How to Make an Engaging Quiz on PowerPoint

Tip: Learn more about Microsoft Forms or get started right away and create a survey, quiz, or poll. Want more advanced branding, question types, and data analysis? Try Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

You can create a new form or quiz in Microsoft Forms and insert it into your PowerPoint presentation.

Quizzes are a fun and interactive way to assess learning or just liven up a presentation. With PowerPoint, you can easily create customized quizzes from scratch that engage your audience.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to make a fully-functional quiz in PowerPoint complete with questions, answers, scoring, and navigation. I’ll go over tips to make your quiz visually appealing and help it run smoothly when presenting.

Why Create Quizzes on PowerPoint?

PowerPoint offers some key advantages for building quizzes compared to paper handouts or verbal questions

  • Visual appeal – Include images, illustrations, video, and animations to make quizzes more visually interesting.

  • Interactivity – Allow participants to actively click or enter answers instead of just listening passively

  • Instant scoring – PowerPoint grades quizzes automatically to showcase right and wrong answers on the spot.

  • Versatile question types – Pose different question formats like multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer.

  • Detailed analytics – Track quiz results and times for each participant to identify areas for improvement.

  • Easy distribution – Share the PowerPoint quiz file for others to use or self-administer.

  • Customizable – Tailor quizzes to any topic and edit or add to them over time.

Step 1: Create Your Title Slide

Start off by inserting a new PowerPoint slide with a catchy title and description of your quiz. This provides context for participants on what the quiz is about and what to expect.

Consider including

  • Quiz title
  • Number of questions
  • Time limit
  • Topics covered
  • Grading method

Feel free to spice up the title slide visually with colors, graphics and animations. You want it to pique interest in taking the quiz.

Step 2: Add Your Questions

Now it’s time to develop the quiz questions. For each question, insert a new slide.

PowerPoint supports several question formats:

  • Multiple choice – Provide 3-5 answer options where only one is correct.
  • True or false – Statements that participants mark as true or false.
  • Matching – Terms on the left matched to definitions on the right.
  • Short answer – Participants manually type a 1-2 word answer.

Mix and match different question types to keep your quiz engaging.

Step 3: Include the Answers

Of course, you’ll need to provide the answers to each question on slides immediately following them.

For multiple choice or true/false questions, reveal which option is correct on the answer slide. Use color coding – turn the right choice green and wrong ones red.

For short answer questions, accept a few different possible right answers that synonyms on the answer slide.

Providing the solutions as you go gives participants immediate feedback on how they did.

Step 4: Add Navigation and Linking

At this point, you have a jumbled deck of question and answer slides out of sequence. Let’s add slide navigation to connect them linearly.

On each question slide, insert buttons linked to the respective answer slide and back to return to the questions.

Also insert buttons on answer slides to get to the next question when ready. These buttons allow seamless navigation through the quiz.

Step 5: Include a Final Summary Slide

Once you’ve created all the questions and answers, add a final slide summarizing the quiz results.

This slide can display:

  • The participant’s score out of total questions
  • Percentage of correct answers
  • Performance for each question (correct or incorrect)
  • Time to complete the quiz

PowerPoint will populate this real-time based on the actual responses during the quiz.

Step 6: Customize the Look and Feel

With the mechanics of your quiz complete, the fun part is customizing the visual design. Here are ways to polish the look:

  • Color theme – Choose complementary colors and fonts that suit your brand.

  • Graphics and images – Add illustrations, photos or icons to reinforce questions.

  • Animations – Use animations like fly-ins or transitions for visual impact.

  • Video – Insert video clips into questions or answers when helpful.

  • Templates – Apply PowerPoint quiz templates to quickly brand your quiz.

Taking time to polish the aesthetics makes a quiz more engaging to take and amplifies the learning experience.

Advanced PowerPoint Quiz Tips and Tricks

When you’re ready to level up your quiz-making skills, consider these pro tips:

  • Export results to track performance over time or share with stakeholders

  • Prevent cheating by limiting time or randomizing questions

  • Use presenter mode to view speaker notes while displaying only the quiz

  • Make quizzes self-grading by adding points for correct answers

  • Enable slide shuffle to randomly order questions

  • Insert logic like skip logic and branching based on responses

  • Limit attempts to prevent retakes

  • Password protect quizzes for limited access before presenting

  • Add branding like logos and company color scheme

Presenting Your PowerPoint Quiz

Once your quiz is complete, it’s go time! Here are some best practices for smooth presentations:

  • Test run the quiz end-to-end before going live. Fix any issues with navigation or grading.

