How To Advertise Your Business on a Podcast in 5 Steps

Monitor your progress.
  1. Consider podcast demographics. …
  2. Understand standard podcast ad pricing. …
  3. Look for podcasts that relate to your brand or industry. …
  4. Use your competitors for inspiration. …
  5. Purchase multiple ads for small shows rather than one for big podcasts. …
  6. Advertise on multiple podcasts within the same network.

Advertising on podcasts is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and create brand awareness. Podcasts have become increasingly popular with the growth of streaming services, and this provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to get their message across to a wide variety of listeners. With the right strategies and techniques, businesses can make their podcast advertising efforts successful and ensure that their products and services are seen by the right people. In this blog post, we will discuss how to advertise on podcasts, the different types of podcast advertising, the key benefits, and how to measure success. By following the advice provided in this blog post, businesses will be able to determine an effective podcast advertising strategy that fits their budgets and objectives.

Podcast Promotion: How do I get my podcast in front of more people?

How to advertise on a podcast

When promoting your products or services on a podcast, follow these five steps:

1. Research podcasts

Find podcasts that relate to your products or industry. If you sell computers, for instance, you might look for a podcast with a technology theme. Assess whether a podcast’s message fits your company’s values and culture. Find out who is listening to each podcast and whether they fit your target demographic. You might take into account a podcast’s demographics’ age, education level, gender identity, or income. Look into these podcasts’ advertising rates because those with larger listenerships may charge more for a commercial to appear on their program.

2. Determine what kind of advertisement you want to run

You have a variety of choices for the podcast advertisements you can buy. Each individual producer may favor particular advertising strategies for their program. You can write a script that the host will read, or you can adopt a more conversational strategy and have the podcast host simply talk about your product. Another option is creating your own audio advertisement. A paid interview where the host speaks with the brand affiliate about their product is an option on some podcasts. The type of advertisement you choose will likely affect the cost of the commercial.

3. Decide on an advertisement strategy

Determine the appropriate advertising medium and visibility level for your business needs. This could raise awareness of your brand and possibly increase sales. You have a range of advertising options to choose from depending on the podcast’s offerings.

You might spend money on an advertisement spot in a show or sponsor an entire episode of a podcast. Additionally, you can choose how frequently the podcast should play your advertisement. For instance, you could pay for a three-month contract that would allow your advertisement to appear during each episode of the show. Multiple ads on various shows might be a good plan of action. You might also think about locating a network that produces numerous podcasts and airing your advertisement on these programs.

4. Contact the podcast

Reach out to the podcasts you want to feature your advertisement on once you’ve decided on the style. Find the contact information for the ideal person to speak with, such as the podcast host or producer. Send a message introducing yourself, your business and your product. Include your advertising goals and inquire about the next steps. You can ask the podcast staff about their opinions and perceptions of the advertisements they air after getting in touch with them. You can determine the success of your upcoming promotion by gathering this information.

5. Create your commercial

Create your podcast advertisement based on the length, style, and podcast you’ve selected. Start the advertisement with a strategy that quickly grabs the listeners’ attention. For instance, you might open with a lively music clip, an intriguing tale, or an astonishing fact. Then, discuss the benefits of your goods or service. You should ask the podcast host to share a personal experience with the product if you’re writing a script for them. A call to action, such as visiting your company’s website or making a first purchase using a promotional code, should be used to conclude the promotion.

Why is it important to advertise on a podcast?

It’s crucial to advertise your products or services on podcasts because they frequently reach a wider audience than conventional advertising techniques. Brands can target particular demographics, and because podcasts are frequently a convenient form of entertainment, these audiences may be highly engaged with your advertisement. This might also be a cost-effective option for companies. Compared to visual advertisements, which frequently involve equipment, labor, and technical costs, audio advertisements may be less expensive to produce.

Tips for advertising your business on a podcast

The following advice can help you when promoting your company on a podcast:

Stick to a budget

Set a budget for your advertising expenditures and stick to it. You can calculate the costs of individual components, such as creating the advertisement and the podcast’s service fees, before choosing to purchase a commercial on a podcast. This may assist you in determining whether the advertisement you intend to use is worthwhile.

Consider advertisement placement

The positioning and duration of your advertisement may have an impact on how well it does. A podcast ad at the start might attract more listeners, but some viewers might be more attentive to an ad in the middle of an episode. While some listeners prefer shorter commercials, you might find that a longer one better serves your organization’s needs.

Review commercials from competitors

You can examine podcast advertisements from rival companies in your industry to choose the best strategy for your own advertising. Consider some of the marketing techniques they use in their commercials and decide which are most successful. When creating your promotion, consider how to use these tactics in novel ways. You might be able to come up with an innovative and engaging advertisement by drawing inspiration from your competitors.

Track the response to your commercial

Analyze the results of your advertising to find the most efficient tactics This can help you create better commercials in the future and draw in more clients. You can keep track of how many customers used a coupon you included in the advertisement when making purchases. Analyze the difference in website traffic between the time the podcast promotion was active and after. You could look at what people are saying about the advertisement on social media and other forums that accept comments.


How much does it cost to advertise on podcasts?

Currently, podcast advertising costs on average $25 CPM. According to AdvertiseCast, the average CPM for 30-second ads is $18 and for 60-second ads is $25.

Does podcast advertising work?

They have demonstrated to be one of the most successful forms of advertising. A BBC World Service study from 2019 revealed that the engagement rate of podcasts was 27% higher than TV and 47% higher than radio.

How do I get paid to advertise on my podcast?

How To Monetize A Podcast Directly
  1. Ask for donations. To ask listeners for money is the simplest way to monetize a podcast.
  2. Create paid membership tiers. …
  3. Sell sponsorships or ads. …
  4. Join an advertising network. …
  5. Sell premium episodes. …
  6. Gate your back catalog. …
  7. Sell repurposed content. …
  8. Syndicate your show to YouTube.

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