How to Get PRINCE2 Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide

PRINCE2 is one of the most globally recognized project management certifications Gaining PRINCE2 certification demonstrates your ability to manage projects using standardized processes and a common vocabulary. It enhances your resume and opens up new career opportunities.

This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know to obtain PRINCE2 certification. I’ll cover the benefits, exam requirements, preparation tips, costs and more to help you succeed.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments 2) is a structured project management methodology developed and used extensively in the UK Key features include

  • Provides a flexible, adaptable approach for all types of projects.

  • Outlines clear processes from start to finish across 7 themes and 7 principles.

  • Offers a common vocabulary to improve communication.

  • Focuses on dividing projects into manageable stages

  • Emphasizes products to ensure objectives are met.

PRINCE2 helps ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to an agreed quality standard. It is used globally by corporations, government agencies and non-profits.

Why Get PRINCE2 Certified?

Here are some of the top reasons to earn a PRINCE2 certification:

  • Validate your project management expertise.

  • Increase your hireability and earning potential. PRINCE2 is required for many PM roles.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to best practices.

  • Gain confidence leading projects using a proven methodology.

  • Expand your career opportunities – PRINCE2 is globally recognized.

  • Improve your resume and stand out from other applicants.

Investing in PRINCE2 certification provides excellent ROI for project managers at any stage of their career.

PRINCE2 Certification Levels

There are two tiers of PRINCE2 certification:

PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 Foundation certifies your comprehension of the PRINCE2 methodology and terminology. It’s the first step before progressing to Practitioner level.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

PRINCE2 Practitioner is the advanced certification confirming you have mastered applying and tailoring PRINCE2 to real-world scenarios. Practitioner is required for most PM roles.

I recommend starting with Foundation, then completing Practitioner subsequently.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for PRINCE2 certification, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.

  • No previous experience is required.

  • There are no mandatory prerequisites.

  • However, basic PM knowledge is highly recommended before attempting the Practitioner exam.

The great thing about PRINCE2 exams is anyone meeting the minimum requirements can take them. They serve as building blocks to advance your project management education.

How to Prepare for the Exams

Give yourself the best chance of passing by dedicating time to prepare. Here are study tips:

  • Read the latest PRINCE2 manuals cover to cover – know them inside out.

  • Supplement with other PRINCE2 books, practice tests and online courses.

  • Attempt as many sample questions as possible to test your knowledge.

  • Focus heavily on techniques to tailor and apply PRINCE2 flexibly.

  • Understand how the themes, processes and principles interconnect.

  • Review industry case studies detailing PRINCE2 implementation.

  • Get hands-on experience using the methodology for practice.

  • Join online PRINCE2 communities to learn from others.

Devoting 80+ hours preparing for Practitioner is recommended. Schedule regular study time.

What’s on the Exams?

Both exams are multiple choice with a pass mark of 55% (33/60 correct).

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam:

  • 60 questions testing PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes and tailoring.

  • 1 hour duration.

  • Closed book exam (no materials allowed).

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam:

  • 68 questions applying PRINCE2 to various scenario-based situations.

  • 2.5 hours duration.

  • Open book exam (official manual permitted).

Review the official exam specifications to ensure your preparation covers the right topics.

Where to Take the PRINCE2 Exams

You can take PRINCE2 exams through any accredited training organization including:

  • APMG

  • PeopleCert

  • ILX Group

  • Good e-Learning


  • Trans¶IT

Search for approved exam providers in your region. Schedule your exam date well in advance.

How Much Does PRINCE2 Certification Cost?

Pricing varies by training provider, but expect roughly:

PRINCE2 Foundation:

  • Exam Fee: $200-$500

  • Training Course (optional): $500-$1000

PRINCE2 Practitioner:

  • Exam Fee: $400-$900

  • Training Course (recommended): $1000-$2500

Shop around for deals on bundled training + exam packages. Some employers may cover the cost too.

What Score is Needed to Pass?

The passing score is 55% (33/60 questions correct) for both the Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Results are issued as follows:

  • Score over 55% = Pass

  • Score below 55% = Fail

Within 5-10 days of completing your exam, you’ll receive an email notification of your official result and e-certificate if you passed.

How Long is PRINCE2 Certification Valid?

PRINCE2 certifications remain valid for 5 years.

To renew, you must retake the same exam before expiry to maintain your credential.

Is PRINCE2 Worth Getting?

Absolutely – PRINCE2 is the world’s most widely used project management certification.

It enhances your resume, improves job prospects, demonstrates commitment to best practices, and elevates your earning potential.

Investing in PRINCE2 certification pays dividends whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran in the PM field.

Ready to Get PRINCE2 Certified?

Earning PRINCE2 certifications unlocks tremendous career benefits.

Follow this definitive guide to maximize your chances of exam success:

  • Select your training prep – online, self-study or a classroom course.

  • Purchase the latest PRINCE2 manual and read thoroughly.

  • Schedule regular study time and attempt as many sample questions as possible.

  • Register to take your exam with an accredited provider.

  • Pass both the Foundation and Practitioner level exams.

  • Maintain your certification through renewal every 5 years.

Now you have all the tools to crush your PRINCE2 exam on the first try! Best of luck with the rewarding journey ahead.

how to get prince2 certification

New PRINCE2® 7! Best Practice made better.

PRINCE2®, the worlds leading project management method, has evolved to meet the needs of the future. It has been updated to reflect the modern realities of managing successful projects in the 21st century, incorporating the latest processes, tools, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Best practice has now become even better!

PRINCE2® 7 addresses changes in the project management sector and adapts to evolving working practices and technologies.Â

The goal of any project manager is to deliver projects on time, to scope and within budget. PRINCE2 guides you through the stages of a project’s lifecycle, bringing structure and a common language to your projects. It represents the “how to” of project management: it is flexible, scalable, and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

PRINCE2 is based upon the tried and tested experience of project management practitioners around the world, and provides the practices, principles, and processes to deliver successful projects of any size and complexity.

  • globally recognized certification
  • 1,000,000+ professionals
  • a range of roles and sectors
  • 18 languages
  • 150+ countries

See our What is project management? page for more information about project management and how PRINCE2 can support project managers and project management

  • Step-by-step guidance to manage cost, time, quality, scope, benefits, and risk
  • Flexible and adaptable method that can be tailored to any project, regardless of size, purpose, or industry.
  • Internationally recognized vocational certification that enables success in your role
  • Works with DevOps, Lean, and Agile.

PRINCE2 Certification 7th Ed. Exam FAQs – Part 1 | Eligibility | Fees | Structure & Format

How do I get a PRINCE2 certification?

The first step to getting your Prince2 certification is to familiarize yourself with the credential, its principles and its uses. It might also be a good idea to speak with your employer, if you work in project management currently, about course costs.

Why do you need a PRINCE2 certification?

With the Prince2 certification, you can land jobs, which will pay you more. So, once you earn your Prince2 certification, you can expect to receive better salary offers, which you may not be able to receive without this certification. 3. Skills When you will take the Prince2 course, you will l earn the core management skills to manage the projects.

What certifications qualify you for the PRINCE2 practitioner exam?

The certifications that qualify you for the Prince2 practitioner exam include: Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications 1. PMI-PMP 2. PMI-CAPM International Project Management Association (IPMA) certifications 1. IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director) 2. IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager) 3.

Is there a prerequisite for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

Although there is no prerequisite for the Prince2 Foundation exam, taking a Prince2 Foundation certification training before the exam is highly recommended. Since you will be investing in the exam; you surely do not want to risk your money.

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