15 Tips for Balancing Two Part-time Jobs

You can increase your savings, pay off student loans, and save for retirement by earning extra money from a second job. Additionally, it guards against the possibility of losing your main source of income. You will still have some income even if you lose one of your two jobs to help you get by.

Some people, like a full-time web developer who also works part-time as a coding instructor to benefit the community, choose to hold down two jobs. Others may find their 9 to 5 job monotonous or unfulfilling, so they search for opportunities to have fun while making money, like office workers who work weekends as trail guides.

Because a second job can help you go from being broke to making ends meet in a few months once you are unable to pay your rent and cannot reduce your spending. You can at least get a second job if you have trouble managing your money and can’t stop using your credit cards because your pay is insufficient.

How to Balance Multiple Jobs

What is a part-time job?

A job that requires less than 30 to 35 hours per week is considered part-time. Students, retirees, and other people who don’t want to commit to a full-time position are particularly fond of part-time work. People may also choose to work two part-time jobs rather than one full-time job in order to have more flexibility or to earn more money. While some part-time jobs are fairly relaxed, others, like those in the food industry, can be stressful and taxing.

The majority of part-time jobs do not provide benefits to employees like health insurance, paid time off (PTO), or 401(k) options. In addition, many part-time positions pay less than equivalent full-time positions with a fixed annual salary. Before choosing which job you’ll take, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of part-time employment.

15 ways to manage two part-time jobs

Here are some suggestions for juggling two part-time jobs:

1. Find a second job with maximum flexibility

Try to find a second part-time job that offers as much flexibility as you can if you already have a first part-time job and are looking for one. This will give you more flexibility when it comes to planning your weeks, which will make it simpler and less stressful for you to hold down two part-time jobs.

2. Choose jobs that are local to you if possible

Find positions that are local to you if at all possible when looking for part-time work, especially if you’re looking for two part-time jobs at once. This can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend driving to and from jobs. Additionally, it can ease the strain brought on by long commutes and traffic, enhancing your commute and enabling you to arrive at work less anxious and better prepared to work.

3. Select jobs that you enjoy doing

If possible, choose part-time positions that you enjoy. While you might not land a job where you love every aspect of it, you can look for roles that have aspects that you’re interested in. For instance, if you like to paint in your spare time, think about taking a part-time position instructing painting classes. Alternatively, if you enjoy working out, look for jobs that allow you to lead exercise classes or manage a gym. Working somewhere you like can also reduce stress and help you avoid burnout over time. Even better job benefits like free or reduced access to memberships or services may be available.

4. Take time for self-care activities

It’s crucial to take care of yourself, especially if you’re working two jobs. Making time for self-care activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise will keep you feeling good, help you relax, and allow you to enjoy some downtime each day. Having two jobs often means working long hours, sometimes every day of the week.

5. Schedule time for yourself

When working two part-time jobs, it’s important to prioritize self-care as well as making time each day or each week to just do what you want to do. Everyone needs some alone time, whether it be to do housework or watch their favorite television program. To reduce stress and prevent feeling like you’re missing out on life, schedule time each week to have an hour or more of free time every day or every other day.

6. Practice good time management habits

Good time management is imperative when working two part-time jobs. If effective time management techniques aren’t in place, you’ll have to juggle two different work schedules, which can be stressful. You should also make sure you have enough time to complete chores, run errands, relax, and stay in touch with friends. It will be simpler for you to manage your time while working two jobs if you start developing strong time management skills as soon as possible.

7. Let both of your employers know your situation

It will be in your best interest to let both of your employers know that you have a second job so they can comprehend your situation. They might be more accommodating if you need to change your schedule last-minute, let you pick the days and hours you work, and show more compassion if you’re ever running late because of your other job. While this isn’t always the case, many employers are understanding of a person’s need to earn extra money and supportive of this endeavor.

