22 Gifts You Can Buy for Your Mentor To Show Your Appreciation

One of the most heartfelt and meaningful ways to show appreciation and gratitude for someone who has made a difference in your life is to give them a meaningful gift. Mentors come in many forms, such as teachers, supervisors, coaches, and even parents. Giving a gift that they can keep and treasure is one of the best ways to show your mentor how much they mean to you. A mentor’s gift should be representative of the value of their mentorship and your appreciation for it. Gifting someone is a great way to express your sincerest gratitude for their guidance and support. When selecting a gift for your mentor, it is important to keep in mind their preferences and interests. Whether you are looking for a token of appreciation for a teacher, a mentor at work, or a coach, there are a variety of gifts that are appropriate for any mentor. In this blog post, we will discuss the best gifts for mentor that are meaningful, thoughtful, and sure to put a smile on

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Why give a gift to a mentor?

Giving a mentor a gift can be significant because it expresses your gratitude for the mentoring, support, and advice they may offer. Giving them a thoughtful gift as a way of showing your appreciation can brighten their day and inspire them to keep volunteering their time for your needs in the future. Consider buying or making a customized gift that you think they might like based on what you know about their personality, characteristics, and goals to show them how much they mean to you.

21 gifts for a mentor

You can give your mentor any of the following items as a token of appreciation for their direction, encouragement, and advice:

1. Desk plant

Plants are a useful desk accessory because they frequently enhance air quality, reduce stress in workers, and elevate moods. Giving your mentor a desk plant can brighten their day and make their workspace more attractive. Desk plants can also serve as a symbol of your gratitude for your mentor’s assistance in helping you advance in your career.

2. Mug

A mug can be a useful gift that your mentor can use every day to brew coffee, tea, or other beverages. Consider buying your mentor a mug with a humorous saying or quote on it if you know they have a good sense of humor. If your mentor regularly inspires you, you could also buy a mug with a motivational saying. Try painting the mug yourself if you have artistic talent to make it special and personalized.

3. Desk organizer

Consider getting a desktop organizer to help your mentor stay organized and uncluttered. These can sit on a desk and provide areas for a worker to organize and file their documents so they are nearby and simple to find. Depending on the kinds of items your mentor frequently uses, you can find and give them the ideal organizer. Give them an organizer with departments for pens, for instance, if they have several pens lying around their desk.

4. Messenger or laptop bag

Several office supplies may be easier and more convenient to transport in a messenger bag. Consider buying your mentor a chic messenger bag to carry their work items in and to and from the office if you see them carrying piles of paperwork, folders, or notebooks. Some workers bring their work laptops home to finish up tasks in the evening or early in the morning. If your mentor uses a laptop, you can make it simpler for them to move it around by giving them a laptop bag that is the perfect size.

5. Planner

By giving your mentor a work planner, you can make it easier for them to complete numerous tasks and attend numerous meetings each week. This enables them to create a weekly schedule and write down their upcoming to-do items. They might be inspired to sit down and write out their tasks each week if they receive a gift like this, which could help them become more organized and less stressed.

6. Stationery set

If you are aware that your mentor is a writer, you might want to get them a set of personalized stationery. To make it simpler to write letters or print out memos, this can include pens with their name engraved on them and paper with their name already printed on it. To ensure that they keep the pen and realize that you took the time to buy a valuable, long-lasting gift for them, try to find high-quality pens that can last a long time as you look for pens to engrave.

7. Desk sign

You may come to understand that your mentor’s desk needs to be adorned more. If so, think about getting a desk sign with a proverb or other inspirational saying on it. If they’re having trouble with a task or need assistance coming up with a solution to a challenging problem, this can be a helpful message for them to see. You can purchase a desk sign that fits your mentor’s sense of humor and cheers them up on stressful work days if they like funny sayings.

8. Mouse pad

If the company doesn’t already provide or fund desktop accessories like mouse pads, some people might have to supply them on their own. For mentors to more easily navigate the programs on their computers, mouse pads can be useful gifts. Given that a pad makes it easier for them to move their mouse around, they might discover that your gift increases their productivity and efficiency.

9. Footrest

With a footrest they can put under their desk for all-day comfort, you can support your mentors’ office ergonomics. Some people use memory foam or cloth, both of which make excellent fabrics for resting their feet after a long day of business travel or attending numerous meetings. Footrests can frequently assist a worker’s posture and facilitate better blood circulation in their feet and throughout the rest of their body.

