneath the earth’s surface and determining whether it is possible to drill for it. Creating plans for drilling in gas or oil fields, performing tests and analyses to gauge well production, and ensuring that equipment is properly installed and maintained are some of their main duties.

A robotics engineer’s main responsibilities include developing and building robots and robotic systems that can carry out tasks that humans are unable to. Designing prototypes, creating and testing robots, and creating and maintaining the software that controls them are some of their main duties.

An aeronautical engineer’s main responsibilities include working with aircraft and propulsion systems. Coordination and direction of the design and manufacture of aerospace products and aircraft, checking to make sure the project they’re working on complies with regulations, and assessing project proposals to make sure they’re feasible are some of their main responsibilities.

A product designer’s main responsibilities are to create products and guarantee a good user experience for consumers. They also meet with internal teams and partners to develop specifications for product design, produce prototypes, and test the functionality of new products, as well as evaluate the market and competitors to identify opportunities for new products.

Salary and career outlook for mechanical engineers

If you’re considering earning a degree in mechanical engineering, take into account the following:

1. Create a list of your interests

Making a list of your interests is the first step you can take. Math and science should be very interesting to mechanical engineers, and they should feel comfortable using math to analyze and solve problems. You should also enjoy solving problems and regard yourself as creative, as mechanical engineers require a strong sense of creativity to develop new devices or enhance the functionality of a company’s current equipment. Additionally, mechanical engineers should be interested in design since they frequently create blueprints and drawings.

2. Examine your skill set

The following step is to assess your current skill set to determine which ones are most applicable to a mechanical engineering role and which ones you would need to further develop to be successful in the position. Here are some skills you may want to focus on:

3. Consider the environment you want to work in

Most mechanical engineers have on-site jobs in an office or warehouse where they can work on actual problems when they arise. They must be readily available to collaborate in person because they work closely with other team members. Think about the environment you want to work in and whether you prefer working alone or in a team when determining whether a mechanical engineering degree is right for you.

4. Take related coursework

You can begin taking courses related to mechanical engineering as early as high school if you plan to major in that field. Many colleges offer trade courses in subjects like electrical systems, welding, and heating and cooling systems. Before attending college, you might also think about completing an apprenticeship in the building trades.


Is mechanical engineering a good degree?

Is mechanical engineering a good career? Yes. Careers in manufacturing and aerospace can be attained with a degree in mechanical engineering. These careers provide strong annual salaries.

Are mechanical engineers in high demand?

Mechanical engineers’ employment is anticipated to grow by 7% between 2020 and 2030, which is about average for all occupations. Over the following ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 20,200 openings for mechanical engineers.

Is mechanical engineering a popular major?

According to College Factual, 46,014 degrees were awarded in mechanical engineering in 2018, making it one of the most popular majors nationwide.

Is mechanical engineering an easy major?

Because of its technical requirements, mechanical engineering is one of the most challenging majors. Advanced math and science courses are required for students as part of their education.

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