How To Quit a Job Over the Phone: Tips and a Template

Tips for Quitting a Job Over the Phone
  1. Talk to Your Supervisor.
  2. Don’t Go Into Detail.
  3. Apologize If You Give No Notice.
  4. Say Thank You.
  5. Include Important Questions and Information.
  6. Leave a Message.
  7. Follow-Up With a Letter.


How to quit a job over the phone

If you must resign from a job over the phone, you should do so in a polite and professional manner. In order to resign from a job over the phone, take the following actions:

1. Consider your reasons for quitting

First, consider your reasons for quitting the position. There might be different choices available that don’t require you to give up. For instance, you might be eligible for FMLA benefits if you are experiencing a family emergency. The human resource division may be able to help you if you are having issues with a coworker or your supervisor. Before you officially resign over the phone if you are unhappy in your position, you may decide to look for alternative employment.

2. Give a two-week notice, when possible

Giving a minimum of two weeks’ notice is always advised, whenever possible. This gives your employer time to hire and train a replacement for you. Giving notice when leaving a job also helps you do so with a positive company reputation. This is crucial if you choose to take up your old position or one elsewhere within the business. Before leaving, completing the necessary tasks for the position can also be beneficial if you need to ask your employer for a letter of recommendation or referral. Make sure to inform your employer of your anticipated last day of employment if you are unable to provide a two-week notice.

3. Consider the best time to call

You should think about the best time of day to call your manager or supervisor. For instance, calling during dinner rush when you know your manager will be busy may not be the best course of action. Try to call at a time when your manager will have enough time to talk with you about your resignation. You might also choose to contact the human resources division by phone.

4. Give details of your resignation

You should only provide information that you feel confident discussing with your resignation. However, even if you decide not to tell your manager why you’re quitting, be ready for them to ask you about it. Your resignation depends on a few specifics, such as your anticipated last day of employment. Make sure your manager understands your intention to leave so they can fill the position as soon as possible. You could also inform them of your return date to pick up any items you have left behind.

Even if you choose to provide more information, it’s crucial to maintain your professionalism. You should maintain objectivity even if you are quitting due to a conflict at work or dissatisfaction with your job.

5. Notify human resources

It’s a good idea to let human resources know that you’re quitting after informing your manager or immediate supervisor. They may request that you complete an exit interview. For the business to understand how they can improve, a exit interview is crucial. Discussing any additional matters, such as moving your retirement accounts or giving back any company property you may have, is also a good idea at this time.

6. Help with the transition

Consider offering to assist with the transition if you are giving a two-week notice. This might entail imparting knowledge to the person who will take your place or transferring any unfinished projects. In the future, you might want to ask your current employer for a letter of recommendation; leaving in a considerate and professional manner will help you preserve that professional connection. Before your last day, ask your manager what you can do to assist with the transition.

Why quit a job over the phone?

It can be challenging to resign from a position in person in some circumstances. When this happens, you might have to resign from your job over the phone. Here are a few factors that might cause you to hang up the phone:

Tips for quitting a job over the phone

The following advice can help you when terminating your employment over the phone:

Resignation over the phone script template

The specifics of your phone script will vary depending on your job, your manager, and your reason for quitting, but you can use this one to do so:

Hi [Manager Name],

This is [Name]. Do you have a minute to talk?

I’m calling to inform you that I will no longer be employed by [Company] in the capacity of [Position] as of [Date of Resignation]. I have [Reason for Quitting]. I will write a formal resignation letter as a follow-up to this phone call. I’ll also send a formal resignation letter to [Name]’s human resources department to start the procedure.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the transition, please let me know. Also, I want to thank you for the opportunity.

How to resign over the phone script example

Here is an illustration of a resignation speech using the script mentioned above:

Hi Joanne,

This is Frederick. Do you have a minute to talk?

I’m calling to inform you that I will be leaving my position as project manager at Daniels Contracting in two weeks, on April 4, 2020. I’ve made the decision to accept a different position and further my education at the same time. As a result, I won’t have enough time to continue working at my current job. I will write a formal resignation letter as a follow-up to this phone call. In order to start the process, I will also send Francis with human resources a formal resignation letter.

In order to assist you with the transition to a new job, kindly let me know if you have any questions. Additionally, I want to thank you for the opportunity because it was critical to my professional growth in the field and gave me professional skills.


How do you politely quit a job immediately?

I apologise for not being able to give two weeks’ notice in my resignation letter (text version). I regret having to resign right away due to events beyond my control. Please explain the procedure for receiving my final salary and remaining benefits.

Is it OK to quit job without notice?

Can you quit a job without notice? For many U. S. employees, the answer is, “Yes. But that doesn’t mean that leaving quickly is a good idea. Normal circumstances dictate that the standard notice should be given, but there may be no legal prohibition against quitting immediately.

Is it better to resign by phone or email?

The next best thing to a face-to-face meeting is a phone call or a Skype session. Resigning by email is seen as a discourteous approach. Ask your manager how and when they would like the team to be informed of your news. Putting them in charge of this choice is a matter of professional decency.

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