How To Become a Teacher With a Business Degree

Traditional Route
  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in business that includes a teacher preparation program.
  2. Complete a student teaching internship in a business classroom.
  3. Pass your state’s required tests for business educators.
  4. Apply for your teaching license.
  5. Begin applying for open business teacher positions.

Having a business degree is a great way to start a career in teaching. With the right education, you can open up a world of possibilities in the classroom and beyond. Whether you’re looking to become a high school teacher, an elementary school teacher, or an adjunct professor at a college or university, having a business degree makes it easier to transition into the field of education. There are a variety of paths to becoming a successful teacher with a business degree, and this blog post will explore the qualifications and steps necessary to make the transition. We’ll discuss the importance of obtaining a teaching degree, the various ways to obtain experience in the field, and the steps you’ll need to take to start teaching in the classroom. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher with a business degree, this comprehensive guide is the perfect place to get started.


Reasons to switch from business to education

Some of the most frequent explanations for considering a career change from business to education are listed below:

Making a difference in the lives of students

Teachers frequently have a significant positive influence on the lives of their students, motivating them to pursue their ideal careers or continue their education after high school. This can be very fulfilling, especially if you’ve been working in a setting where the main objective is to serve customers in order to bring in money for the business.

Sharing real-world experiences

You can bring a thorough understanding of how the world functions outside of education, which is one of the biggest advantages of switching from business to education. You can take measures to support students’ development of those skills while they are still in school by assisting them in understanding the skills necessary for success in a business environment.

Achieving greater work life balance

Many teachers work shorter days than they did when they worked in a business environment, giving them more time for other activities, though the hours you work can vary somewhat. Additionally, they follow a schedule that is similar to that of their pupils, which includes breaks in the winter and spring and two to three months off in the summer.

Can you become a teacher without an education degree?

Yes, you can work as a teacher without having a formal education degree. You can enroll in a teacher certification program to become a licensed educator if you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Before you apply to a teacher preparation program, it’s important to research your state’s licensure requirements to find out what steps you need to take because they can vary from one state to the next.

What do you need to become a teacher?

To become a teacher, you must fulfill a few requirements. They include:

Bachelors degree

Even if your degree is in a field unrelated to education, you still need to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for a teaching position.

Teaching certification

You must possess a teaching certification in order to be eligible for a teaching position; this certification can be obtained through an alternative certification program or a teaching certification program. You must pass a licensing test in order to obtain your teaching certification. To learn exactly what is needed to be qualified for a teaching position in your area, it is crucial to review your own state’s requirements for teaching certification.


To be eligible for a teaching position, aspiring teachers typically need to complete a student teaching experience. During student teaching, aspiring teachers observe other instructors to get a deeper understanding of instructional strategies. More responsibilities are given to the student teacher as they spend more time with that teacher, and eventually they take on the majority of those duties with the class, including lesson planning, grading, and classroom management.

How to become a teacher with a business degree

The fundamental actions you must take in order to become a teacher with a business degree are as follows:

1. Research teaching requirements for your state

To pursue a teaching career with a business degree, you should first look into the state’s requirements for teachers. You should be able to pursue an alternative teaching certification if you have a business degree. This kind of program typically lasts one to two years and combines classroom instruction with fieldwork.

2. Apply for and complete an alternative certification program

You must then submit an application for and complete an alternative certification program as the following action. You must collect and send letters of recommendation, applications, and transcripts in order to be considered for a position. The procedures that these programs use can differ slightly between states.

3. Complete supervised teaching

States typically demand that prospective educators work with an experienced educator to gain practical experience in the classroom. The primary teacher’s duties, such as giving lectures and grading papers, may be assisted by the student teachers.

4. Pass licensure examination

You must pass your state’s certification exam after completing your alternative certification program and student teaching. It’s important to check the requirements for your area because the exam and requirements can differ slightly from one state to the next.

5. Consider a masters degree

Consider pursuing a Masters Degree in Education if you want to be more competitive on the job market. You could enroll in a Master of Arts in Teaching program, which places more of an emphasis on assisting students in gaining practical experience working closely with students. For those who want to advance in the field of education, another choice is to pursue a Master of Education. An excellent substitute for an alternative certification is a master’s degree in education.

Tips for going from a business career to teaching

Additional advice to assist you in transitioning from a career in business to one in education is provided below:

Teach with a provisional license

You might be able to obtain a provisional teaching license or certification if you need to fulfill additional requirements before receiving your certification. Because of this, you can gain teaching experience as you work toward those requirements.

Consider working as a substitute teacher

Consider applying to be a substitute teacher in your area if you want to test your interest in teaching before enrolling in an alternative certification program or earning a master’s degree. Before committing to a bigger commitment, this gives you the chance to work closely with students and gain practical teaching experience.

Evaluate private, charter or nonprofit schools

Some school systems, especially those that are private, charter, or not-for-profit, don’t require that teachers have a teaching degree or a state teaching license. To see if this is a choice that might enable you to begin working right away, look into the schools in your neighborhood.


How can I go from business to teaching?

Many people who switch from business to teaching have previously had prosperous careers in business. You require a state-issued teaching certificate in order to switch from business to teaching as a career. Each state has its own rules for teacher certification.

What degree allows you to teach?

To teach in their schools, most public school districts and other educational employers demand at least a bachelor’s degree in addition to state certification.

Can you go into teaching with an MBA?

However, candidates with a master’s degree (including an MBA) may be eligible to teach in some fields, such as the arts, as part-time instructors, and in temporary positions (such as teaching particular classes).

Can you become a teacher with a business degree in Canada?

You will probably need to be certified in your province or territory in order to teach even without a formal education degree. And to become certified, you will typically need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a different field or some job-specific training.

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