Top 25 Greystar Leasing Professional Interview Questions & Answers

What are the best questions to ask a Leasing Consultant during an interview? This interview profile will help you.

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Greystar is one of the largest operators and investors in the multifamily rental housing industry. With over 700,000 units under management globally, the company has established itself as a leader in property management.

A career as a Leasing Professional at Greystar involves much more than just filling vacancies. It requires skills in marketing, sales, customer service, communication, and organization. Candidates need to demonstrate their ability to drive occupancy, build relationships, and provide exceptional service to both prospective and current residents.

This article provides insights into some of the most common Greystar Leasing Professional interview questions along with tips and sample answers to help you ace your interview.

Overview of the Greystar Leasing Professional Role

As a Leasing Professional at Greystar, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Marketing available apartments through various channels to attract prospective residents

  • Conducting tours of the property and apartment units

  • Answering inquiries and qualifying leads

  • Preparing lease paperwork and ensuring adherence to company policies

  • Building relationships with current residents to encourage renewals

  • Supporting the community through event planning and resident engagement

  • Maintaining updated knowledge of market conditions and trends

  • Achieving individual and team leasing targets and supporting revenue goals

The role requires skills such as salesmanship, interpersonal communication customer service, attention to detail time management, problem solving and knowledge of fair housing regulations.

Common Greystar Leasing Professional Interview Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions for Greystar Leasing Professional candidates:

1. Why do you want to work as a Leasing Professional for Greystar?

This question aims to assess your motivation for applying to Greystar and the leasing profession The interviewer wants to gauge your enthusiasm for the role Focus your answer on your passion for the responsibilities involved and how Greystar’s values align with your own,

Sample Answer: As an experienced leasing agent, I am looking to join a company with the scale and reputation of Greystar. I am passionate about marketing and building vibrant residential communities. With my skills in sales and customer service, I believe I can contribute to Greystar’s world-class operations and help drive great resident experiences. The opportunity to be part of such a respected brand really appeals to me.

2. What makes you qualified to be a successful Leasing Professional?

With this question, interviewers want to understand your background and skills that make you suitable for this customer-facing, sales-driven role. Highlight your sales acumen, personable nature, and previous relevant experience.

Sample Answer: Through my 3 years of experience in property leasing and management, I’ve honed my customer service, sales and marketing skills significantly. I’m adept at showcasing properties through tours and have a proven track record of consistently meeting leasing targets. My personable nature allows me to establish rapport with prospective residents easily. I’m confident my qualifications make me an ideal fit for the Leasing Professional position here.

3. What strategies would you use to drive and maintain high occupancy rates?

Since occupancy rates are crucial for profitability, interviewers want to know your approach to attracting and retaining residents. Emphasize proactive marketing, competitive pricing, strong resident relationships and modern leasing techniques.

Sample Answer: My strategy for high occupancy would start with extensive online marketing through platforms like to expand our reach. I would track market rents to optimize pricing and run move-in specials to remain competitive. Building strong relationships with current residents through regular touchpoints allows me to understand their needs and encourage renewals. Maintaining prompt communication and quickly resolving any issues also promotes resident satisfaction. I would also leverage positive online reviews to attract more leads.

4. How would you handle a potential resident who is indecisive or delaying signing a lease?

This question tests your ability to handle objections and bring leads to close deals. Share examples of overcoming indecision through open communication, following up promptly and addressing concerns.

Sample Answer: I would first seek to understand any hesitations they may have about the property so I can directly address those concerns. I would highlight our amenities and neighborhood advantages to reassure them of the value proposition. Following up consistently but not aggressively is key – I would want to nudge them along to a decision while making sure they don’t feel pressured. Maintaining open communication also allows me to answer any questions in a timely manner. My aim is to build trust so they feel fully confident in choosing our property.

5. Describe your approach to giving property tours to potential residents.

Giving excellent tours is crucial for leasing professionals, so interviewers want to know your strategy. Discuss your skills in showcasing amenities, tailoring to the prospect’s needs and establishing rapport.

Sample Answer: My approach is to first greet guests warmly and discuss their housing needs and preferences. Based on that, I tailor the tour route to focus on the units and amenities that would interest them most. As we walk through the property, I highlight key selling points like recent upgrades and proximity to attractions. I maintain a conversational tone when describing features to make it interactive and engaging. I also ask questions to gauge reactions and ensure we cover what’s important to that individual. My goal is for guests to envision the property as their new home.

