Is Computer Programming a Good Career? Definition and Tips

In a world that runs on technology, programming skills offer excellent career options, from software engineering to front-end development. Computer programming is also one of the most flexible careers; it offers many specialization opportunities, the ability to work remotely, and more.

Why Programming is the Best Job in 2021

What does a computer programmer do?

Using a variety of coding languages, computer programmers create, update, test, and fix software applications. They will regularly assess the system’s overall performance and, as necessary to fully support the system’s data architecture, will offer technical support, program updates, and defect fixes. Other responsibilities a computer programmer holds include:

What is computer programming?

Computer programming is the process of creating code that effectively uses software programs. Coding languages are used by programmers to create operational instructions that the computer system will follow. They frequently collaborate with software developers or engineers who create the design specifications for these programs.

These specifications are used by the computer programmer to program the software appropriately. Programmers use coding languages to fix any problems that arise on the computer systems by rewriting, debugging, and testing the software systems to make these programs run more effectively.

Is computer programming a good career?

If you enjoy learning new coding languages and want to work in the technology sector, computer programming is a good career choice. Any complex technical challenges can be overcome using your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which could make your work satisfying and rewarding. It’s also a fantastic position to pursue if you want to earn a good salary, keep regular office hours, and work at a desk in an office setting.

Average salary for a computer programmer

Fortunately, there is still a high demand for skilled computer programmers to implement useful software applications for their roles.

Tips for becoming a computer programmer

You must acquire the knowledge, abilities, and credentials required to become a great computer programmer. Follow these tips to become a computer programmer:

Earn your degree

The majority of employers demand that potential computer programmers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field. Others might just need you to have a high school diploma, several years of coding experience, or an associate’s degree from a junior college or technical institute. You can also pursue a master’s degree in computer programming if you want to improve your chances of advancement in the position or stand out to potential employers.

Develop and enhance your skill set

Computer programmers with advanced skill sets that enable them to provide valuable work to the role typically impress employers. By taking additional online courses, going to seminars, or getting hands-on training from computer programming experts, you can hone your existing skills or add to them. Common skills effective computer programmers have include:

Learn additional coding languages

Computer programmers with advanced knowledge of several different coding languages are preferred by many employers. You will typically learn some fundamental coding languages that you can use in your computer programming role if you have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in computer science or computer programming. You can learn additional languages to set yourself apart from other applicants by watching instructional videos, enrolling in online courses, or attending live coding language classes.

Common coding languages computer programmers use are:

Receive computer programming certifications

Obtaining certifications in computer programming is another way to broaden your skill set and make an impression on hiring managers. The certification you need to earn will typically depend on the industry or specialty you’re pursuing. Taking a course and passing an exam are frequently requirements for computer programming certifications. Common certifications many computer programmers obtain include:

Participate in an internship

Many employers favor applicants who have practical experience working in a development or programming role. You can enroll in internship programs to learn more about the industry you’re interested in and to help you gain more practical experience in computer programming. This is a fantastic way to network with business leaders and get practical experience performing computer programming tasks. Many internships give you the chance to work closely with an experienced computer programmer who can instruct you on the fundamental duties and daily responsibilities of a computer programmer.


Are computer programmers in high demand?

Between 2020 and 2030, there is expected to be a 10% decline in the number of computer programmers employed. Over the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 9,700 openings for computer programmers despite a decline in employment.

Is computer programming a hard career?

The reputation of programming as one of the most challenging fields to master is well-founded. It’s understandable why some people find it challenging to learn how to code given how different it is from conventional educational methods, such as college degrees in computer science.

Do programming jobs pay well?

Although wages do vary depending on the particular position, salaries for coding jobs are consistently high. The BLS reports that the median salary for computer programmers in 2020 was $89,190. Software developers made an average salary of $110,140 per year, while web developers made a median salary of $77,200.

Is computer programming a stressful job?

Although the work can be stressful at times, computer programmers are well paid for any stress they may feel. In order to save money for businesses, many of these jobs are being outsourced to lower-paying nations.

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