How To Get an IA Certification in 8 Steps (With Tips)

Here are eight steps you can take to earn your IA certification:
  1. Get a mechanic certification. …
  2. Find a job as an aircraft mechanic. …
  3. Have a fixed base of operations. …
  4. Gather necessary materials. …
  5. Determine your eligibility. …
  6. Register for testing. …
  7. Apply for certification. …
  8. Renew your certification.

If you are looking for a way to boost your knowledge and skills in the information technology field, then you should take a look into obtaining an IA certification. This type of certification is becoming increasingly popular among IT professionals as it demonstrates expertise in the security and assurance aspects of IT. The certification itself is awarded by the International Association of Information Technology Professionals (IAITP) and can provide you with a range of advantages. In this blog post, we will be taking an in-depth look at the different IA certifications available, what they entail, and the steps you need to take to get certified. We will also discuss the benefits and importance of having an IA certification and what it can do for your career. By the end of this blog post, you should have a clearer understanding of how to get an IA certification and the importance of having one.

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Why is an IA certification important?

You can perform yearly aircraft inspections with an IA certification, which can help you advance in your career. You could charge people for an inspection of their aircraft, potentially boosting your income. Many companies that provide aircraft maintenance encourage their mechanics to pursue certification and may provide bonuses or opportunities for advancement if they do.

What is IA certification?

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How to get an IA certification

The following eight steps will help you obtain your IA certification:

1. Get a mechanic certification

You must have been a licensed airplane mechanic for at least three years before applying for an IA certification. The certification must have both an airframe rating and a powerplant rating, be active at the time of your IA test, and be current. Community colleges and trade schools offer certification programs that meet these requirements.

2. Find a job as an aircraft mechanic

At least two years of prior aircraft maintenance experience are necessary for an IA certification. Finding work as an aircraft mechanic can help you finish your education. Your professional network could grow as a result of the job, and you could discover opportunities to learn more about aircraft inspections.

3. Have a fixed base of operations

A fixed base of operations with a fixed address where the FAA can contact you is another prerequisite for obtaining an IA certification. It’s not necessary to inspect aircraft at this fixed base of operations; just have a physical location where people can reach you by phone or in person. Ask your employer if you can use your home address or your place of employment as your base of operations.

4. Gather necessary materials

Try to gather any tools or information you might need to conduct an inspection of an airplane. This can include airplane emergency supplies, standard repair equipment, airplane manuals, and inspection checklists. You might also require a location where you can conduct your inspections, like a hangar, a sizable garage, or a portion of an airport.

5. Determine your eligibility

Apply to the FAA to begin the qualification process once you’ve met all the requirements for an IA certification. An ASI, or aviation safety inspector, will conduct an interview with you regarding your qualifications and examine your paperwork. The ASI will provide you with documentation so that you can sign up for the IA certification test after verifying that your information is accurate.

6. Register for testing

When an ASI approves you for testing, they’ll provide you with your documentation as well as the locations where you can register to take the test. The multiple-choice test must be passed with a score of 70. They’ll give you a test report as proof if you pass the test. If a person fails the test, they have 90 days to retake it.

7. Apply for certification

Send your test results and qualification documentation to an ASI. The ASI will go over your application once more, address any problems with your documents, and address any queries you may have regarding the procedure. The ASI will issue you the IA certification once their review is complete.

8. Renew your certification

An IA certification requires renewal every two years. You must provide proof that you conducted at least four different aircraft inspections during the previous 365 days in order to complete the renewal process. You might also need to complete paperwork to demonstrate that you still meet the requirements for IA certification.

Tips for IA certification

The following advice will assist you in earning your IA certification:

Find a mentor

A mentor with their own IA certification can assist you with test preparation, experience with aircraft maintenance, and perhaps even opportunities to grow your professional network. Consider asking a mechanic at your place of employment who holds an IA certification to serve as your mentor. Additionally, you can locate mentors at technical colleges, businesses that repair airplanes, or online communities.

Study for the test

You can improve your score on the IA certification exam by practicing for it and becoming more familiar with the test’s questions. You can study on your own or with the aid of resources like books or training programs. If you know anyone with an IA certification or have a mentor, think about consulting them for test-taking tips.

Consider a course

You can take IA certification courses in-person or online to help you get ready for the exam. A course may offer lectures and study materials that relate to IA test questions even though it doesn’t offer testing or certification. You might think about enrolling in an IA certification course to aid your studying if you learn best in a classroom or group setting.

Build a network

Gaining an IA certification can benefit you from growing your professional network. People in your network who have performed aircraft inspections may be able to offer you advice on how to pass the certification exam and find employment as an airplane mechanic. Your chances of finding a network can be increased by expanding your network. Try to increase yours by participating in local aircraft maintenance events, joining online groups, speaking with students or instructors at trade schools, and establishing connections with nearby aircraft repair businesses.

Stay updated

It can be beneficial to stay current on the most recent aircraft inspection technologies and procedures because the certification test can change from year to year. Your likelihood of meeting your renewal requirements can also be improved by being aware of the most recent IA information. You can stay informed by reading articles, going to events for aircraft maintenance, and interacting with people in your network.


What is IA license?

It is possible for mechanics with both Airframe and Powerplant certification to perform inspections on aircraft and put them back into service. These mechanics are known as Inspection Authorized (IA) mechanics.

What is an IA class?

The Inspection Authorization Course After taking our four-day IA course, you’ll not only be well-prepared to pass the FAA written exam but also have a thorough understanding of all relevant FAA publications and unwavering confidence in handling your new IA responsibilities.

How long is an IA valid for?

93. As of March 1, the FAA’s revised regulations for the Inspection Authorization (IA) allow for two-year renewals instead of one. The new IA period actually consists of two one-year segments, each of which has a requirement for an activity (work performed, training, or an oral examination).

What does a IA do?

SYNOPSIS: At a designated school site, the IA will support a certified teacher (s) in the instruction and supervision of a single student and/or small groups of students who have physical, emotional, mental, and/or communicative disabilities.

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