What are some interview questions that Google asks candidates who apply for non

Here’s how I joined the BOLD Program as an Associate Financial Analyst working out of the San Francisco office if you want to get an internship at Google. Google BOLD is essentially the program for non-technical roles. Financial, Marketing, Legal, Public Relations, Customer Support, and Sales are just a few examples.

My Google BOLD Interview Experience | Feb 2020

Interviews for Top Jobs at BOLD

QA Engineer Interview


I applied online. I interviewed at BOLD (New Delhi) in Aug 2022


Their hiring procedure is excellent. I felt at ease with them throughout the interview. They put my logical and technological abilities to the test. Additionally, I learned about some additional skills that I was previously unaware of. It was an important interaction.

Interview Questions

  • They questioned me regarding My Framework, some Selenium-related issues, projects, my ability to write manual test cases, etc.

Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) Interview


I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at BOLD (New Delhi) in Aug 2022


I applied through a recruiter. Got a call from HR regarding the interview 1-2 week before the interview. Interview Process was good and very organized. HR was friendly and it is a good Product Based Company. there were three rounds.1st Technical Round.2nd Technical Round.3rd HR Round.

Interview Questions

  • 1st Technical Round:1. Program to remove duplicate element from String. 2. TestNG: groups, priorities, failed test execution, test case exclusion, and data provider 3. One puzzle question (e.g., there are three boxes, all of which have been marked incorrectly; we must mark them correctly in one attempt. )4. Can we automate Captcha, file upload and download, and screenshot taking with Selenium? 5. One SQL query related to DISTINCT. 6. One very basic Rest Assured question. 1st Technical Round:1. Introduction and Brief about project , roles and responsibilities. 2. A program to find a word within a string and count the number of times it appears 3. Write code for drag-and-drop, double-click, and screenshot using Selenium 4. TestNG: Provide data provider syntax, group, and testNG annotation in sequence. 5. Discuss the items on your resume, such as your certifications, in detail.

Devops Engineer Interview


I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at BOLD


Interviewer were looking more arrogant as He knows everything and candidate is dump, They should respect professional work, requirement may be different than candidate they are look for. No greeting at all, never had such experience, very bad

Interview Questions

  • Scenario based question, but he exactly match his scenario.

BOLD Programs You Should Know About

google bold interview questions

The BOLD Internship Program

The 11-week BOLD internship program is intended for incoming undergraduate seniors.

Google gives people from historically underrepresented groups in the tech sector, such as Black, Hispanic, and Native American students, veterans, and students with disabilities, a higher priority. Students can be assigned to positions in industries like

  • Sales: Work alongside Google managers, consultants and analysts to develop sales pitches and negotiate with clients
  • Marketing and Communications: Work alongside diverse employees, from statisticians to event planners. These interns will exercise their creative thinking and help market Google products worldwide
  • People Operations: Work in Google’s human resources department alongside ex consultants and top HR professionals. These interns need superior people skills, plus an ability to anchor and support others
  • gTech: Work alongside engineers and the sales team to create innovative tools, or products that will help the company grow. An ideal fit for those with technical and product sense.
  • Finance: Work on innovative solutions in project management, accounting, and more. These interns help keep Google organized and on track to meet financial goals
  • Legal: Gain first hand experience with the legal side of a massive corporation. Work alongside legal experts to learn about policy, law, and the ins and outs of internet regulation
  • So you want to land an internship at Google? Here’s how I got into the BOLD Program as an Associate Financial Analyst based out of the San Francisco office. Google BOLD is essentially the program for non-technical roles. Ranging from Finance, Marketing, Legal, Public Relations, Customer Support, and Sales.


    How competitive is Google bold?

    It’s no secret that getting into any Google internship program is challenging. The BOLD internship is no exception, with an estimated acceptance rate of 2-5%.

    What is the hardest Google interview question?

    Top Google Tough Interview Questions and Answers
    • Q1. How many times a day do the hands of a clock make a 90-degree angle with one another and overlap?
    • Q2. You have eight balls. …
    • Q3. Explain the significance of “dead beef.” …
    • Q4. Explain a database in one sentence to your eight-year-old nephew.
    • Q5.

    How much do Google bold interns make?

    $64. An estimated $64 per hour is the hourly rate for a GCS BOLD intern at Google.

    How do you respond to a bold interview?

    Say that imposing discipline takes real courage and motivation. Explain the tenacious steps you took to ensure that these rules are followed in response to the HR interview question about being bold, particularly given that it concerned the welfare of the team and the organization.

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