How To Stop Excel From Rounding (With Multiple Methods)

Work-around: To stop Excel from rounding whole numbers, click the Increase Decimal button in the Home > Number tab. Increase the decimal place until the desired number of decimal places is displayed.
  1. Open the excel. Double click the Excel app icon, which resembles a green with a white “X” on it. …
  2. Input your large numbers. …
  3. Click the cell. …
  4. Click the Format cells button. …
  5. Tap the number tab. …
  6. Change the decimal places figures.

You can use Microsoft Excel, a robust spreadsheet creator, to arrange and analyze data. Excel additionally has computation features, pivot tables, graphing tools, and more. You may have noticed that Excel sometimes rounds off numbers, such as when you enter large numbers and decimal values. When users don’t want Excel to round off the numbers, it causes problems for them, which is very annoying. For instance, when entering values like scientific data, credit card numbers, etc. We’ll look at how to prevent Excel from rounding numbers in this article.

How to Display a Number in Excel Without Rounding : Microsoft Excel Help

Why you may need to display exact numbers

To display more straightforward data that is simple for people to understand, rounding numbers can be useful. Exact numbers may take up more space on a spreadsheet, but they are much more accurate and reduce the possibility of calculation errors. Many statistical and scientific applications require exact numbers, so you might need Excel to display exact numbers rather than rounded numbers.

Why does Excel round off numbers?

Excel may round off numbers if a user doesn’t apply a rounding function to a cell if the column isn’t wide enough to fit the entire number. If a user formats a cell to display fewer decimal places than the actual number has, Excel may also round off numbers. It’s also important to know that Excel rounds off any number with more than 15 digits.

What else can you do to stop Excel from rounding large numbers?

Although the aforementioned method is helpful, it only gets rid of the E+ part of a number. This is acceptable when dealing with large numbers that contain multiple zeroes, but there are other types of large numbers that can be dealt with using a different procedure. Consider adding an apostrophe to the beginning of your number before entering your data.

Say, for instance, that you need to enter the number 145789658744475 into a cell. Instead of only typing in the number, type in “145789658744475. ” Click the “Enter” key to confirm your entry. When you do this, the apostrophe vanishes, leaving only the number in the cell. You can carry out this process as many times as necessary with different numbers.

How to stop Excel from rounding large numbers

You might deal with lengthy strings of numbers, such as credit card numbers and product numbers, if you work in the manufacturing or sales sectors of the economy. Excel rounds these numbers to make them fit more comfortably, but the latter part of these numbers is hidden in the process. The following steps will show you how to prevent Excel from rounding large numbers:

1. Enter your numbers

Each cell should have the numbers you want to record there. Your keyboard’s “Enter” key will allow you to switch to a new cell. The arrow keys or single-cell clicking are other ways to move to new cells. You may notice that Excel displays your large numbers as something like 3 once you’ve entered all of them. 09878E+15. Excel records this data accurately, but it doesn’t display it accurately. You can continue with the subsequent steps to resolve this issue.

2. Select all relevant cells and open the “Number Format” pop-up window

The next step is to select all your relevant cells. To do this, click on one cell, then drag the tiny green box to encompass all the cells you want to format. To select every cell in the document, simultaneously press the “Ctrl” and “A” keys on your keyboard. To open the “Number Format” pop-up window after choosing the desired cells, press the “Ctrl” and “1” keys on your keyboard simultaneously. To accomplish the same task, you can also perform a right-click and choose “Number Format” from the menu.

3. Change the number formatting

Within the “Number Format” pop-up window, locate the “Category” section. You may notice that its currently on the “General” selection. Change it to the “Number” option, which is found just beneath the “General” choice. Change the number of decimal places to 0 on the right side of the panel. By selecting or deselecting the corresponding checkbox, you can also decide whether you want the numbers to use the thousands separator. Confirm all your choices by clicking “OK. “.

How to stop Excel from rounding numbers with decimals

The following steps will show you how to prevent Excel from adding decimals to rounded numbers:

How to stop Excel from rounding currency

Most companies only record financial transactions with two decimal places because adding more information can make them difficult to understand. Because they work with various currencies or need to record transactions precisely, some accountants may need to display currencies with more than two decimal places. The following steps will show you how to prevent Excel from rounding currency:

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How do I get Excel to stop rounding?

You can increase the decimal places of a number format and then apply it to the numbers in your worksheet if you have a lot of numbers that have been rounded or if you want to stop numbers from appearing as rounded at all. Click the Number Format dropdown menu, followed by More Number Formats, in the Number group, on the Home tab.

Why is my Excel automatically rounding?

The format of the numbers in the cells where you have the numbers is the cause of this. Change the cell format so that Excel can display more numbers than it currently can in order to prevent it from rounding these numbers. Additionally, keep in mind that none of this affects the cell’s value.

How do I stop my sheets from rounding?

There are two ways to stop Google Sheets from rounding:
  1. When you have reached the desired number of decimal places, click the Increase decimal places button in the tool menu after selecting the range of cells you want to stop rounding.
  2. Use the TRUNC function with the following syntax TRUNC(value, [places]).

How do I change the rounding in Excel?

Click File > Options. , and then click Excel Options. When this workbook is being calculated, click Advanced, then under the Set precision as displayed check box, click OK. Click OK.

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