How To Find External Links in Microsoft Excel: A Guide

On the Formulas tab, in the Defined Names group, click Name Manager. Check each entry in the list, and look in the Refers To column for external references. External references contain a reference to another workbook, such as [Budget.

The value of cell B2 in the file External file can be seen above. xlsx is 55, and the initial file is associated with that value. When you link a cell to another workbook, values are updated whenever the linked cell changes in both workbooks. Therefore, if the file you’ve linked to is deleted, you may encounter an issue.

16 – How to Find External Links or References in Excel – Excel Basement

When is it important to know how to find external links in Excel?

There are numerous circumstances in which it may be crucial to locate and examine any external links present in your Excel worksheet. Finding external links is crucial so that you are aware of all external references found in a worksheet or workbook. Additionally, it’s critical to make sure that all cited information can be viewed and is always current.

What are external links in Excel?

In Excel, external links are references to formulas or other links that open up new worksheets or workbooks. Formulas, defined names, text boxes, chart titles, shapes, and chart data series all contain external links. Any Excel workbook that you’ve previously linked to includes both the workbook’s filename and any accompanying ” xl” file extension, which may be . xls, . xlsx or . xlsm.

Finding external links in Excel

If you adhere to a few guidelines, finding external links can be a quick and efficient manual process. You can search for these links in your worksheet using a variety of techniques, including looking for links in formulas, defined names, objects, chart data series, and chart titles. The following are detailed instructions for finding external links in Excel using various methods:

How to find external links used in formulas

By performing the following steps, you can locate external links that you have used in formulas:

How to find external links used in objects

These six steps will help you locate any external links you’ve used in objects:

How to find external links used in defined names

You can take the following actions to find external links in defined names:

How to find external links in chart titles

Follow these four steps to find external links in chart titles:

How to find external links in chart data series

By doing the following, you can locate external links in chart data series:

Tips for finding external links in Excel

Consider these helpful tips when finding external links in Excel:

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