How To Make a Testimonial Video (With Helpful Tips)

How to create a high converting testimonial video – 10 tips
  1. Pick one of your most successful customers. …
  2. Plan ahead. …
  3. Make your customer comfortable. …
  4. Create a scene. …
  5. Use multiple viewpoints. …
  6. Put the spotlight on your customers. …
  7. Show the product in use. …
  8. Use overlays to add depth.

Case Study: 5 Keys to Creating a Killer Testimonial Video

What are the benefits of using a testimonial video?

Testimonial videos have a number of significant advantages for businesses, including:

What is a testimonial video?

A customer’s experience using a brand’s goods or services is captured in a testimonial video. Frequently, the business or organization selling the product makes the video to help advertise its features and advantages to customers. When a company records a client’s honest review or testimony of their experience, it establishes a level of authenticity and enables prospective clients to imagine themselves in the reviewer’s shoes. By appealing to the clientele of the business and getting their attention with a testimonial video, you can persuade them to purchase the goods or services and boost sales.

How to make a testimonial video

The following are the steps to making a potent testimonial video:

1. Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions of your customers can help you elicit an impactful statement or testimonial for the video. Because it enables viewers to relate to the testimonial and comprehend how the services could benefit them as well, it is crucial that the questions emphasize how the customer benefited from the company’s service. The list of questions should be sent to clients in advance so they have time to process and consider their responses before they are recorded. Some helpful questions to ask include:

2. Use the right equipment

Having the proper tools on hand is crucial for producing videos that are both visually and sonically professional. Delivering a clear and succinct message about the business and its services through the use of a video that is both visually appealing and easy for viewers to understand. A suitable set of filming equipment can include:

3. Capture genuine reactions

It is easier to sell the veracity of the testimony when a business offers goods or services that enable them to record real customer reactions. For instance, if a business sells food items, it might be useful to record clients trying the food for the first time in order to capture their reaction. If a company refurbishes antique furniture, it might be a good idea to capture the customers’ initial impressions of the dressers, chairs, and other items they’ve fixed. Once you’ve captured their response, think about making a brief interview with them to add some words or a quote from a customer to their visual response.

4. Intercut with products or services

Audiences can more easily visualize what a customer is talking about by overlaying the customer testimonial with images and videos of the company’s goods and services. Customers can better appreciate the main advantages of the product and be persuaded to buy it by allowing them to see it for themselves. Insert a video over the dialogue demonstrating the sponges’ capacity to remove tough dirt or grime, for instance, if a testimonial for a new type of sponge discusses how the product could do so.

5. Add graphics and text

Including graphics and text in a testimonial video is a fantastic way to keep viewers interested and display crucial information, like the customer’s name or fun facts and product knowledge. You can also include unique images in the video to help present information or make entertaining transitions between testimonies if you have the budget to hire a graphic designer or animator.

Tips for making a testimonial video

Here are some more pointers to assist you in producing a compelling testimonial video:

Use different target customers

You can broaden your customer base and draw in more viewers to your business by using various target customers in your testimonial video or by producing two distinct videos. For instance, if a company makes running shoes, they might produce testimonial videos from new runners who praised the shoes’ comfort and from seasoned runners who praised how the shoes helped them perform better.

Focus on the customers journey

Focusing on the customer’s experience and the advantages of the products can help persuade customers to buy the products so they can enjoy the advantages for themselves. Try to steer the conversation when filming a testimonial by asking questions about the issues or challenges the customer was facing and how the good or service was able to help them.

Pick the right background and location

Selecting the ideal location can make it simpler for you and the business to record the video. Shooting inside, where you can more easily control the lighting, sound, and special effects, is preferable if you want to have a lot of control over those elements. However, shooting outside in a public space can help you shoot more quickly because it requires less set up, but you’ll have less control over the elements if you’re hoping to save time and money.

Choosing the proper backdrop and setting can also make it easier to see the company’s products. For instance, filming outside in front of a lawn or yard that a landscaping business had recently worked on could help them market their service.

Keep the camera running

Keeping the camera rolling is a great way to record beneficial customer testimonials. Allowing the customer to respond to all inquiries without pausing to cut or record can encourage them to unwind in front of the camera and perhaps even forget its presence. During their responses, it’s also beneficial to let them speak freely until they decide to stop because you’ll have a lot of footage to review and select from later.

Present helpful facts

You can persuade potential customers about the merits of your goods or services by presenting facts in your testimonial video through graphics or customer dialogue. It would be advantageous for a marketing company to include that statistic in the video to highlight their experience and qualifications, for instance, if they assisted a company in increasing customer outreach by 20% and total revenue by 30%.


How do you make a video testimony?

Read on to see what we learned and check out the resulting video testimonial at the end of the article!
  1. Use High-Quality Equipment. …
  2. Prepare (But Don’t Use a Script) …
  3. Focus on the Why. …
  4. Build an Emotional Connection. …
  5. Keep It Short. …
  6. Add Graphics and Text. …
  7. Use Good Filming Technique. …
  8. Putting It All Together.

How do you make a good testimonial?

  1. Determine what story you want to tell. You want the testimonies you receive to provide context for your brand and operation.
  2. Ask specific questions. …
  3. Keep it short and conversational. …
  4. Use the customer’s name and include pictures, if possible. …
  5. Quote testimonial.
  6. Social testimonial.
  7. Influencer testimonial.

What is a testimonial video?

A customer’s positive experience is described in video form in a testimonial. So, as opposed to a traditional review, a video testimonial has a customer discuss your product and provide user feedback on camera.

What makes a good customer testimonial video?

However, effective video testimonials typically include a thorough summary of a customer’s experience with a good or service, so that is the path to take. To create a successful testimonial video, you must spend time organizing the interview, suggesting a suitable location, and editing the video footage.

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