How To Ask For a Job Description

How to ask for a job description
  1. Research similar roles. If you have a vague job description for the position you’re interested in, start by finding job descriptions for similar job titles online. …
  2. Ask as soon as possible. …
  3. Speak with the right party.

How to Write a Job Description – How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (1 of 5)

Reasons for asking for a job description

Before requesting a job description, it’s crucial to have a justification. Having a justification for your inquiry demonstrates your sincere interest in the position you might want to apply for. Here are some reasons to ask for a job description:

You no longer have access to the job post

Recruiters and hiring managers frequently publish the job description for their open positions online. However, once recruiters begin the interview process, some of these job descriptions and posts expire or are removed. Asking for the job description can help you refresh your memory and better prepare if you’ve been asked to an interview but can’t find it online any longer.

To learn more about the role

Asking the company for the job description if you are aware of an opening but cannot find it online can help you better understand what the position entails. The job description gives you a list of the roles, responsibilities, and requirements in the end. By being aware of this information, you can decide whether to apply and improve your interview preparation.

What is a job description?

A job description is a summary of a position’s primary responsibilities and duties. When hiring managers or recruiters create a job posting, they also include a job description that informs candidates of the responsibilities they can anticipate once hired. A job description also includes the qualifications needed to perform the job and the necessary skills. In addition to providing information about a position, a strong job description can encourage candidates to apply.

Important questions to ask about a job description

You have the chance to question the hiring manager during your conversation in order to better understand the job description. A thoughtful question will ensure that you receive the most comprehensive response. Here are some crucial inquiries to make regarding a job description:

How to ask for a job description

Consider requesting a copy of the job description if you are interested in learning more about a position but do not have access to it. You can do so in a professional and efficient manner by knowing how to ask. Use these steps to ask for a job description:

1. Research similar roles

Start by looking online for job descriptions for positions with titles that are similar to the one you are interested in if you have a vague job description. Although it’s best to request the job description for the specific position you’re interested in, researching related positions can give you additional insight into what to anticipate for this kind of position. Looking up the job description for a comparable role can also help you come up with questions to ask if you have any regarding the job description.

2. Ask as soon as possible

It’s best to ask questions about the position you’re interested in as soon as possible. In order to avoid appearing overly impatient, it is best to ask before the interview process is too far along. Aim to ask during the first or second interview. By the time you get to the final round of interviews, you should have a firm grasp of the role. As the interview process draws to a close, remember that you still have time to ask questions, but make sure you have a firm grasp of the position.

3. Speak with the right party

Determine who to ask for the job description. If a friend or colleague told you about the position but you don’t have access to the job description, think about asking them for a copy. You can also get in touch with the hiring manager or the human resources division of the business. If you choose this approach, you can send them an expert email requesting what you need. Alternatively, you can wait until after the interview to request the job description from your interviewer.

Tips for asking for a job description

You can ask for the job description using the following advice:


How do you ask for a job description via email?

Dear [NAME], I decided to start looking for a new job opportunity earlier this month. They’ve had a wonderful [NUMBER] years as their [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME]. I’m looking for a new job where I can be challenged and develop my [SKILL NAME], [SKILL NAME], and [SKILL NAME] skill sets.

How do I ask my boss for a job description?

Bring a copy of your job description, a list of your “extra” responsibilities, and any queries you have about particular responsibilities. For instance, prepare to ask your boss to elaborate on the duty and his expectations if you think one of your listed job duties isn’t specific enough.

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