How To Pass the Wonderlic Test (Definition, Steps and Tips)

How to pass the Wonderlic test
  1. Review the test format. Before taking the test, it’s helpful to review the test format. …
  2. Take a timed practice test. You can find practice Wonderlic tests available online for free. …
  3. Review common question topics. …
  4. Develop testing strategies. …
  5. Try to answer questions quickly.

Preparing for the Wonderlic Test can feel intimidating, especially if you haven’t taken a timed aptitude test in a while. The Wonderlic Test is a short, timed assessment often used by employers to assess an applicant’s basic reading comprehension, math, and problem solving skills. It is important to remember that the Wonderlic Test is not an IQ test, but rather a test meant to measure an individual’s ability to learn and work with information. In this blog post, we will provide helpful tips and strategies on how to pass a Wonderlic Test with confidence and achieve the best score possible. We will discuss the different types of questions on the Wonderlic Test, the time management techniques you can use to increase your speed and accuracy, and the importance of practicing and familiarizing yourself with the format and content of the test. With the right preparation, you can walk into the Wonderlic Test feeling confident and secure about your ability to pass the exam.

Wonderlic Test 2022 – Learn How to Ace This Cognitive Test

How to pass the Wonderlic test

Here are some strategies you can use to get ready for a Wonderlic test if a potential employer or organization requests it:

1. Review the test format

Reviewing the test format is beneficial prior to taking the exam. You can better prepare for your exam by learning about the Wonderlic test structure. Having a general idea of what to expect can also lessen test-taking anxiety. If it has been a while since you last took an exam, practicing Wonderlic tests can help you become accustomed to the format of the test and help it feel more comfortable.

There are 50 exam questions total on the multiple-choice, traditional, full-length test. You can skip questions on the majority of online tests and come back to them later. Reviewing these guidelines can increase your self-assurance and speedy response time.

2. Take a timed practice test

You can find practice Wonderlic tests available online for free. Some tests are timed and others you can time yourself. Practice taking the test in a short amount of time. The average time to complete the test administered by most employers is 12 minutes, but occasionally shorter tests are administered that only last eight minutes. You can become accustomed to the pressure of a ticking clock by practicing taking exams with the additional restriction of time.

Instead of concentrating on the remaining time, try to read the questions quickly and choose the best response before moving on to the next one. You can guess or skip a question if you find that you are spending too much time on it.

3. Review common question topics

The Wonderlic test evaluates your capacity for quickly solving linguistic, mathematical, and logical puzzles. Consider brushing up on these subjects before your exam if it has been a while since you last reviewed them or tested your knowledge on them. Here are some specific areas worthy of extra focus:

4. Develop testing strategies

Some people perform very well on tests. Others feel anxiety when completing exams. Develop some strategies to help you stay calm and focused if you have trouble staying focused during exams or if it has been a while since you last took one.

Here are some strategies to consider:

5. Try to answer questions quickly

It’s crucial to complete the questions as quickly as possible because Wonderlic is a timed exam. Your chances of finishing with all 50 questions answered in the allotted 12 minutes are improbable. So try to pace yourself during the test. The test-takers have approximately 14 seconds to read and respond to each question with 50 questions divided by 12 minutes.

Go to the next question if you realize you’ve been staring at a question for a while. Your strengths may be better suited to other types of questions because some test questions are harder than others. Since each question is worth one point, both easy and difficult questions are equally valuable. Since you’ll likely be answering more of the simple questions, doing so will increase your score overall. If you still have time after finishing the test, you can try answering any questions you skipped again.

What is the Wonderlic test?

Organizations can use the Wonderlic test, also known as the Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test, as a standard evaluation tool to assess prospective employees’ capacity for problem-solving. It is employed in a variety of professions and includes questions on vocabulary, reasoning, and math. The Wonderlic test yields scores that are typically consistent with those from widely used intelligence quotient (IQ) tests, with average test takers scoring around a 20.

NFL players and other pre-draft professional athletes frequently take Wonderlic tests, as do employers who want to evaluate applicants’ motivation, intelligence, and personality as part of the hiring process. Sometimes called a quick IQ test, the test emphasizes speed. Only a few participants can typically complete all 50 questions in the allotted 12 minutes. Results from tests can give hiring organizations more knowledge about a candidate’s potential for employment, training, and education. The Wonderlic test quizzes test-takers in several key areas:

Tips for passing the Wonderlic test

Here are some more pointers to help you ace the Wonderlic exam:


Practice as much as you can before the test is the first piece of advice. You can become more at ease with the timed portion of the test by practicing. You can create test-taking routines that prepare your mind for particular types of questions and enable you to complete the exam quickly. You can find out which areas you need to spend more time reviewing by taking practice tests. For instance, if vocabulary questions are simple for you but math word problems are giving you trouble, try to concentrate your efforts on learning ratios and fractions rather than proverbs and analogies.


When employers and organizations use the Wonderlic to evaluate job candidates, they typically have specific cognitive and aptitude requirements. Take a look at the passing score for candidates in your industry before you take the exam. Aim for a score that is higher than the industry average. Look up the test results for nurses, for instance, if you’re applying for a job as a nurse. Aim for a quiz score of at least 47% if the average is 46%.


The Wonderlic test doesnt penalize test-takers for wrong answers. Guessing an answer when you don’t know it can be preferable to leaving the question unanswered. If you use this strategy and run out of time, it can be difficult to go back and answer questions you didn’t know the answers to.

You can also guess rather than skip questions, but there is a very small chance that you will answer the question correctly. Although this method won’t give an accurate reflection of your knowledge, it may raise your score and increase your chances of getting the job.


Do not interpret a low exam score as evidence that you lack intelligence. There are many factors that can influence your score. For instance, you might experience test anxiety, the test might be administered in a language other than your own, or you might have felt exhausted on the exam day. Consider that other employers may be able to value your special abilities and intelligence if you are denied an opportunity due to your test score. Keep in mind that the exam is not an evaluation of your value, intelligence, or worth as an employee.

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Can you fail a Wonderlic test?

What if I fail my Wonderlic Test? In 99% of cases, if you do not receive the minimum score required as specified by an employer, you will not be hired. There are instances where a candidate is informed that their interview is over and they can leave after failing their Wonderlic test.

What is the best way to pass the Wonderlic test?

5 Tips to Pass the Wonderlic Test
  1. Revise Scoring. If you want to ace the test, you must understand how the scoring is calculated.
  2. Understand Fractions. …
  3. Practice Analogies. …
  4. Familiarize Yourself with Proverbs. …
  5. Practice everything!

What is a passing score on the Wonderlic basic skills test?

An applicant must receive a verbal score of at least 200 and a quantitative score of at least 210 on the WBST during the same administration in order to pass it for ATB purposes. The word “PASS” will appear in this box if an applicant receives the minimum ATB passing scores on both the verbal and quantitative test sections.

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