How To Get an AFAA Certification (Plus Benefits and Tips)

Getting certified as an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) personal trainer can be an important step in establishing yourself as a fitness professional. AFAA certification is an internationally recognized credential that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and understanding of exercise science and program design. This certification is designed to help fitness professionals stand out amongst their peers and open doors to greater career opportunities. Obtaining AFAA certification is a process that can be time consuming, but well worth the effort. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can be taken to make the process of obtaining AFAA certification easier and less time consuming. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get AFAA certification in detail, so that you can maximize your chances of becoming a successful AFAA certified personal trainer.

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What does the AFAA certification curriculum include?

Through an online program that allows for individualized pacing, you can complete the necessary courses for AFAA certification. The courses provide numerous, comprehensive video modules that go over the concepts needed for each certification, as well as a handbook that covers crucial subjects like eligibility requirements and recertification. For the final exam, which is also taken online with a virtual proctor, students also receive a study guide with sample test questions. The following curriculum is typically covered in the certification programs:

What is AFAA certification?

Individuals interested in working as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, or in another wellness-related profession can obtain AFAA certification. The Athletics and Fitness Association of America, which is the sponsoring organization, is a top national fitness association. Over 73 countries recognize their certifications. To finish a program, they demand that all certification candidates produce documentation of their most recent Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certifications. Certifications offered by the AFAA include:

The AFAA offers specializations, numerous workshops, and courses for continuing education in addition to certifications, including:

What are the benefits of earning an AFAA certification?

Here are some benefits of earning an AFAA fitness certification:

National and global recognition

Because AFAA certification is recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), many fitness professionals opt for it. The NCCA is a nationally renowned independent agency that confers accreditation on certification programs that satisfy and adhere to its standards. Additionally, the AFAA upholds international accreditation in 73 nations, making it simpler for you to relocate and meet the requirements for job openings no matter where you are.

Online format

Some students enjoy the accessibility of the AFAA certification programs. You can take classes and access study materials for all AFAA programs from anywhere you have an internet connection, allowing you to tailor your study and lecture schedule. Additionally, the final exam is offered online, allowing you to finish it whenever it is convenient for you.

Recertification for life

The AFAA offers the option of paying upfront for ongoing recertification. Although more expensive, this option is still reasonably priced and still calls for 15 continuing education units to reapply for the certification every two years. The alternative is to apply for recertification every two years with the same level of education and a lower fee.

Validation of your expertise

As it demonstrates your education and experience in the industry, earning your AFAA certification is crucial for starting a career in fitness. If you hold recognized certifications, clients may feel more at ease hiring you as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, or group exercise instructor. You can use the information you learn and gain from taking AFAA courses to help you in all aspects of your career as a fitness professional.

How to get an AFAA certification

The steps you can take to obtain your AFAA certification are as follows:

1. Meet the initial qualifications

You must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for AFAA certifications. The AFAA first requires completion of the GED or a high school diploma. A current CPR and AED certification is also required before sitting for the final exam.

2. Enroll in the certification course

Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites, you can sign up for your AFAA certification course. Each course has a fee, but it covers everything from the workshop to certification. After passing the final exam, you are granted access to online video lectures, study materials, sample exam questions, an online subscription to American Fitness magazine, and the AFAA certification.

3. Use the course resources

Utilizing the provided course materials is the next step toward receiving an AFAA certification. To gain knowledge and expertise in the subjects you’ll start teaching as a fitness instructor, watch the lectures and finish the modules. Take advantage of these chances to prepare for the final exam. Additionally, students might have the option to pay extra money for a course supplement textbook.

4. Take the final exam

You can get ready for and schedule the final exam once you’ve finished the online course at your own pace. To prepare for the test, use your resources, such as the study guide and video lectures. Practice for the test with the sample test questions.

After three to five business days, if you pass the test, you can choose to print a temporary certificate from your account on the AFAA website. After you take and pass the exam, the AFAA mails you an official certificate in four to six weeks.

Tips for earning an AFAA certification

You can use the following advice as you work toward an AFAA certification:

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How much does AFAA exam cost?

Which certification you want will determine how much an AFAA certification will cost, so here is an itemized list for you: Personal training certification: $499 Group fitness instructor certification: $399 to $799.

Is the AFAA exam hard?

One of the most reputable certifications for personal trainers is AFAA. The test is not regarded as being simple, but there are many resources available to assist you. The important thing is to not take preparation lightly.

Is AFAA a good certification?

With a respectable reputation and a strong set of credentials for personal trainers and group fitness instructors entering the fitness market, AFAA has developed over the course of its comparatively long history.

What is an AFAA certification?

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the top accreditor of certificate programs in the fitness industry, has accredited the AFAA’s Group Fitness Instructor Program. (Conditions apply) The AFAA provides an industry-first Group Fitness Instructor Job Guarantee.

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