How To Turn an Idea Into a Product in 6 Steps (Plus FAQs)

5 Steps for Turning Your Invention Idea Into a Product
  1. Step 1: Document It. Simply having an “idea” is worthless — you need to have proof of when you came up with the invention ideas. …
  2. Step 2: Research It. …
  3. Step 3: Make a Prototype. …
  4. Step 4: File a Patent. …
  5. Step 5: Market Your Invention.

We often hear how innovation is what makes America great. It fuels the economy and wins the admiration of others. Stories about successful people are frequently celebrated, but those who fail are left to ponder, “My idea is brilliant,” on their own. How can we assist more product entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and achieve success more quickly? It all starts with the mindset. A successful inventor must approach their work from the beginning as a businessperson rather than concentrating solely on the development of the new device.

Validate Your Market. Despite being one of the most crucial steps in the product development process, this one is frequently skipped. As artists, we frequently become fixated on our concepts to the point where we put blinders and earmuffs on. Instead, picture yourself working for a major corporation like Kimberly Clark and being tasked with advising your boss on which potential products will bring in the most money for the business. Asking and, most importantly, listening are the two best ways to find out what your potential customers want. Gather this essential information by conducting surveys (SurveyMonkey. com) and conducting informal focus groups.

A patent can be a helpful tool, but it is not always necessary, and it can also be a waste of valuable resources. Consider taking advantage of a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) first. It is a stopgap measure that will give you 12 months before you must formally file for a utility patent.

Although there are many steps to take, you can take your idea and run because there are so many new resources available. “My final advice to those readers who aspire to see their products on the shelves of the nation’s top retailers: Be courageous and go for it,” wrote Julie Martin-Allen, Senior Director of Showcase Events for Sam’s Club in the foreword of my new book.

What to do after you come up with an invention idea

How to turn your idea into a product

If you have a great idea for a new product—whether it’s a complex mechanical creation or a redesign of an everyday object—follow the six steps listed below to make it into a viable new offering.

1. Document your idea

Great ideas are the source of all great things, but they are limitless and intangible. Additionally, they are impossible to support when asserting ownership of something. In addition to assisting you in tracking your progress as you further develop your idea, keeping a journal will serve as proof that the concept is truly your own.

2. Check for patents

You can learn more about what else is available and who your potential rivals are by conducting a general search.

3. Research the market

You can find out how many consumers or businesses there are by conducting market research. A new product takes a lot of time and effort to develop, so the more you know about the competition, the better equipped you’ll be to overcome roadblocks. learn about issues like copyright and intellectual property law as they apply to your niche by researching market trends.

4. Make a prototype

5. Consider filing a patent

Now is a good time to apply for a patent to safeguard your invention once you have a prototype and are prepared to market it. An invention is legally protected by a patent, a type of intellectual property, from being copied or sold by someone else without your permission for a predetermined amount of time.

You could opt to sell your product without a patent. However, business professionals advise obtaining a patent for a number of reasons, including:

6. Market your product

Frequently asked questions about turning ideas into products

Making a new product that will be successful on the market can seem like a difficult process. To help you learn more, the following frequently asked questions are provided on the subject:

What is a product idea?

A product idea is a conception or plan for a good or service that is intended to address a need for customers or businesses. There are two types of products you can create:

How can I find investors for a product idea?

Here are some tactics to consider if you’re looking for investors to help you raise the funds necessary to bring your product idea to market:

How long can it take to turn my idea into a product?

Usually, it takes three months to a year to finish product development. A number of factors can affect how long it takes to develop a successful product, including:

What are the elements of a good product idea?

It can be challenging to determine whether an invention or new product idea is worthwhile at times. A good product idea has the following qualities:

How do I create a business plan?

The first step in starting a business to sell your new invention is creating a business plan. Here are the components of a business plan:

How can I make a plan to market my product?

To assist you in developing your product marketing strategies, you can create a marketing plan. Here are the steps to making a marketing plan:

How can I create a pitch for my product idea?

You can make a pitch that succinctly summarizes your product, its advantages, and its value when you’re looking for product investors, selling your product idea, or trying to find a business partner. Here are tips for creating a successful product pitch:


How do I turn my idea into a prototype?

Here are four steps to get your first prototype built so you can turn your idea into a patented, profitable product.
  1. Create a Concept Sketch. Putting your idea on paper is the first step to making it a reality.
  2. Develop a Virtual Prototype. …
  3. Build a Physical Prototype. …
  4. Locate a Manufacturer.

How do you sell an idea to a company without them stealing it?

Without a patent, you can sell an idea to a company. You must find a way to prevent them from stealing your concept. An NDA, or nondisclosure agreement, is one way to accomplish that without a patent. The NDA would prevent the business from using your concept without paying you for it.

How do you successfully sell an idea?

6 Things to Remember to Successfully Sell Intangibles
  1. Make it personal. Explicitly stating how your product will make their lives safer, simpler, and better is the quickest way to get a customer to buy it.
  2. Keep it simple. …
  3. Track progress correctly. …
  4. Accentuate the trivial. …
  5. Articulate the ROI. …
  6. Sell peace of mind.

How do I get my invention into production?

4 Steps for Turning Your Invention Idea Into a Product
  1. Step 1 – Do Your Research. Various times during the course of your product’s or process
  2. Step 2: Make a Prototype. The next step in the process is creating a prototype.
  3. Step 3: File a Patent or Design. …
  4. Step 4: Market Your Invention.

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