How To Ask for More Hours at Work (With Tips, a Template and an Example)

Here are some steps to follow to ask for more hours at work:
  1. Prove your performance. Prove yourself as a good worker. …
  2. Monitor your schedule. Consider why you want to ask for more hours at work. …
  3. Evaluate your performance. …
  4. Consider solutions. …
  5. Ask for time. …
  6. Make your request. …
  7. Thank your manager. …
  8. Ask for feedback.

How to Get More Hours at Work

How to ask for more hours at work

Asking for more hours at work is a delicate process. When requesting more hours at work from your manager, it’s important to act professionally. Finding the right moment, coming up with the right message, and showing respect are all necessary.

To request more hours at work, follow these steps:

1. Prove your performance

Prove yourself as a good worker. Look for additional opportunities to assist your coworkers and raise the company’s bottom line after completing your tasks well. You could stand out from other employees if you consistently produce high-quality work at high rates of productivity.

2. Monitor your schedule

Think about your motivations for requesting more work hours. It might be best for you to wait to request more hours if you receive fewer hours than usual for just one week because this might be an isolated incident. For a few weeks, keep an eye on your schedule to see if the number of hours you receive changes. It might be time to request more hours if the number of hours you receive is decreasing rather than rising.

3. Evaluate your performance

Evaluate your own work performance. Consider your capacity for completing tasks and attendance records. Determine whether your manager would think highly enough of your performance to give you more hours by considering your performance from their point of view.

4. Consider solutions

Analyze the current state of your company. Look for potential issues within the company. Create potential solutions to present to your manager, and consider how the company adding more hours to your schedule would benefit the business.

5. Ask for time

Request a meeting with your manager once you’ve decided how you want to ask for more hours. Invite them to a meeting and briefly explain your request for more hours. For instance, you might request a meeting with your manager to go over the possibility of assuming more responsibility.

6. Make your request

Talk to your manager about your desire for more hours. Share your potential solutions and emphasize how passionate you are about your work. Describe how you believe that taking on additional duties and hours will help the business succeed. You may mention specific reasons why you need more hours, such as the need to save for a down payment on a home or pay for tuition, even though they shouldn’t be the main focus of your request.

It might be preferred by some managers if you submit your request in writing. Include the same details in a letter or email as if you were having a face-to-face conversation. Ensure the letter is formal but brief.

7. Thank your manager

Thank your manager for their time and hearing your request. It’s crucial to remember that they might not have an answer for you right away. Ensure them that you are prepared to wait for a response and express your gratitude for their time.

Why ask for more hours at work

There are many different reasons why people ask for more work hours. Some request more hours for personal reasons. This might include not working enough hours to cover living expenses or needing to earn more money to put money aside for other expenses.

Others ask for more hours for personal reasons. Asking for more hours at work could indicate that you value your position and are driven to succeed. Requesting more hours might also give you the chance to take on more obligations, which might advance you in your career.


The following advice will assist you in requesting more hours at work:

Ask for feedback

Ask your manager for feedback on your work performance. Consider their feedback, and adjust your workplace performance. Improve on anything they suggest before asking for more hours.

Focus on solutions

Think about the advantages that could come from your employer increasing your hours. Give them potential solutions to their current issues at work and make sure they understand the value you bring. This is crucial to demonstrating to your manager the value of changing the budget and spending more money to give you more hours.

Show up on time every day

Show up to work on time every day. This makes a good impression. It shows youre reliable and respectful of your employers time.

Be positive

Be positive when asking for more hours at work. Concentrate on the benefits you can bring to the business, the reasons you like your job, and your desire to learn more. Consider framing your request as:

“I love my job, and I really enjoy helping customers find the ideal gift or product,” I would love the opportunity to do more. Are there extra hours available?”.

Be patient

After requesting more hours at work, it’s important to have understanding and patience. Managers might require some time to figure out how to increase your hours or responsibilities. But while you wait, keep up the good work and performance to show that you deserve more hours.

Be flexible with your availability

Be flexible with your schedule at work. Being willing to work any shifts, especially those that other people might not want, demonstrates your dedication to your employer and reliability. By demonstrating your reliability to your employer, you may become their top choice for additional work when it becomes available.


Here is a sample email or letter you can use to ask your employer for more hours:


[Manager’s name][Company name][Address of the Company][City, State, and Zip Code of the Company]

Dear [manager],

[Begin your letter by expressing gratitude to the manager for reading it. Establish how much you enjoy your job. End with your request to receive more opportunities and hours. ].

[Instead, give more information about your current schedule and the hours you’re hoping to get. Include information about your goals for the additional time you have worked. Emphasize the value you bring to the company. ].

[Thank the manager again for their time and consideration. Include a request for people to contact you with questions or for more information. Inform them that you hope to hear from them soon. ].

[Closing statement, such as Sincerely or Best],

[Your name]
[Your title at work]
[Name of company]
[Your phone number]


A sample email or letter requesting more hours at work is provided below:

March 29, 2021

Beth Charles
Family Furniture Company
5678 Prairie Street
St. Louis, MO 63129

Dear Beth,

Thank you for your willingness to consider my request. I value your time and am grateful for the opportunity to work as a salesperson for Family Furniture Company. I’m writing to you about the possibility of taking on more responsibilities and working more hours because I love working for this company.

I currently work part-time for Family Furniture Company, where I typically put in 15 to 25 hours per week, with the majority of those hours being spent during the week. However, I would prefer to work between 30 and 35 hours a week and a few weekends each month. I frequently work weekends when others need time off and consistently record good, high sales numbers. I think extending my hours and changing my schedule would help the store’s bottom line.

Once more, thank you for your time, and I value your thought Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I look forward to your response.


Samantha Bailey


How do you respectfully ask for more work?

How to ask your boss for more responsibility
  1. Be very clear about the obligations you want to accept.
  2. Look for opportunities to make an impact. …
  3. Arm yourself with new skills. …
  4. Come with a plan and options. …
  5. Choose your timing and words wisely. …
  6. Find out where help is needed. …
  7. Remember, it’s a dialogue.

How do you ask for how many hours at work?

You should inquire about someone’s working hours, such as “What hours do you work?” What are the working hours at/of/in your company? would be acceptable as a general query about the typical working hours for the majority of employees.

How do I tell my boss I need more time?

Meet with your supervisor in person, if possible, to explain the situation.

Use these steps to help you make an effective deadline extension request:
  1. Determine deadline importance. …
  2. Decide how to ask. …
  3. Provide a specific reason. …
  4. Show your dedication. …
  5. Offer to share your progress. …
  6. Set a reasonable new deadline. …
  7. Show gratitude.

Can you get fired for asking for more hours?

Although it’s not illegal, it’s not a good business practice to fire employees for merely asking for a raise. Employees who give their all at work and are willing to go above and beyond should be retained.

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