6. How would you promote lease renewals with current residents?

Renewals are more cost-effective than securing new residents, so driving renewals is a priority. Share proven techniques like regular communication, resolving issues quickly and offering renewal incentives.

Sample Answer: The first step I take is to build rapport with residents from their initial move-in. By regularly checking in with them, I nurture a relationship of trust where they feel valued. As renewal approaches, I meet with them to discuss their experience and see if any improvements are needed. I also highlight new upgrades or amenities to sweeten the prospect of renewing. Providing renewal incentives like a lowered rental rate or waived fees further motivates renewals. Promptly addressing maintenance issues also keeps residents happy and willing to renew their lease with us.

7. How do you stay up-to-date on the local rental market and trends?

This question tests your knowledge of the industry and initiative to stay current. Share your use of market reports, MLS listings, online forums and networking events to gain insights.

Sample Answer: I stay up to date on the local market primarily by studying the latest market surveys and reports to understand pricing trends and occupancy rates. I also regularly review MLS listings to see what competitive properties are offering. Joining local real estate and leasing associations provides opportunities to network with other professionals and learn what trends they see. Maintaining open communication with my onsite teams gives me real-time understanding of market dynamics. I also leverage online forums to interact with prospective renters and hear their perspectives.

8. What computer or software programs are you proficient in using?

Greystar utilizes specialized property management software, so interviewers look for basic computer literacy and ability to adapt. Discuss your experience with programs like Yardi, OneSite, Excel, CRM systems etc. and your capability to learn new tools quickly.

Sample Answer: Throughout my career, I’ve become adept at using programs like Yardi for managing rentals, payments and reporting. I also have experience with property management systems like BostonPost and AppFolio. In my current role, I track leasing data and campaigns using Salesforce CRM. I’m highly proficient in using the Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel for tracking KPIs. With my strong technology acumen, I’m able to quickly learn and utilize any new software tools required for this position.

9. How would you handle a resident complaint regarding a maintenance issue?

This question tests your problem-solving skills and ability to resolve resident concerns diplomatically. Share examples focused on prompt communication, escalating when required and appropriate follow-up.

Sample Answer: When handling maintenance complaints, I acknowledge the resident’s frustration empathetically and assure them I will address it immediately. I notify the maintenance team right away to have the issue inspected and provide the resident with a timeline for resolution if possible. If delays arise, I follow up to keep the resident informed proactively, rather than waiting for them to reach out. Once resolved, I circle back to ensure they are fully satisfied with how it was handled. Providing prompt, caring service in these situations helps strengthen resident loyalty.

10. What techniques do you use to organize and prioritize your workload?

Leasing professionals handle diverse responsibilities and tasks, so strong organizational skills are essential. Discuss tools and systems you utilize for time management, task prioritization and tracking deadlines.

Sample Answer: I always maintain a daily task list and calendar to track deadlines and ensure important items are not missed. For longer term projects, I use tools like Trello to create task checklists and monitor progress. Prioritizing time-sensitive administrative tasks and resident requests is crucial. I set aside dedicated time blocks for follow up calls and emails to keep the pipeline moving. Maintaining open communication with my team ensures we can collaborate seamlessly and handle urgent needs. Having systems to stay organized makes me more productive and efficient.

11. How would you promote a sense of community amongst residents?

This tests your

Imagine a potential renter asks you a question about a property but you don’t know the answer. How do you handle this?

This question evaluates the candidate’s problem-solving and communication skills.

“I would be honest and say that I don’t know that right now, but I will look into it and get back to them as soon as I can.” ”.

If a property was burned or flooded, what would be your responsibilities?

This question assesses the candidate’s understanding of crisis management and their role in it.

“My first responsibility would be to ensure the safety of the tenants. Then, I’d coordinate with emergency services and insurance companies. I’d also communicate transparently with the property owner and tenants about the next steps. ”.

How to Interview for a Leasing Agent Job (How I got into the field)


How to nail a leasing agent interview?

Caring and Patience are key. Demonstrate that you are an active listener during your interview and try to avoid interrupting your interviewer or rushing through your answers. Remember, renting a new home is both an exciting and challenging time. Show your customer that you’re here to help.

Why do you want to be a leasing agent answer?

Sample Answer: The sales process is very rewarding. I enjoy working with potential renters and helping them find a home that meets their needs. I also enjoy helping renters find a home that is in their price range and works with their lifestyle.

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