How To Become a Secretary in 6 Steps

How to become a secretary
  1. Enroll in office courses. High school graduates may complete office courses to qualify for entry-level jobs. …
  2. Choose a field. …
  3. Get a post-secondary certificate or degree. …
  4. Look for a secretary position. …
  5. Advance in the field.

The school secretary welcomes students and parents and acts as the institution’s public face, giving them information. Secretaries help teachers and school officials by setting up appointments, taking calls, and providing administrative support. They help maintain records on students. When parents call or come to a school, they are typically the first point of contact. School secretaries place supply orders and inventory counts, input lunch information into the billing system, and validate data in doctor’s and parent’s notes. The secretary may attend meetings and record the proceedings. They might be responsible for payroll and bookkeeping, depending on the position.

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically needed to work as a school secretary. Formal requirements are less significant than skills and personality, though candidates with at least some college experience may still receive preference. A school secretary needs proficiency with computers, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and knowledge of secretarial duties. To keep to schedules and meet deadlines, you must be incredibly organized.

The working environment is influenced by the school’s size and requirements. Many elementary schools only have one secretary, who is responsible for all administrative duties. There are frequently two or more secretaries who share responsibilities in large schools, including the majority of middle schools and high schools. One person might handle student records, while another takes calls and keeps track of attendance.

School secretaries typically don’t receive much direct supervision, so they need to be good problem solvers and multitaskers. The first and last hours of the school day are typically the busiest times of the day. While some school secretaries work year-round, the majority follow a standard 9-month school calendar.

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How to become a secretary

To become a secretary, follow the six steps listed below:

1. Take related courses

Enroll in courses that will prepare you to become a secretary while you are still in high school. These programs cover everything related to business basics, including word processing, desktop publishing, writing, speech, and more.

2. Receive a high school degree

Most secretary positions require a high school degree or equivalent. If you don’t have a high school diploma, think about getting your GED. The General Educational Development tests, also known as the GED, are used to prove that you have completed high school.

3. Research different fields

You should research the various professions that use secretaries before applying for a position. This is because some professions, like those in medicine and law, call for secretaries to have additional education. Knowing the qualifications needed for various types of secretaries will help you determine the kinds of jobs you should apply for based on your qualifications.

4. Complete an internship

You can gain a better understanding of the position of a secretary by working as an intern. An intern working in a small business office, for instance, will have the opportunity to observe the daily activities of a secretary. Additionally, they might be asked to help the secretary, giving them job experience. You can learn where you might want to work as a secretary by working as an intern, and you can enhance your resume by adding relevant work experience.

5. Build a resume

You typically need a resume to apply for a secretary position. On your resume, include your education, work experience and skills. Some of the skills to include on your resume include:

List any office management-related courses you have taken, whether they were in high school or at a college, on your resume. Talk about specific tasks you have previously carried out that are associated with secretarial work in your work experience section. For instance, if you volunteered to take calls for a charity or planned a function for a school.

6. Apply for secretary positions

When applying, it’s a good idea to modify your materials to reflect the particular position. For instance, you could change your resume’s mission statement to include the name of the company, or you could list various work experiences according to the position.

What does a secretary do?

A secretary is a person in charge of an organization’s administrative tasks. These obligations differ from employer to employer but may include jobs like:

Some secretaries work in fields like medicine or law, where they perform more complex duties in addition to standard office duties. Secretaries are a crucial member of the team because they frequently serve as the first point of contact for clients or patients of an organization.

What is the average salary for a secretary?

The following are some of the fundamental abilities that most companies demand of their secretaries:


The process of keeping a record of an organization’s financial transactions is called bookkeeping. Some secretaries are required to manually enter information about financial transactions into databases or spreadsheets. Bookkeeping secretaries should have at least rudimentary computer and math skills.


Secretaries frequently communicate verbally and in writing with others while performing their duties. A few typical duties for secretaries that call for strong communication abilities include interacting with clients, planning trips, making office announcements, and responding to emails on behalf of the business or manager.

Office management

Office management includes making sure the workplace functions effectively on a daily basis. Making sure coworkers in the office have everything they need to perform their duties is a common responsibility for secretaries. Some common tasks within office management are:


Being organized means being able to keep track of important information and creating a system that makes it easy to access. Since secretaries coordinate numerous office tasks, including meetings and office supplies, they need to have strong organizational skills.

Report Writing

The act of gathering information and using it to create a written document is known as report writing. Secretaries are occasionally asked to record meeting notes and distribute copies to attendees afterward. Sometimes they’ll have to sum up recent activities within the company, like recent sales figures or achievement milestones. Secretaries are able to clearly present information in written form and are aware of the information that is pertinent to the report.

Time management

Managing time in an office is a primary responsibility for secretaries. As such, secretaries have strong time-management skills. They arrive at work on time, are aware of meeting times, and make sure all tasks are finished before due dates. A secretary’s ability to manage time for others also includes coordinating meetings between coworkers.

Word Processing

Nowadays, a lot of secretarial work is performed on computers. Most secretaries are proficient word processors, so they can type quickly and produce documents. This includes returning emails, sending memos, and creating documents on the company’s behalf. Secretaries are proficient keyboarders and proficient users of the most widely used word processing programs.


What qualifications do I need to be a secretary?

You’ll need:
  • administration skills.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • the ability to work well with others.
  • excellent written communication skills.
  • the ability to work on your own.
  • to be flexible and open to change.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • the ability to organise your time and workload.

How long does it take to become secretary?

To become certified, candidates typically need to have five years of legal experience and pass an exam. In general, secretaries and administrative assistants move up to more responsible administrative positions like office supervisor, office manager, or executive secretary.

Is being a secretary hard?

Despite the educational requirements, not everyone is cut out to be a secretary; it is by no means an easy job. No matter how skilled you are at your work, it requires a lot of effort for little reward and frequently receives little recognition.

Do you need anything to be a secretary?

Most secretary positions require a high school degree or equivalent. If you don’t have a high school diploma, think about getting your GED. The General Educational Development tests, also known as the GED, are used to prove that you have completed high school.

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