How To Add a Background in Google Slides in 6 Steps

Change background image
  1. On your computer, open a presentation in Google Slides.
  2. Choose a slide.
  3. At the top, click Slide Change background.
  4. To the right of “Image,” click Choose.
  5. Choose an image, then click Select. To add the image to one slide, click Done. To add the image to the whole presentation, click Add to theme.

How to add a background image / picture in Google Slides – Tutorial

How to add a background in Google Slides

The following six steps will help you change the background or theme of your slideshow:

1. Open your internet browser

Google Slides and similar programs can be run on the majority of web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Vivaldi. You can enter “Google Slides” into your search bar to launch the program, then click the resulting link. Sign in to your email using your Google account, then click the Google apps icon in the top right corner of your screen if you already have one. It looks like a three-by-three grid of dots. Once the Google apps drop-down menu appears, select “Slides. “Google Slides’ icon resembles a yellow document with a white box inside of it.

2. Open Google Slides and choose a presentation

Once youve located Google Slides, open the program. Navigate your cursor to begin a new presentation if you’re working on one. To open a new file, click the picture labeled “Blank” above. You can find it under recent presentations if you’re working on a presentation you already created. To access your slideshow, click the picture above the presentation’s file name.

3. Click “Slide” at the top

Open your presentation and then position your cursor over the menu ribbon at the top of the page. Select “Slide” to see a drop-down menu. You can choose from this menu a number of options to change the appearance of your slideshow, such as adding a new slide or choosing a different layout. This menu contains options to alter your slides’ background or theme.

4. Click “Change background” or “Change theme” from the menu

Choose “Change background” from the Slide menu to alter the background of your current slide. When you do this, a dialog box with options to choose a color or image for your background appears. Only the slide you’ve chosen is affected when either option is changed. You can choose “Reset theme” in the dialog box to go back to the slides’ previous design. A list of various already-existing themes can be found on the right side of the screen if you select the “Change theme” option. Each slide in your presentation is altered when you choose an option.

Additionally, these adjustments can be made using the toolbar located below the menu ribbon. To change something, just click “Background” or “Theme,” as appropriate.

5. Select “Add to theme” from the menu

Click “Add to theme” in the Background dialog box after changing the background of just one slide using the procedures above. This modifies each slide in your presentation so that they are identical. If you want your presentation slides to have different themes, you can also save the colors or images for later use.

6. Choose “Edit theme” from the menu

You can choose the “Edit theme” option from the Slide menu if you like the way a theme looks but only want to make a few small changes to it. This opens a new editing menu within the slide. There, you can make any minor adjustments you’d like to the information you display, including changes to the colors and fonts. You can also change the name of the theme. This enables you to look up this particular theme to use in this presentation or others in the future.

What is Google Slides?

You can make slideshow presentations using the online presentation maker Google Slides. You can use it to supplement your speeches, lessons, and other public presentations by presenting visual, textual, and auditory information. To present information succinctly and use a variety of formats to reach a wider audience, experts can use Google Slides. You can access your slides from any computer with an internet connection thanks to the online platform.

Tips for adding backgrounds in Google Slides

Take into account these suggestions when changing the background of your presentation slides:

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How do you add a background to the slides app?

Background: The picture or color behind your slide’s content.

A theme is a preset group of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts.
  1. Open a presentation in Google Slides on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Double-tap the slide you want to change.
  3. In the top right, tap More Change theme.
  4. Tap the theme you want.

Why can’t I change the background on Google Slides?

Google Slides Background Image Addition First, select “background,” then “choose image.” You have the option to upload your own photo, use your camera to take a picture, select a picture from your Google Photos account, select a picture from your Google Drive, or conduct a Google image search.

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