How to Send Effective Reminder Emails to Customers

Regardless of your business type, as long as you’re involved in email marketing, you must constantly send reminder emails.

Sending a reminder email will help bring back the topic you want to follow, boost customer interaction and engagement, and build relationships.

However, before you send the reminder, you must carefully consider how to write a reminder email, when to send it, and how to make it persuasive enough to compel the reader to take action.

In this blog, we share some effective reminder email templates you can use, along with tips and best practices for writing the perfect reminder email. So, let’s begin.

Sending reminder emails is a great email marketing strategy to re-engage customers Reminder emails notify subscribers about unfinished transactions, expiring offers, or items left in their shopping carts. Crafting well-timed, personalized reminder emails can boost conversions and sales This guide covers tips for creating great reminder emails that get results.

Benefits of Sending Reminder Emails

Here are some key benefits of using reminder emails in your marketing

  • Drives conversions by reminding customers to complete purchases
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment
  • Increases engagement and opens communication with inactive subscribers
  • Allows highlighting special offers or promotions
  • Keeps your brand top-of-mind with customers
  • Provides great opportunities for segmentation and personalization
  • Delivers value to customers by reminding them of pending actions
  • Requires less work than full email campaigns

When to Send Reminder Emails

Some common scenarios that are good opportunities for reminder emails

  • After customers add items to their online shopping cart but don’t check out
  • When customers signup for an account but don’t complete their profile
  • When a promotional discount code is about to expire
  • To remind customers to submit a review after making a purchase
  • When a customer downloads an ebook but hasn’t opened it after some time
  • After a customer watches a demo video but hasn’t contacted sales
  • To remind leads to finish signing up for a free trial
  • To notify customers of upcoming renewals or expiring subscriptions

Creating Effective Reminder Emails

Follow these tips when drafting reminder emails:

Use a Clear, Action-Oriented Subject Line

The subject should clearly state the reminder so readers instantly know your intent. Some examples:

  • Don’t Forget: Complete Your Purchase!
  • Friendly Reminder: Download Your Ebook
  • 3 Days Left For This Discount!

Add Preheader Text

Briefly explain the purpose of your email in a short preview line after the subject.

Use a Personalized, Friendly Greeting

Start with a warm greeting using the reader’s first name. This personal touch makes it feel like an individual reminder, not a generic blast email.

Keep Body Copy Concise

Succinctly state the reminder in 1-2 sentences. Avoid lengthy text. Reminder emails are not sales pitches. Keep the copy short, simple and focused solely on the reminder.

Include Relevant Details

Add specifics like the item name, price, discount amount, expiration date or other pertinent details so readers have all the context they need.

Add Visuals of the Product

Include images of the abandoned item or product being referenced to trigger the reader’s memory. Visual cues help make your reminder effective.

Use Buttons and Links Liberally

Make it easy for readers to take action by including call-to-action buttons and links back to the product page.

Close with Friendly Sign-Off

End your email with a pleasant sign-off such as “Thanks” or “Sincerely” and your name/brand name. Avoid overly sales-y closes.

Best Practices for Reminder Emails

Here are some additional tips for excellent reminder email strategy:

  • Make the email concise – Around 50 words is ideal
  • Ensure readers can recognize why they’re receiving it
  • Send no more than 1-2 reminders spaced a few days apart
  • Test different reminder frequencies to see what converts best
  • Personalize each email with the recipient’s name and relevant details
  • Ensure your email lists are segmented so you target the right groups
  • Use an email template for branding consistency but customize the content
  • Send the first reminder soon after the intended action, such as 1-3 days after cart abandonment
  • Have clear call-to-action buttons to drive the desired behavior
  • Provide value and help customers recall what they intended to do

Evaluating Performance

Track open rates, clickthrough rates and conversion metrics for each reminder email. Compare reminder emails against each other and against your overall email benchmarks to identify which are most effective. Refine your approach over time based on results.

Reminder emails are a low-effort, high-impact marketing tactic that keeps your brand top of mind and gently encourages customers down the conversion funnel. Sending behaviorally triggered, personalized reminder emails boosts sales while providing helpful value. With a focused, friendly approach, reminders can turn more prospects into customers.

how to send reminder email marketing

2 Survey Reminder Email

Subject line: Last Call to Complete the Survey!

Hi [First Name], Just a quick reminder that our survey closes soon, and we’d really value your input. It takes just a few minutes and your feedback is crucial for us to improve [Product/Service/Experience]. Survey Link: [Insert Link] As a token of our appreciation, you’ll be entered into a draw for a chance to win [mention any incentive, if applicable]. Don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard Thank you for your time. Best, [Your Name]

Reminder Email to Professor for PhD

Subject line: Final Dissertation Review

Dear Professor [Name], I just wanted to follow up on the final dissertation review we discussed last week. You mentioned getting in touch about potential next steps. Is there anything I can do to help speed the process along? Sincerely, [Your Name]

Create Reminder Emails with Google Calendar

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