General golf interview questions
  • What are three of your greatest strengths?
  • What is one of your biggest weaknesses and what are you doing to overcome it?
  • What do you know about our business or facility?
  • How would you define success in this position?
  • What motivates you?

Starter Golf Course interview questions

Show Broad Experience on a Resume

In most fields, job longevity is a very important trait that companies seek in new employees. For the golf business, though, it is just as important to have worked in a few places in a short amount of time. This sounds wrong, but in the golf business there are many different types of facilities and they all operate differently. Private courses are different from public courses. Knowing how to run a resort and a semiprivate facility looks good on a resume.

You may be asked some questions that pertain to the facility, but you might not think they pertain to the job. Some of those questions will be about food and beverage experience. – If it is a small operation, you may be asked to handle the restaurant as well. Having basic working knowledge of this should be good enough. – You may also be asked about the grounds. If it is a frosty morning and the head greens superintendent isnt around, you should know when it is safe to let the golfers out so they dont kill the grass. These questions arent a given, but some like them may be asked.

Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use numerous clubs to hit balls into a sequence of holes on a course in a few hits as likely. If you are interested in the sports and games then you can apply to one of the Golf jobs. If you are good at the golf wanted to join few jobs in Golf then we in Wisdomjobs have provided the Golf Interview Question and Answers on our site page. If you want to work in Golf then there are various jobs roles that you can apply in various clubs few of them are as follows Golf Pro Shop Assistant, Helper, Golf Shop Clerk, Golf Course Facility Manager, Golf Instructor, and many other roles also. For more details regarding Golf Jobs visit our Site Wisdomjobs Golf page.


What should I wear to a golf interview?

Golf Questions You’re Afraid to Ask: What do I need to know before I get on the course?
  • What are some of the basic golf terms I should know?
  • How should I be keeping score?
  • How do I use a scorecard?
  • What can I learn from watching golf on TV?
  • How do I keep my cool on the course?
  • How do I find the right course for me?

What are the challenges of golf?

Candidate Interview Preparation

Gentlemen should wear a suit (not a sports jacket and slacks) with a white shirt and tie. Ladies should wear equivalent business attire with an appropriate length skirt and closed toed shoes. Please be conscious of trying to be relaxed and, most importantly, prepared for your interview.

Where can I ask golf questions?

Golf’s top 5 challenges in 2020
  • COVID-19. This challenge changed everything we do in golf, and as we all know, we’re still dealing with this one. …
  • Revenue/loss of revenue. …
  • Golfers/rounds. …
  • Labor. …
  • Uncertainty.

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