How To Unhighlight in Word in 5 Steps (Plus Useful Tips)

These are some steps you can follow to unhighlight text in Microsoft Word:
  1. Launch Word and find the text you want to unhighlight. …
  2. Click on the highlighter tool and select “No color” …
  3. Click and drag over the highlighted text to unhighlight it. …
  4. Select all the text in the document to unhighlight.

In today’s digital world, Microsoft Word has become a staple for our day-to-day writing needs. Whether you are drafting a resume, a business proposal, an essay, or any other type of document, the tools available to you in Word make complex tasks much easier to manage. Highlighting text is a particularly useful feature, allowing you to quickly emphasize key words or phrases in your documents. But what do you do when you need to unhighlight the text? In this post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to unhighlight in Word, so you can confidently navigate Word’s features without worry. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this tutorial will provide you with the information you need to unhighlight text quickly, efficiently, and accurately. So let’s get started!

How to remove highlights from pasted text in Microsoft Word

How to unhighlight text in Word

You can use the following steps to remove text that has been highlighted in Microsoft Word:

1. Launch Word and find the text you want to unhighlight

You must first launch Word in order to remove text highlights from it. When its open, locate the text you want to unhighlight. To find the highlighted content more quickly, scroll through the document or use the zoom feature in the bottom right to make the pages smaller.

2. Click on the highlighter tool and select “No color”

Locate the highlighter tool in the ribbon after finding the text you want to remove the highlighting from. It may appear in the “Font” drop-down menu or in the ribbon underneath the font, bolding, italics, and strikethrough selections, depending on the size of your window. Select the arrow next to the illustration of a highlighter to reveal the drop-down menu for the highlighter tool. The “No color” option is located at the bottom of the drop-down menu, between the color options and the “Stop highlighting” choices.

3. Click and drag over the highlighted text to unhighlight it

To eliminate the highlighting effect on text, click and drag over it after choosing the highlighting tool and setting it to “No color.” The simplest method to select the text may be to click in the bottom right corner of the text and drag your mouse up to the top left of the screen, depending on your mouse and screen. You can select and unhighlight various sections of text in your document if there is a lot of it. Using “Ctrl + A,” you can also select the entire document.

4. Select all the text in the document to unhighlight

You can select all of the text in your document rather than having to click and drag to select individual paragraphs of text. If you want to remove all the highlighting and not just some of it, then this might be the best option. You can right-click on any text in your document and select “Select all” to select it all. If you have the keyboard shortcut enabled, you can also use “Ctrl + A.” You can choose the highlighter tool and click “No color” to stop the highlighting after selecting all of the text in the document.

5. To reapply highlighter, change the highlighter to a color

Select the highlighter tool once more, then pick the desired color to reapply the highlighter in a different color. To highlight specific text passages, drag the tool over them. Additionally, you can use “Ctrl + A” to select all of the document’s text and highlight it in a specific color.

6. To stop using the highlighter tool, select “Stop highlighting”

If the highlighter is still present when you try to switch back to typing or using another tool, you can remove it. To do this, select “Stop highlighting” by clicking on the arrow next to the highlighter image. After “No color,” it can be found at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Reasons to use the highlight function

Use Word’s highlight feature for the following reasons:

Tips for using Microsoft Word effectively

These are some tips for using Microsoft Word effectively:

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Why can I not unhighlight something in Word?

Make sure the paragraph mark is part of your selection if the highlighting is obstinate, and then select No Color from the Text Highlight Color tool in the Font group of the Home tab of the ribbon.

How do I get rid of highlight?

There are numerous ways for users to format text in Microsoft Word. Choose the Clear Formatting option. Try removing the highlighting by selecting the text and choosing the Clear Formatting option on the Home tab as a result. Additionally, users can choose the text and remove the formatting by pressing Ctrl + Space.

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