How Long Should a Letter of Recommendation Be? (With FAQs and Tips)

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How long should a recommendation letter be?

How long should a recommendation letter be?

Even though each letter’s length differs according to its content, a letter of recommendation ought to be three to five paragraphs. The first paragraph typically introduces the applicant by listing their name and the position they are applying for, followed by the name of the person who is writing the letter. The middle paragraphs provide details on the applicants’ qualifications, including their job responsibilities, talents, and accomplishments. The last sentence reiterates the reasons the applicant can be a great asset to the business.

What is a letter of recommendation?

An individual may include a letter of recommendation in their application packet to highlight their professional experience, specialized knowledge, or educational background. If your coworkers, classmates, or team members are applying for internships, colleges, or jobs, they may ask you to write a letter of recommendation for them. The purpose of a recommendation letter is to demonstrate why the applicant is qualified for the position by highlighting their abilities and prior employment history.

You can include specifics about your interactions with the applicant, such as observations about their work habits, accomplishments, and responsibilities, in a letter of recommendation.

What should you include in a letter of recommendation?

Heres what you can include in a letter of recommendation:

Contact information

It’s crucial to provide your contact information so that potential employers can get in touch with you if they want to learn more about the qualifications of the applicant or if they have any questions. Include your contact information at the top of the letter if you’re mailing a recommendation letter. Include the details below your signature if you’re emailing the letter.

The applicants name and the position they want

Include the applicant’s name and the position title they are applying for in the first paragraph of your letter. Here are some ways that you can format this sentence:

Your information

Specify your full name, your job title, and the name of the business you are employed by. You can also mention how you know the applicant, such as whether you were college classmates or coworkers. You should also mention how long you’ve known the applicant.

Overview of the applicants skills

Include a sentence or two summarizing the applicant’s qualifications. You could mention things you noticed while working with them, like how well-spoken they are when speaking with customers. Try to make a connection between their skills and the position they are applying for.

Personal story

A compelling way to highlight the abilities and talents of applicants is by including a personal story. Mention a time when the applicant helped you handle a customer or answered a challenging question to describe a positive interaction you had with them. Try to make the story succinct by giving context in the first sentence, outlining the applicant’s actions in the second, and describing the outcome of the situation in the final sentence.

Closing statement

In your closing remarks, you should briefly reiterate the qualifications the candidate has for the job. You could restate their skills, highlight their work history, or emphasize their academic achievements. Include a phrase in your closing statement to alert the hiring manager to the possibility of further inquiries from them regarding the applicant.

What are some tips for writing a letter of recommendation?

The following advice should be kept in mind when composing a letter of recommendation:


Make sure to proofread the recommendation letter before sending it to check for grammatical and formatting errors. You can either have a reliable colleague read the letter to you for feedback on spelling and formatting, or you can read the letter aloud to yourself to check for grammar and spelling errors. Before submitting the recommendation letter, make sure all mistakes are corrected.

Review their resume

You may be able to identify the experiences and skills that the applicant has from various jobs by looking over their resume. If you have a better understanding of their professional and educational background, your letter may appear more thorough. You could also inquire about any particular abilities or encounters the applicant would like you to highlight in the letter.

Read the job description

You might have a better idea of the information to include in the letter after reading the job description. You might provide specific information about a time the applicant used communication skills in a previous position, for instance, if the job description states that the employer is looking for a candidate with excellent communication skills. Consider requesting the applicant to send you a link to the job posting.

How should a letter of recommendation look?

Here are two examples of recommendation letters:

Example one

A letter of recommendation for a high school applicant to college is provided below:

To whom it may concern,

Kyle Hall, in my opinion, is a superb student and a valuable addition to Coastal Technical College. Kyle has been my student for the past two years while I have been a history teacher at West Hill High School. While teaching Kyle, I frequently observed his eagerness to learn and dedication to his studies. He frequently supports his peers and provides academic tutoring to pupils who need it.

As Kyle’s teacher, I’ve seen him assist other students, frequently responding to their inquiries and supplying assistance with concepts they don’t understand. When a new student entered the class one day, Kyle offered to give him a tour of the facility. He guides the new student to all of her classes, introduces her to the staff and other students, and makes sure she feels at home. I consequently appointed him to the welcoming committee so that he could extend his cordial demeanor toward all freshmen.

I am sure that Kyle will be a great asset to Coastal Technical College because of his optimistic outlook and eagerness to learn. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to learn more about Kyle’s qualifications.

Albert Rossman, Associate History Instructor, West Hill High School
[email protected]

Example two

Here is an illustration of a letter of recommendation for a teacher moving to a different school district:

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to suggest Lisa Hill for the position of history teacher at Lake Elementary School. At Center Field Middle School, where I work as a guidance counselor, my name is Terri Alton. Lisa and I have been coworkers at this school for five years, and during that time I have observed Lisa’s tolerance and communication with students. She always prioritizes the needs of her students over her own in order to help them succeed academically.

She frequently meets with students alone to assess their development and pinpoint areas for enhancement. I recall Lisa discovering that her student had failed a crucial exam one day. Instead of failing the student, she met with him or her one-on-one and asked what ideas they were having trouble with. After that, she helped the student study with her, made flashcards, and gave them another chance to pass the exam. This demonstrates Lisa’s commitment to guiding her students toward success and academic skill development.

Lisa can use her instructional methods and abilities to help the students at Lake Elementary School succeed, in my opinion. Please get in touch with me if you have any additional queries or want to talk about more instances of Lisa’s experience.

Best regards,
Terri Alton, Guidance Counselor, Center Field Middle School
[email protected]


How long should a recommendation letter should be?

The number of pages and how to submit a recommendation letter The recommendation letter should not be longer than two pages. Although the quality of a recommendation letter is more important than its length, a letter with only a few sentences is not advised.

How long should an academic recommendation letter be?

An academic program may specifically request a “letter of recommendation,” which the professor or employer should send to the university without your knowledge. The essay should present your character, accomplishments, and skills objectively and should be 300–400 words long.

How long are reference letters usually?

Always follow the instructions provided by the school you are applying to regarding how long a recommendation letter for graduate school should be. But generally speaking, adhere to the same one-page limit for both a resume and a letter of recommendation.

How many sentences should a letter of recommendation be?

Letter Length, Format, and Font Length: A letter of recommendation ought to be longer than one or two paragraphs; one or two paragraphs convey either a lack of knowledge of the subject or a lack of support. Avoid writing more than one page, though, as you want to keep the letter succinct and concentrate on a few important points.

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