10 Examples of Feedback on Communication Skills

Feedback on communication skills examples
  • “I appreciate your ability to listen to others. …
  • “Thank you for always expressing your thoughts or concerns to me. …
  • “I know a lot of our work happens on the computer, making communication extra important. …
  • “I’ve noticed that you have strong communication skills.

Good communication skills are essential for success, both in business and in life. Effective communication involves being able to effectively convey information and ideas to an audience, while also being able to actively listen and comprehend what is being said. However, communicating effectively isn’t always easy, as it requires being able to consider the perspectives of others, being an active listener, and using the right words. In this blog post, we will be exploring feedback on communication skills examples and discussing helpful tips to help you improve your communication skills. We will look at various methods for effectively exchanging information, such as verbal and non-verbal communication, and how to best use each to get your message across. We will also be looking at strategies for having difficult conversations, as well as how to read between the lines and effectively interpret non-verbal communication. By the end of this blog post, you should have a better understanding of how to effectively communicate with others and develop your communication skills. So, let’s

What is Feedback in Communication?

Why is giving feedback on communication skills important?

It’s crucial to compliment your team members’ communication abilities during a performance review for the following reasons:

What are communication skills?

Communication skills are a necessity for many professionals to have. They make it possible to connect and collaborate with others. Strong communicators are adept at listening, observing, and comprehending others. Your communication abilities enable you to decipher and react to what others are expressing using verbal and nonverbal cues. Although face-to-face interactions are frequent at work, you might also need these abilities to communicate with others over the phone, via email, through direct messages, or through some other type of correspondence.

Feedback on communication skills examples

Here are a few illustrations of criticism you might offer regarding your communication abilities in a performance review:

Feedback on strengths

Here are some illustrations you can refer to when praising a team member for their communication abilities:

Feedback on weaknesses

These illustrations can help you decide what to say to your team member if you notice they need to work on their communication skills:


Which is an example of providing positive feedback in communication?

Here are some positive feedback examples to help you get started:
  • Your contribution to the meeting today changed the course of this project.
  • I am incredibly impressed by how you were able to achieve every objective you set out to do.
  • Consistency is one of your biggest strengths. …
  • You did a great job with your presentation today.

What is feedback in communication process example?

Here, you can express gratitude for taking the initiative to offer to lead our meeting today. You demonstrated your leadership skills by establishing teamwork among our employees. Your great communication skills helped everyone feel heard!”.

How do you evaluate someone’s communication skills?

Feedback refers to the receiver’s response to the sender’s message. Sometimes a feedback could be a non-verbal smiles, sighs etc. It can also take place verbally, such as when you respond orally to the ideas of a colleague. Other formats for providing feedback include responding to emails, etc.

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