How To Make a Cover Page in Google Docs

Google Docs has several cover page templates. You can access them by opening Google Docs, selecting “New,” then selecting “Template Gallery.” Scroll down to the education section and choose a template. You can edit the colors and fonts and upload your own images. Review your cover page.

Despite the fact that there are many word processing services, Google Docs is the most widely used one. They are very simple to write on, and many widely used keyboard shortcuts are available. For the project or assignment, a cover page or a timeline can also be created in Google Docs, and the design can be done very neatly.

There are pre-formatted templates you can use to write on, and Google Docs has many templates to help you create a really attractive cover page. Given that some of them might appear rather juvenile, you can easily customize them to suit your needs. You can even choose the color theme and fonts.

Step 2: You can add any customized touches you like. You can alter the theme, color, or other aspects of the page. By performing a right-click on it and selecting Replace, you can replace it. To recolor click on the Recolour drop-down list. Then choose the color theme that you want. You can even change the transparency and the brightness too.

Make a Cover Page in Google Docs

How to make a cover page on Google Docs

The steps for creating a cover page in Google Docs are as follows:

1. Open Google Docs

Through your Gmail account or by going to docs, you can access Google Docs. google. com.

2. Open a new document

Under “Start a New Document,” select “Blank Document.”

3. Edit the page layout

Choose “File” at the top of the page, then choose “Page Setup” if you need to change the page’s specifications, such as the margins or page layout. “.

4. Add a border

Use the table function in Google Docs to add a border. Consider decreasing the margin size if youre adding a border. Add a table cell by selecting “Insert. ” Hover over “Table” and select a single-cell table. Drag the bottom border of the table to the bottom of the page once it appears in the document. The table editing menu allows you to change the border’s style.

5. Add text

Select the font, size, and any heading styles that you want for your text. According to the formatting style you’re using, type the information for your cover page.

6. Format your text

From the editing menu, select the text, then select center alignment. Select the text, then select the line spacing option from the editing menu. Select “Double” from the drop-down menu.

7. Add an image

On the top menu, select “Insert” to add an image. When the cursor is over “Image,” choose where you want the image to be stored, such as on your computer’s photos file or Google Drive.

8. Put text on your image

Use the drawing tool to add text over the picture. Select “Insert” from the editing menu and hover over “Drawing. ” Select “New. You can add your image using the image insert box in the drawing tool. Select the text box button after placing the image in the drawing tool. Using the alignment, text color, background color, size, and font buttons inside the text box, you can type and format your content. When your image is complete, click “Save and Close. ” The image should appear on your Google document.

9. Save your document

Your Google document remains updated in your Google drive. To download the file to your computer, choose “File” and then “Download.” Choose the file type you want to save and the storage location you prefer.

What is a cover page?

The first page of an essay or research document is the cover page, also known as the title page. It gives the document’s author and other identifying information, making the assignment appear more professional. The document is additionally shielded from stains and smudges by a cover page.

Writing a cover page using APA style

Depending on the project’s formatting style, a cover page may contain a variety of information. You should put the following information on your cover page when writing in APA (American Psychological Association) style:

The cover page should have this information in 12-point Times New Roman font, centered. The social sciences, including sociology, psychology, and anthropology, as well as education, use APA style the most.


Effects of Weekly Counseling on Academic Performance for High School JuniorsSamantha MillerUniversity of Iowa

Writing a cover page using MLA style

When writing in MLA (Modern Language Association) style, cover pages are less frequent, but your instructor or manager may insist on one. Include the following information:

Choose Times New Roman in size 12 and center your text on the cover page to make it easy to read.


Samantha Miller
Dr. Joseph Tramble
Graduate Psychology PSY610
University of Iowa
May 3, 2016

The Impact of Weekly Counseling on Academic Performance in High School Juniors

The upper left corner of your paper must have headers in MLA format, with a one-inch margin from the top of the page. Your name, your instructors’ names, the course name and number, and the date should all appear as separate lines in the headers. In addition, headers in MLA format include your last name and the page number in the upper right corner of each page following the cover page. For instance, the heading “Johnson-3” on page three might be used. “.

As long as your instructor or supervisor approves, you may also include graphics or other art on your cover page. Ask your professor if a cover page should be included in your assignment if you’re unsure. You may lose points or appear unprofessional without one.

Tips for a well-designed cover page

The following advice will help you create a cover page for your project:

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