FAQ: What Is Follower Growth Rate? (Plus How To Calculate It)

Follower growth rate is calculated as the number of followers you gained divided by the number of followers you started, times 100% (over a specific time period). For example, if Company A starts with 1000 followers and gains 100 followers in a month, they’ve achieved a growth rate of 10%.

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Why is follower growth rate important?

The rate of follower growth is crucial because it shows how well a social media account is doing. You can learn how to increase your follower growth rate by understanding whether it is rising or falling. Follower growth rate is important for many other reasons, including:

Improving your interactions

The sum of each interaction on each of your social media posts determines how many followers you gain. You can determine which posts get the most views by comparing follower growth rates to the times your account posts content. If you engage in any interactions during this time, you can compare them to discover how and why some are more successful than others.

Showing how your content responds to the algorithm

Your follower growth rate can help you figure out how your content interacts with the current algorithm depending on what you post. The frequency with which a post appears on various users’ news feeds is determined by an algorithm on each social media platform. You might be able to compare your follower growth over time to the timing of your posts to see which ones attracted the most followers if posts you published during that time period attracted attention and improved your follower growth. You can use this information to determine which posts the algorithm responded to the best, then repeat the procedure to test your hypotheses.

Indicating which social media posts incite growth

You can find out more about the posts that perform the best by comparing your follower growth rate to when you create them. You can determine whether the data, links, mentions, or responses you post during an evaluation period help your social media account grow by looking at your follower growth rate. Additionally, you can use your profile statistics to determine whether followers are still interacting with the account after seeing your initial post that convinced them to follow the page. Your profile information may be used to learn and apply information that will help you continue to develop a well-known social media profile.

Analyzing your campaigns performance

You can use your follower growth rate to gauge the success of social media campaigns you’re running for recruitment, marketing, or advertising. Your follower growth rate affects how many people immediately see your posts and how successfully a campaign is running. Many social media campaigns may only last a short while, so every period of follower growth check is only a partial assessment of the campaign as a whole.

What is follower growth rate?

The follower growth rate, which is expressed as a percentage, gauges how quickly a social media account is gaining followers. Depending on the state of your account, it may indicate gaining or losing followers. In light of the fact that follower growth rates are relative to your prior follower count, your monthly follower growth rate, for instance, would be the percentage increase in your follower count since the prior month. The importance of follower growth rate to social media accounts can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as:

Whos interested in your content

You can determine who is interested in the content you post by analyzing your growth rate along with the typical demographics of your followers. This can be applied to a variety of social media accounts, including a freelancer’s blog or the pages for a small or large business. Your target audience for upcoming posts can be determined by analyzing your follower base in relation to your follower growth rate to determine which followers like your profile. This can help you further improve your follower growth.

How popular your content is

If your follower growth rate is high or increasing, there are several things about your popularity that can be inferred. Your content may be spiking in popularity or reaching its target audience, depending on how high or how quickly it is rising in comparison to where it was before. By comparing your metrics to earlier rates, you can determine why your content is expanding. Additionally, consider what youve posted during the last period. Your increased follower count could be due to a post that did better than others and garnered more attention.

Possible revenue from your content

Your follower growth rate could be used to forecast your future earnings. You might be able to forecast how you can continue to make money if you assess your follower growth while taking a look at your followers’ demographic. After sharing three posts about online gaming, for instance, if your account gains over 100 followers from teens, you might try to replicate this result by posting more frequently about online gaming the following month. This is so that follower growth can demonstrate your recent performance and the potential for future success.

How do you calculate follower growth rate?

Consider using the following steps to determine your social media follower growth rate:

1. Determine your growth period

Finding out how long your social media page’s growth period is will help you calculate your follower growth rate. When making this decision, one thing to keep in mind is that your average percentage may drop each term the more frequently you evaluate your growth rate. This suggests that if you’re running a small campaign, you might check your follower growth rate fairly frequently.

2. Assess your follower count before the period

Wait until after that time has passed before applying your formula once you’ve determined how long of a period you want to evaluate for growth. Record the number of followers you have before the start of your growth period to establish one of the variables you need for the formula. Establishing a baseline count for your growth evaluations by evaluating your follower count prior to the growth period gives you the ingredients for your formula. Throughout the entire campaign, you can assess your social media growth using this number.

3. Calculate how many followers you received during your growth period

Once your growth phase is over, tally the number of followers you gained. To do this, simply subtract your current follower count from your previous one. If you want to evaluate your activity during this time period as well, spend some time keeping track of when you posted each item, including the time, subject, and feedback from your followers. This information may be crucial as you assess the growth of your following on social media.

4. Use the follower growth rate formula

Use the follower growth rate formula to determine your follower growth rate once you have all of your variables. The formula is as follows:

Follower growth rate is (new followers added / total followers) multiplied by 100.

You can perform the calculations below to figure out your follower growth rate, for instance, if your social media page gains 100 followers after having 1,000 before the growth period:

Follower growth rate = (100/1,000) x 100 = 0 1 x 100 = 10%.

This indicates that the follower growth for this social media growth evaluation was 10%.

5. Repeat assessments as needed

Once you’ve calculated your initial assessment, you can make additional calculations using either all fresh data or a portion of the original data to produce progressively more varied and extensive assessments of your social media. Although it’s helpful to keep in mind that the longer your growth period is, the higher your percentage is, you can use the original follower number to gauge your growth rate over a longer period of time. You could learn why some sessions have a higher growth rate than others by comparing your growth rate to the posts you make during a session.

How can you improve follower growth rate?

Consider these suggestions if you want to work on boosting a social media account’s follower growth rate:

Identify your social medias central goal

Learning the main objective of your social media and posting in line with it are two ways to increase the growth of a social media account. To promote a product, market job opportunities, or represent a business on a particular platform could be the main objectives. In order to know that many of the interactions are taking place in response to your social media’s goal, it can be helpful to understand your goal and to create posts that relate to it.

Remind followers that youre human

Make sure that your posts sound authentic or natural to further increase the number of followers on your social media accounts. Users may find it easier to relate to you if you post in a conversational style and mention that you work for a company as well as being an individual. Social media users might not be interested in an advertisement on its own, but if you post it in a relatable way, this might persuade a user to engage with it.

Unify your social media accounts

Consider unifying your social media accounts across all platforms if you’re running campaigns for multiple businesses on different social media platforms. It can be advantageous for profile pictures, banners, and some content to be consistent or similar. Similar social media handles and other identifying elements, such as profile pictures and pinned posts, can help users recognize a company’s social media accounts.

Post uniquely

Consider making some of your social media posts stand out from the crowd when you publish them. Although having unified social media accounts can make it easier for fans to find and follow the pages, having original posts could increase your social media reach. You can compare tactics by comparing growth rates on various platforms with unique posts.

Use paid advertisements

Another choice you can take into account when assessing your social media is buying paid advertisements. While users are on a specific platform, buying social media ads can help you entice them to explore your page. This may help increase your follower count during campaigns.


What is a good follower growth rate?

Instagram has the highest engagement rate and the fastest follower growth, so what is the average follower growth there? The average increase for brands using Instagram effectively is between 6% and 8% per month. That is three times the amount that is typically seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What is the average social media follower growth rate?

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, the researchers calculated the median monthly follower growth percentage for each brand. Over the five major social networks analyzed, brands’ median annual follower growth last year was 42%.

How do I increase my follower growth rate?

How can I increase my follower growth?
  1. Each social media platform should have distinct goals and objectives that are based on how that platform functions.
  2. Engage and converse with your followers by responding to their comments and re-sharing pertinent content.

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