FAQ: How To Get NSF Certification for a Product

Certification Process
  1. Application and information submission.
  2. Product evaluation.
  3. Product testing in lab.
  4. Manufacturing facility inspection, production confirmation and product sampling.
  5. Test results review and acceptance.
  6. Contract signed and products listed.
  7. Annual plant inspection and retesting.

NSF International Dietary Supplement Product Certification Program

How can an NSF certification help your product?

The following are some benefits that your product may receive from having an NSF certification:

What is an NSF certification?

NSF International, formerly the National Sanitation Foundation, is a nonprofit organization, and numerous governing bodies recognize the legitimacy of its certificates. Certain food, food production, healthcare, and general industrial products with NSF International certification are assured to adhere to a number of stringent safety and quality standards. During the manufacturing process, you can add a small NSF approval logo to your product once it has achieved NSF certification. Although it is not required, this certification can reassure customers that the products are of high quality and have undergone safety testing.

How do you get an NSF certification for your product?

Here is how to get NSF certification for your product:

1. Submit an application

Include any relevant details about your product, such as the materials used in its creation, the location of its manufacturing, and its intended use, in your application to NSF International. Find out how much testing your product for certification by a member of NSF International might cost. Testing costs vary depending on the kind of product that is being tested. To begin the certification process, send payment to NSF International along with your application.

2. Undergo inspection

Give professionals enough time to assess the efficacy, safety, and other aspects of your products through lab testing, sampling, and other types of inspection. It’s time for inspectors to tour your manufacturing facility after they have reviewed this. This guarantees they conduct a thorough evaluation of your product and manufacturing processes.

3. Get ready for certification

Sign and return your NSF certification contract so that you can use your new NSF International logo on your products after the team reviews the results and you meet the requirements. Verify that your product is listed on the NSF International website as being officially certified by NSF International. Do some research on how to use your new NSF logos, and note any unacceptable usage patterns, such as using the logo to imply that NSF International is endorsing your product.

4. Comply with regular retesting

After NSF International has certified your product, the company sends specialists to perform routine retests on your product and manufacturing facility so that you can keep your certified status. Any new components you use for your product or any changes to your manufacturing facilities should be reported to NSF International. For any updates to the certification renewal requirements, visit the organization’s website.

How do you tell if a product is NSF certified?

Checking for a small NSF certification logo on the product’s bottom is the quickest way to determine whether it is NSF certified. This lets you know that a business complies with all product certification requirements. On the official NSF International website, you can also find a list of the products that have received NSF certification.

What happens if a product doesn’t meet retesting standards?

NSF International reserves the right to recall the product or equipment if a certified product or manufacturing facility fails to meet NSF safety standards during a routine retest. They may also publish a notice informing people of any potential risks the product may pose. Businesses may contest safety claims by submitting an appeal to the organization, where they have the opportunity to establish their case and have the recall and public notice lifted.

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How much does it cost to get a product NSF certified?

The following are the prices for accreditation and licensing: NSF Accreditation: $1,500–$2,500, depending on the quantity and types of products to be approved

What makes a product NSF certified?

Choosing an NSF-certified product ensures that the manufacturer adheres to the strict guidelines and standards set forth by NSF. Before a product can receive our certification, every aspect of its development is carefully examined, from in-depth product testing and material analyses to ad hoc plant inspections.

How long does it take to get NSF certified?

In as little as 4 months, if you satisfy all the requirements of the NSF/ANSI 455 standard(s) and NSF policies, you could be listed. But the entire procedure might take up to 18 months.

Is NSF certification required?

Since NSF certification is so widely used and has the strictest requirements, nearly every new kitchen or restaurant will need NSF-certified products. Health Codes. Some equipment will probably need to be NSF certified depending on your local health codes.

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