9 Driving Certification Programs and Endorsements For Commercial Driving

Getting your driver’s license is an important step in young adulthood. It means freedom, independence and a greater sense of adulthood. However, having a driver’s license is not the only certification needed in order to drive. In today’s blog post, we will discuss how driving certifications are important and what you need to do to obtain them.
We will begin by discussing the differences between a driver’s license and a driving certification. We’ll then move on to talk about why it is important to obtain certifications, and the different types of certifications that you may need for different types of driving. Finally, we will discuss the process for obtaining these certifications, including testing, fees and any other requirements.
So, if you have a driver’s license and are curious about the different certifications that may be required for certain types of driving, then this blog post is for you. We will provide an overview of the different certifications and provide the necessary steps to

Driving Certifications: Getting Behind the Wheel

Driving certification programs for commercial drivers

Here are some popular certification programs for commercial drivers:

National Safety Council (NSC)

The National Safety Council (NSC) is a body dedicated to advancing motorist safety. This entails educating drivers on how to uphold safety standards at work and assessing current driver safety regulations to identify any gaps that could use improvement.

The National Safety Council offers several different certifications, so depending on the certification you want to pursue, the specific requirements for earning certification through the NSC may change. However, the majority of NSC certifications require a number of hours of coursework covering a range of topics related to traffic safety, including safety inspections, incident investigations, and industrial hygiene.

The National Safety Council offers a few certifications, including the following:

National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI)

For drivers in all 50 states and across a variety of modes of transportation, the National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) offers training and certification. The National Traffic Safety Institute offers several programs that can assist commercial drivers who operate fleets in becoming certified in a variety of areas, including road safety, particular kinds of vehicles, and more. The National Traffic Safety Institute offers numerous online courses, making it convenient for drivers to earn their certification from the comfort of their own homes or places of employment.

However, the National Traffic Safety Institute also offers in-person classes where instructors give students the chance to put their newly learned concepts into practice. The National Traffic Safety Institute offers a number of certifications, including the following:

National American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI)

Fleet drivers and commercial truck drivers can earn credentials from the National American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). Commercial drivers who want to advance their careers to a specific job in the industry can benefit from the National American Transport Management Institute’s numerous certifications, many of which are applicable to specific job titles and some of which are in leadership positions.

The experience and course requirements for applying can vary between each certification because the NATMI offers a number of different options for certification. However, the majority of NATMI certifications demand at least two years of work experience and completion of one training course. The National American Transport Management Institute offers the following certifications:

What is a driving certification?

A driving certification is a credential for professional drivers that shows the bearer is knowledgeable or experienced in a certain field of work. Driving large vehicles can present risks if drivers don’t take all necessary safety precautions, so many driving certifications cover topics related to safety regulations and standards.

If a driver wants to operate a particular kind of vehicle, such as a cargo truck or van, that is another common reason to pursue certification. Drivers can obtain certification or endorsement in multiple vehicle types to demonstrate to employers that they are qualified and able to complete a variety of deliveries because operating each type of delivery vehicle requires a different set of skills and procedures.

Driving endorsements

You can apply for the following major driving endorsements for a commercial drivers license (CDL):

N Endorsement

CDL holders can drive tank vehicles thanks to the N endorsement. A tanker vehicle, also known as a tanker, is a vehicle created for the secure transportation of liquids or gases. Candidates must sit for and pass a written knowledge test in order to be granted the N endorsement for tankers.

H Endorsement

Holders of the H endorsement may operate vehicles carrying waste or hazardous materials. Candidates must pass a written knowledge exam covering topics like safety precautions, hazmat protocol, and rules for transporting hazardous materials in order to receive the H endorsement.

P Endorsement

Drivers who want to operate vehicles that can accommodate large groups of at least 16 people should obtain the P endorsement. This may apply to automobiles like limos, shuttle buses, and school buses. Candidates must pass two exams: one on knowledge with a section of written questions and another on road safety with a practical test of their driving abilities in order to receive the P endorsement.

S Endorsement

Drivers who have the S endorsement are able to operate a school bus. Candidates who want the S endorsement must first receive the P endorsement because a school bus is a vehicle capable of carrying 16 or more people. The S endorsement can then be obtained by passing a written knowledge test, a road test, submitting application materials and fees, and going through a background investigation.

T Endorsement

Commercial drivers who want to tow a trailer with a double- or triple-axle need the T endorsement. Candidates must pass a written test on safety requirements and driving laws that pertain to double and triple trailers in order to receive the T endorsement.

X Endorsement

A combination endorsement known as the “X” allows drivers to operate tankers and transport hazardous materials. The X endorsement requires candidates to pass a written knowledge test.


How many hours of driving do you need to get your license in NY?

Your teen must complete at least 50 hours of practice driving with a parent, guardian, or driving instructor before they can take the road test. At least 15 of those hours must be spent driving at night (after sunset).

How much does drivers ed cost in NY?

Pre-licensing classes at a driving school in NYC typically cost $50, and driving lessons cost $60 to $100.

Can you take drivers ed online in New York?

The New York DMV has approved online drivers education courses, so you can take them there, though you should check on a specific course first. You can take drivers ed either in a classroom or 100% remotely and online on any device

How do I pass my road test in NY?

  1. Whether you’re backing up, turning, or driving straight ahead, accelerate and steer smoothly.
  2. Don’t drive too slow. …
  3. Brake smoothly. …
  4. Turn into the same lane. …
  5. Always look in the direction you’re driving. …
  6. Stop correctly at stop signs.

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