Guide: How To Become a Photographer for Real Estate

If you are considering a career in real estate photography, follow these steps to get started:
  1. Study photography. …
  2. Buy camera equipment. …
  3. Learn your camera and take photos. …
  4. Become proficient in editing software. …
  5. Create a portfolio. …
  6. Get clients.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Photography

What do real estate photographers do?

In their line of work, real estate photographers handle a variety of tasks. A few of their most common job responsibilities include:

What is a real estate photographer?

A professional photographer who specializes in real estate takes pictures of homes to advertise them on the market. While some real estate photographers focus primarily on commercial listings, others have a residential specialization. Many real estate photographers do both.

Benefits of working as a real estate photographer

For photographers who pursue it, real estate photography offers a number of advantages. Consider a few of these career advantages:

How to become a photographer for real estate

Follow these steps to get started if you’re interested in a career in real estate photography:

1. Invest in equipment

Photographers have access to a wide variety of cameras, lenses, and lighting options. A good, sturdy tripod and a camera with a wide-angle lens are essential for real estate photography. Find out what equipment will be most useful for your real estate photography objectives and purchase that gear.

2. Ge the right editing tools

You’ll almost certainly need to edit some, if not all, of the photos once your photo shoot is over. Obtain photo-editing software that you are familiar with or willing to learn to use. Using the proper editing software can greatly improve the quality and professionalism of your images.

3. Perfect your skills

Spend some time practicing real estate photography once you have the appropriate camera, lens, and editing software before looking for clients. To improve your abilities, ask friends and family if you can visit and take pictures of their houses. If you’re interested in commercial real estate photography, you might also inquire if nearby businesses would allow you to photograph their structures.

4. Establish a portfolio

Create a real estate photography portfolio that highlights your abilities in a range of fields as your work gets better and more professional. If you want to work for a reputable real estate photography company or if you want to start your own business, you can use this portfolio as examples to show prospective clients or during job interviews.

5. Market your business

While some real estate photographers work for a company that specializes in real estate photography or even for a real estate agency, the majority are independent contractors. Create an online presence to effectively market your real estate photography business to potential customers if you intend to fall into the latter category.

6. Build a client base

Increase your clientele by collaborating with nearby real estate agents and requesting recommendations from previous clients. Update your portfolio regularly and look for opportunities to connect with potential clients.

Tips for aspiring real estate photographers

Make use of the following advice to market yourself as a real estate photographer:


Can you make a living off real estate photography?

On the lower end, some photographers make around $20,000 a year, while more seasoned real estate photographers can make over $150,000 a year. There are ways to gradually increase your income if you’re a real estate photographer who is still relatively new to the market.

How can a photographer become a real estate agent?

Ask for client referrals. Additionally, you can ask your current customers to recommend you to someone else who needs real estate photography, especially if they know someone who wants to sell their house. If you’ve previously worked with a real estate agent, ask them for a recommendation as well in a business email or phone call.

Is real estate photography hard to get into?

Fortunately, real estate photography is one of the easiest fields to build a great portfolio for! Getting into any portfolio-related business is always a catch-22: how can you get professional work if you don’t have a portfolio of professional images to show potential clients?

Who pays for the professional photography in a real estate?

Typically, the real estate agent will cover the cost of the photographer. This is deducted from the commission they charge the seller to sell their house and is regarded as a part of their marketing efforts.

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