8. Use to-do lists for outside-of-work tasks

When you hold down two jobs, to-do lists can become an important component of your life organization. You can keep track of everything you need to do with the help of to-do lists. Think about keeping a small notebook or to-do list in your wallet, car, or other accessible location so you can easily cross things off the list as you complete them.

9. Ask for help from others

Taking on two jobs at once is a significant commitment that will quickly take up most of your free time. Ask your friends and family for assistance if you need it or if you need help with something else. For instance, you could request assistance from your spouse in picking up the slack and providing more assistance with household tasks like laundry and vacuuming. You might ask a relative to drop your child off at school on a few different days each week. These little things can help you accomplish everything without having to do it all yourself, which will greatly reduce your stress.

10. Set boundaries

Working two jobs at once can be mentally taxing, and if either or both of them have strict deadlines or demanding tasks, you might feel tempted to bring work home with you. When going home for the day, it’s crucial to uphold boundaries and leave work at work. This may make it difficult for you to unwind and can cause burnout very quickly. Try to distance yourself from your work, and you might think about turning off your work phone and email when you’re not in the office.

11. See a busy schedule as the norm

It goes without saying that having two part-time jobs will make your life busier. The objective is to train yourself to accept a busy schedule as the new normal and to find ways to cope with the chaos. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to maintain a positive attitude and whenever you can, make the most of this time in your life.

12. Stay connected with family and friends

Even though having two jobs will make you busier, it’s important to contact friends and family whenever you can. When you’re constantly working, it’s easy to become isolated, but maintaining relationships with others will give you a platform to talk about your life and will support your mental health. Ask at least one friend or member of your family how they are doing by calling or texting them every day.

13. Get as much sleep as possible

It can be difficult to find time to sleep when you work two part-time jobs. To maintain your health and function at your best while working two jobs for a prolonged period of time, it’s important to get as much sleep as you can. When you can, try to get to bed early and take naps in between shifts. You can reset and feel more ready for the remainder of your day with even a brief nap.

14. Take breaks between shifts

If you typically work two jobs back-to-back, try to schedule breaks in between your shifts. If you can, find a quiet area to sit down, eat something, and take a quick nap even if you only have an hour before your next shift begins. Going directly from one position to the next can be mentally taxing as well as stressful because it may begin to feel like all you do is work. A break in between shifts helps you mentally resent while transitioning to the following job.

15. Keep your end goal in mind

There will undoubtedly be times when working two jobs is difficult for you. When these situations arise, it’s crucial to remember your ultimate objective. Keep a picture of your dream house or ideal vacation spot somewhere you will frequently see it, for instance, if you are working a second part-time job to save money for a trip or a new home. This will motivate you during the challenging times.


Is it okay to work two part-time jobs?

Keep your schedule consistent. The easiest way to manage two part-time jobs is to create and adhere to a regular schedule. Working two jobs will become a comfortable routine if you can maintain your schedule week to week.

Is it hard to balance 2 jobs?

Working two jobs at once can be mentally taxing, and if either or both of them have strict deadlines or demanding tasks, you might feel tempted to bring work home with you. When going home for the day, it’s crucial to uphold boundaries and leave work at work.

How do you balance two careers?

How to manage two jobs
  1. Invest in a day planner. If you are working two jobs, you must record your daily tasks in a day planner.
  2. Simplify everyday tasks. When working two jobs, you might need to simplify daily tasks as much as possible.
  3. Make to-do lists. …
  4. Money. …
  5. New skills. …
  6. Distance. …
  7. Keep exercising. …
  8. Eat healthy.

How do you juggle multiple part-time jobs?

8 tips for juggling part-time jobs
  1. Manage expectations. …
  2. Get organized. …
  3. Adopt a schedule. …
  4. Don’t take on more than you can handle. …
  5. Keep every commitment. …
  6. Limit your commute. …
  7. Choose jobs that use different strengths. …
  8. Give yourself a break.

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