Guide To Getting an A+ Certification

The only industry-recognized certification that includes performance testing to demonstrate that professionals can act quickly to complete essential IT support tasks is CompTIA A+. Employers all over the world rely on it to determine the go-to person in technical support and end point management roles. More tech support job listings feature CompTIA A+ than any other IT credential.

Your CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years after the date of your exam thanks to the CompTIA Continuing Education program. Through training and activities related to the certification’s subject matter, the CE program enables you to renew your certification every three years. Like A+ itself, CompTIA A+ ce has ISO/ANSI accreditation status, which is widely recognized.

It’s simple to renew Your CompTIA A+ certification can be renewed by taking part in a variety of activities and training programs, including higher certifications. A+ will automatically renew if you finish CertMaster CE, an online, self-paced CE course, or acquire at least 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over the course of three years and upload them to your certification account.

What is the A+ Certification? How You Can Get A+ Certified

How to get an A+ certification

To get A+ certification, follow these steps:

1. Learn more about the requirements

Passing two exams is the primary requirement for obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification. Before you can register for the second exam, you must pass the first one. Exams assess your familiarity with fundamental hardware, software, and networking concepts. Try to become familiar with the exam topics, then decide where you should concentrate your efforts the most.

2. Prepare for the exams

For exam preparation, CompTIA provides a range of training resources, such as:

Many of these programs and courses are self-paced, allowing you to study while attending classes or working. If you feel confident in your current knowledge and skill set, you can also study independently.

It’s also beneficial to gain hands-on experience using a computer while you’re studying, either by doing so at work or by practicing on your own. To prepare for the exams and for a long-term career in IT, CompTIA advises nine months to a year of practical training.

3. Take the exams

Although each exam has a 90-minute time limit, some test-takers finish them in as little as 20 minutes. Both tests contain four different types of questions:

4. Keep your certification current

The A+ certification is valid for three years. You must finish 20 hours of the CompTIA continuing education program in order to renew it. Once you reach 20 hours, your certification automatically renews. You can continuously add CE hours to your certification account. Additionally, CompTIA provides a CertMaster CE course that replaces the required 20 CE hours. Due to the self-paced nature of the course, you can finish it whenever you have time.

What is an A+ certification?

CompTIA offers A+ certification for entry-level IT professionals. Having this certification demonstrates your ability to address a range of issues in the IT fields of security, cloud storage, and data management.

Obtaining an A+ certification shows that you are knowledgeable in nine important IT areas:

To demonstrate to potential employers that they have the skills necessary to perform their jobs well, many IT professionals obtain this certification. Including this qualification on your resume can make you stand out from applicants with comparable training and work experience.

Do you need to take CompTIA’s course to get the certification?

No, you don’t need to enroll in any of CompTIA’s training programs or courses to earn the certification. Consider enrolling in some of the courses to review all of the exam topics. Completing the courses or studying some of CompTIA’s training materials can help you prepare for the exams. Before you take the first test, at the very least, review the exam topics on CompTIA’s website and do some independent research.

Should you get an A+ certification?

It’s helpful to have an A+ certification if you’re looking for an entry-level position in the IT industry. It can assist you in differentiating yourself from other applicants and demonstrating your expertise. Numerous other CompTIA certifications in servers, networking, and security are built on the A+ certification as well. Obtaining this foundational certification enables you to pursue higher credentials, advancing your career.

What jobs use A+ certifications?

Many entry-level jobs use A+ certifications, including the four below. Click on the national average salary link for each job title below to access the most recent salary data from Indeed.

Help desk agents’ main responsibilities are to troubleshoot and resolve customers’ technical issues. They pinpoint the issue, look into potential fixes, and walk clients through the process of fixing it. A help desk analyst could respond to messages left online, by phone, and via email. They escalate problems to the next help desk level when they are unable to fix them.

Primary responsibilities: Setting up and maintaining user accounts on company networks Monitoring computer performance, resolving connectivity problems, reviewing account and user access requests, and helping with hardware and software upgrades are just a few of the responsibilities. Technical support staff for desktops can assist internal staff in addition to customers.

Primary responsibilities: Technical support professionals assist end users with a variety of technology-related problems. They can support program upgrades, connectivity issues, and computer performance problems. Most technical support professionals remotely control end-user computers to view the issue and quickly resolve it.

Primary duties: Network engineers design, build and manage various networks. Managing the organization’s bandwidth, maintaining and upgrading the networking hardware, and managing network security are some of the duties. All members of the IT department, including systems administrators and database administrators, collaborate closely with network engineers.

How long does it take to get an A+ certification?

When you take the exams and whether you take any courses will determine how long it will take you to earn an A+ certification. The certification may be obtained in as little as two months, but it typically takes one year to become familiar with all of the exam topics. Plan to spend at least a year working toward CompTIA’s A+ certification if you work or attend school full-time.


Is a Plus certification easy?

The CompTIA A+ is a professional industry certification, and it is just as challenging as any other exam for obtaining an entry-level professional license. Many people who take A+ tests underestimate how difficult the exams are and how much preparation they require.

How do you get a+?

Exam vouchers are available for purchase from the CompTIA Store if your employer, institution of higher learning, or training center does not provide one. Exam vouchers for the CompTIA A+ are $232 each in the US. Keep in mind that two exams must be taken and passed in order to earn the CompTIA A+ certification.

Is a plus certification worth IT?

According to the Dice report, CompTIA A+ is one of the top-paying IT certifications in the country, with A+ holders earning $78,629 annually. Remember that this salary includes IT professionals of all experience levels, including those who have advanced their careers since earning the CompTIA A+ certification years ago.

How long does IT take to get a network plus certification?

Many people who have passed the CompTIA Network+ exam on their first attempt concur that they spent an average of three months practicing, studying, and taking practice exams. However, depending on the aforementioned factors, that period of time might be shorter or longer for you.

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