10. Gift card

Ask your mentor if they have a favorite place to shop, eat, or hang out nearby or online. If these businesses offer gift cards, do some research to see if you can get one to say “thank you” to your mentor. This allows them to purchase a free or reduced meal for themselves or their families while also demonstrating your concern for their interests.

11. Subscription box

A self-care subscription box can be used to motivate your mentor to take breaks and allow more time for themselves if you see them working several late or overtime shifts. Typically, you can buy these boxes online and personalize them to suit your mentor’s preferences. Depending on their interests or preferences, you can buy your mentor any number of subscription boxes, such as books, meal kits, or skin care products.

12. Proteins and vitamins

Some mentors may work for a significant portion of their days, evenings, and weekends, making it difficult for them to consume the proteins and vitamins that their bodies may require. By giving them vitamins you know they regularly use or need more of, if they’ve told you this, you can support their strong health despite their busy schedules. This shows them that you are concerned about their health and promote leading a balanced lifestyle.

13. Candles or essential oils

Your mentor might occasionally experience stress or overwhelm at work due to the volume of work they have. To make them feel calm while working, you can give them candles, diffusers, or essential oils. To choose a flavor of candle or essential oil that is suitable for them, think about asking them what their favorite scents are.

14. Note pads

Consider buying some if you see your mentor showing up to meetings without notepads or paper to make them feel more prepared. This can be a useful gift to give mentors who take notes frequently during presentations or when you are speaking with them. Giving them this gift demonstrates that you value their work ethic and care about them enough to make a gift that supports it.

15. Desk nameplate

Some workers may be well-known to their coworkers but lack nameplates on their desks. You can get your mentor a special nameplate with their name and position printed on it. Consider getting one in the mentor’s favorite colors or the brand’s colors to make it stand out from the crowd and better complement the office’s decor.

16. Bookends

Consider buying bookends for your mentor if you know they like to read and keep books on display near their desk or in their office. Visitors may find these appealing and creative ways to display their book collection when they meet with your mentor. The bookends can also serve as a reminder of your mentor’s support and assistance to you throughout your tenure in the position.

17. Desk shelf

Try purchasing or making your mentor a desk shelf to give them more space to display or store various personal or professional items. These typically provide cubbies so that your mentor can store their belongings and arrange their materials in a way that is simple to find and access. Some desk shelves can be adjusted so they can fit more comfortably on the mentor’s desk or in their office.

18. Laptop desk

Get your mentor a laptop desk if they frequently work from home so they can complete this task more quickly and easily. A laptop desk is typically a small, portable desk that people can use to easily rest their laptops on their legs or the ground. Additionally, some laptop desks can be adjusted, making it easier for workers to see their screens and sit comfortably.

19. Journal

Throughout the day, your mentor might want to share with you a number of thoughts, advice, or notes. They may find it simpler to quickly jot down their thoughts in a journal and remember to communicate with you later on. There may already be ideas or prompts in some journals to help readers get creative or to share with you later.

20. Business card holder

You can give your mentors a business card holder to help them network more effectively. When an employee sees a potential connection they’d like to meet up with again, they can always pull one of these out of their pocket. For a professional appearance, you can typically find business card holders with engraving or ones with a sleek leather design.

21. Customized map

You could also give your mentor a state-specific customized map as a decorative item. If they are from another state, you can give them a beautiful and imaginative map of their hometown so they can look at it and be reminded of their place of origin. This can demonstrate your concern for both their professional and personal lives.


What should you gift your mentor?

Here are some gifts you can provide your mentor as a way to thank them for their guidance, support and advice:
  • Desk plant. …
  • Mug. …
  • Desk organizer. …
  • Messenger or laptop bag. …
  • Planner. …
  • Stationery set. …
  • Desk sign. …
  • Mouse pad.

How do you show appreciation to a mentor?

Here are some conversation starters you can use with your mentee or mentor to begin expressing your gratitude.
  1. I am grateful for…
  2. I appreciate when you…
  3. I find it very helpful when you…
  4. I value you and try to show you by…
  5. Your partnership with me means…
  6. Our conversations help me…

What do you get someone to show your appreciation?

28 Thank You Gift Ideas To Really Show Your Gratitude
  • Thank You Care Package.
  • Soy Candle.
  • Thank You Spa Gift Box.
  • Thanks, A Bunch Gift Set.
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels.
  • Initial Throw Blanket.
  • Mug Set.
  • Thank You Keepsake.

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