How To Write a Consulting Proposal (With Template and Example)

Writing the Proposal:
  1. Write your executive summary. …
  2. Describe why they should choose you. …
  3. Write your need/problem statement. …
  4. Confirm your consultancy solution. …
  5. Include your experience. …
  6. Confirm the budget. …
  7. Ask for feedback. …
  8. Clarify your terms & conditions.

How to Write Consulting Proposals – What You Need to Include

What is a consulting proposal used for?

Before starting to work together on a project, consultants and clients use consulting proposals to help them reach an agreement. In order to ensure that the client is aware of the project’s specifics, the consultant’s role, the consultant’s rate of pay, and other relevant information, consulting proposals frequently include a wealth of information about the project. The benefits of hiring a consultant for a project can be demonstrated in a consulting proposal for potential clients.

What is a consulting proposal?

A consulting proposal is a letter a consultant sends to a potential client outlining how the two of them might collaborate on a project. A consultant typically drafts a consulting proposal after speaking with a potential client about the project. The consultant’s interest in the project and the conditions they want to work under are then described in the consulting proposal.

How to write a consulting proposal

You can use the following four steps to write a consulting proposal:

1. Talk to your potential client about the project

Speaking with your potential client beforehand to go over the specifics of the project is the first step in writing a consulting proposal. You can arrange a meeting or phone call with your client to discuss their objectives and expectations before writing your proposal. Take note of the client’s expectations and project goals as you listen to what they have to say. This can assist you in deciding what details to include in your consulting proposal.

2. Outline your proposal

Outline the crucial details you want to include in your proposal after speaking with your potential client about the project. Include all of the necessary elements of a consulting proposal in your outline, such as:

To make sure that your consulting proposal meets your client’s expectations, review your meeting notes and highlight the specific information that they mentioned.

3. Write a clear and concise proposal

Write your consulting proposal once you have decided what details you want to include. You can create your proposal from scratch or follow the structure provided by a template. Make sure to write your proposal in clear, concise language that your client can understand.

Additionally, you can try to keep your proposal brief. Consulting proposals typically only contain pertinent information and are only a few pages long. This could help them remain attentive and involved as they read your proposal.

4. Send your proposal to your client

Send your completed proposal to your prospective client after writing it and proofreading it. Make sure to be accessible to respond to any inquiries your client may have regarding the proposal. Start working on the project on the start date after your client signs the proposal.

Elements of a consulting proposal

A great consulting proposal typically contains a few key elements:

Contact information and date

You can include the name, role, and company of your client in the heading of your consulting proposal. Its also important to include the date of the proposal.


You can add a brief salutation to your consulting proposal as well. You can introduce yourself, thank the client for their consideration, and indicate your interest in working with the client in this section.

Summary of project

A project summary is a crucial element of a consulting proposal. Try to give a brief description of the project in this section and give the client an overview. Include the project’s main tenets, such as the issue it seeks to solve and its objectives.

Project objective

The primary project objective of your client may also be included in your consulting proposal. The project objective should be clear and measurable. For instance, “To develop a project management software system that increases productivity by 10%” would be a good project objective. “.


You can list your project deliverables in this section of your consulting proposal as the consultant. You can ensure that the client is aware of what to anticipate from a contract with you and reduce the possibility of responsibility disputes by including deliverables in your proposal. You could, for instance, create a resource management report for the client or a technology training program for the client’s staff as deliverables.

Your consulting background and credentials

A great way to convince potential clients that you are the best consultant for their project is to include a section with your credentials. You can briefly describe your background in consulting, your abilities, and your experiences in this section to demonstrate your suitability for the client project. This may increase the likelihood that the client will continue to collaborate with you on the project.

Project terms and conditions

The conditions of your project can also be covered in a section of your consulting proposal. This section can include your consulting fee as well as the project’s timeline, including the start and end dates. By doing this, you can help make sure that your client accepts the crucial conditions of working with you.


To cement your relationship with your potential client, you can also include a cordial conclusion and thank them once more. You can also encourage the client to get in touch with you if they have any inquiries about the project’s specifics or the consulting proposal.


Make sure to leave room for both you and your client to sign the consulting proposal at the end. You can start the project after you both have signed the document.

Consulting proposal template

Here is a sample consulting proposal that you can use as a guide when writing your own proposal:

[Client name]
[Client role]
[Client company]
[Date of proposal]

[This section includes a brief greeting and introduction.]

Brief summary of the project’s main points is provided in this section. ].

Project Objective
[This section includes a specific and measurable project objective.]


Background [In this section, you should give a brief overview of your training and experience as a consultant. ].



Consulting proposal example

Here is an example of a completed consulting proposal:

Dear Alexis, Thank you for the opportunity to consult with Elba Marketing Solutions on the social media marketing campaign management system project. Alexis ValdezManagerElba Marketing SolutionsJuly 24, 2021 I hope to contribute my consulting expertise to this project.

*Project Summary By developing a thorough system that manages campaign details, including scheduling, content, and other elements, this project seeks to address issues Elba Marketing Solutions is having with planning and executing social media marketing campaigns. *.

Project Goal: 10% more productive social media marketing teams at Elba Marketing Solutions.


BackgroundI consider myself to be the ideal consultant for this project given my work experience in project management and marketing. In the course of my career, I have also served as a consultant for numerous marketing agencies on a variety of projects and managed a number of marketing campaigns. I now possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful as I develop a social media marketing campaign management system for Elba Marketing Solutions. *.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions about the campaign management system project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Loretta Perry
Independent Consultant
[email protected]


How do you end a consulting proposal?

Conclusion. To cement your relationship with your potential client, you can also include a cordial conclusion and thank them once more. You can also encourage the client to get in touch with you if they have any inquiries about the project’s specifics or the consulting proposal.

How do I create a consulting project?

Outline of Steps
  1. Step 1) Define Problem:
  2. Step 2) Structure the Problem:
  3. Step 3) Prioritize Issues:
  4. Step 4) Analysis Plan and Work Plan:
  5. Step 5) Conduct Analysis:
  6. Step 6) Synthesize Findings:
  7. Step 7) Develop Recommendations.

How do I write an independent contractor proposal?

When writing a proposal for freelance work, be sure to:
  1. Demonstrate that you thoroughly understand the client’s project and goals.
  2. Include realistic timelines, deliverables, and quotes.
  3. Ensure that your proposal is polished and complete.
  4. Proofread your proposal before submitting it to a client.

How do you structure a consulting contract?

Protect Yourself: How to Structure Your Consulting Contracts
  1. Full names and positions of those you do business with Be sure they’re all spelled correctly.
  2. Project objectives. …
  3. Detailed description of the project. …
  4. List of responsibilities. …
  5. Fees. …
  6. Timeline. …
  7. Page numbers.

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