FAQ: Do You Need To Take a Class To Get Your CDL?

Obtaining a CDL can take as little as three weeks or as long as six months. But, on average, it takes about seven weeks to get a CDL when attending a full-time driver training program.

If you attend the right school, you can obtain your CDL in as little as 4 weeks if you’re wondering how long it takes. The CDL can be obtained in 4 weeks for full-time students at Coastal Truck Driving School and in 8 weeks for part-time students. We provide day, night, and weekend classes as well as free student housing to help students with busy schedules.

How Long Will it Take to Get a CDL in 2021? – Driving Academy

How long does it take to get a CDL?

It can take three weeks to six months to obtain a CDL. The time needed to finish is determined by a number of variables, such as:

What is a CDL?

For those who drive large or heavy trucks or trailers, a CDL, or commercial drivers license, is required. These drivers may also transport people and hazardous materials in buses and other types of transportation. There are three different types of CDL licenses:

Class A

Gross combination weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicles that Class A drivers operate must be 26,001 pounds or more. This includes vehicles such as:

Class B

Any single vehicle without a trailer that has a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds can be driven by those with Class B status. Vehicles they can drive include:

Class C

Class C drivers drive solitary automobiles with GVWRs under 26,001 pounds. They can also carry 16 or more passengers and tow a vehicle weighing less than 10,000 pounds. Vehicles they operate include:

How much driving practice do you need for your CDL test?

There isn’t currently a set amount of driving experience needed to obtain a CDL. But many businesses prefer a minimum of 160 hours of driving instruction. Individuals can practice driving with a licensed CDL driver by obtaining a commercial learners permit (CLP).

Do you need to take a class to get your CDL?

Although training is not required to obtain a CDL, many employers favor hiring people who went to a school that was accredited and had a minimum amount of classroom instruction. This is typically due to insurance policies. Employers can tell that you are dedicated to the industry by seeing that you attended a truck driving school. Additionally, fundamental knowledge and skills taught in truck driving schools can help you pass your tests and become a successful driver.

Some places that provide truck driving training include:

How long does the CDL driving test take?

The CDL road skills examination lasts for about two hours. An examiner typically rates drivers on abilities like backing up, making quick stops, turning in a three-point turn, and approaching intersections. This portion of the CDL exams consists of three parts:

What CDL endorsements can you get?

Drivers can declare specific CDL endorsements for a different type of commercial driving in addition to obtaining a CDL. CDL endorsements involve additional test requirements and a fee. Some endorsements CDL drivers can earn include:

How often do you have to renew your CDL?

CDL renewal depends on the state you earned yours in. Typically, they are valid between five to eight years. When your CDL is about to expire, your state’s department of transportation (DMV) mails you a reminder.

Other occasions for renewing your CDL include:

How much does a CDL cost?

The truck driving school is where the majority of the cost of a CDL is spent. These courses range in price from $1,000 to $8,000, depending on the instructors’ backgrounds and other relevant factors. The endorsements cost an additional $10 to $50 per endorsement. Other fees may include an application, CLP and skills testing.


Is driving an 18 wheeler hard?

In fact, some drivers log around 3,000 miles per week at work, which occasionally necessitates working late into the night to meet deadlines. While many would presume that maneuvering a large truck would be the most challenging aspect of the job, truck drivers frequently cite the long hours as the most challenging aspect.

How long does it take to get CDL in GA?

The majority of truck drivers concur that while operating a large vehicle like an 18-wheeler isn’t always difficult, there is a learning curve. You’ll need a lot more room to turn, back up, or change lanes, and you’ll have a lot bigger blind spots to get used to.

How much is a CDL license in Texas?

This process can take approximately 60-90 days. 20. Does the CDL Road Test have a fee? A $50 fee 00 testing fee is necessary for each attempt at the CDL Road Skills test.

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