  • Explain the rules and expectations before starting.

  • Use slideshow mode for a seamless experience.

  • Have participants write down answers or use player-specific remotes to respond.

  • Pause after questions to give time to answer before clicking for the solution.

  • Keep an eye on the clock for quizzes with time limits.

  • Have fun! The quizmaster’s enthusiasm will rub off on participants.

Creating a well-designed quiz in PowerPoint is easy when you follow the step-by-step process. With compelling questions, attractive visuals and seamless navigation, you can engage any audience while assessing learning. Put these tips into practice at your next presentation for an interactive quiz.

how to make quiz on powerpoint

Create a new form or quiz

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your school or work credentials.
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation and choose the slide in which you want to insert a form or quiz.
  • On the Insert tab, select Forms. Notes:
    • If you dont see Forms on the Insert tab, your administrator may have turned this feature off for your organization. Contact your admin to turn on the Forms feature in PowerPoint for your organization.
    • Note for admins: If you havent deployed Office add-ins for your organization, you can still enable usage of the Forms feature in PowerPoint. Learn more.

    Important: If youre unable to insert a form, make sure your web add-ins arent disabled. In PowerPoint, select Files > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings. In the Trust Center dialog box, choose Trusted Add-in Catalogs. Under Use these settings to manage your web add-in catalogs, uncheck both, Dont allow any web add-ins to start and Dont allow web add-ins from the Office Store to start.

  • A Forms panel will open and dock on the right side of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Under My forms, click +New Form or +New Quiz to begin creating a form or quiz. A new window will open with a blank form and default title (“Untitled form”). Learn more about how to create a form or create a quiz.
  • When youre done creating your form or quiz, it will be embedded in your PowerPoint slide and appear at the top of your My forms list under the +New Form and +New Quiz buttons.

Insert an existing form or quiz

  • Find the form or quiz you want to insert into your slide under My forms in the panel.
  • Hover over the title of the form or quiz and click Insert. You can also select Edit if you have more changes to make or want to review results of the form or quiz.
  • Your form or quiz is now embedded in your PowerPoint slide.

Note: If you try to insert a form into your slide, but see the error message, Office 365 has been configured to prevent individual acquisition and execution of Office Store Add-ins, reach out to your admin to turn on the feature. Admins can sign in to, and then click Settings > Settings > User owned apps and services. For the option, Let users access the Office store, your admin can check it to specifically enable access to the Forms add-in, which will allow people in your organization to insert a form into PowerPoint. Please be aware that it may take a few hours for the change to take effect. Learn more.

Important: In PowerPoint for the web, any Forms content added to a slide cant be printed successfully from there. In order to print such content, you would need to switch to the PowerPoint desktop app on Windows or macOS and print the slide from there.

How to Make Quiz in PowerPoint

How do you use quizzes in PowerPoint?

Here are a few ways to use quizzes to teach, inform, and engage your audience: Use a quiz created in PowerPoint after a business presentation as an excuse to give away gifts to those who provide the right answers. Create a basic quiz in PowerPoint for children in elementary school.

How to make a PowerPoint quiz effective?

Here are a few ideas for how to make a basic PowerPoint quiz effective and ideal uses for them: Quiz the audience. Ideal for teachers; a PowerPoint presentation quiz can help you check your learning objectives. Best of all, an interactive quiz is more fun for the audience. Check your learning. You can use a PowerPoint quiz for your studies, too!

How do I create a slide presentation for a quiz board?

Create a new slide presentation for your quiz board. Select “Layout” from your Home tab, and click the “Question slide” layout for your presentation slide. On your “Question slide,” type in your question in the upper placeholder text boxes and write the choice for that particular question.

How do you make a PowerPoint quiz question look different?

Begin by highlighting “Trivia.” Navigate to the Home tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. The left half includes the Font group, and that’s where to find text options. A shade of green would add subtle contrast, so click on the Font Color drop-down. Make PowerPoint quiz questions with answers stand out with a bit of color contrast.

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