Should You Double Major in Marketing and Finance?

Common career opportunities for graduates with a double major in marketing and finance include:
  • Social media manager. National average salary: $44,822 per year. …
  • Accountant. National average salary: $53,996 per year. …
  • Advertising manager. …
  • Marketing analyst. …
  • Marketing manager. …
  • Financial planner. …
  • Budget analyst.


Benefits of double majoring in marketing and finance

Consider these benefits when deciding between a marketing and finance double major:

Why should you double major in marketing and finance?

It can be a wise professional move to graduate with a double major in marketing and finance because it will enable you to complete more tasks at work. By completing two significant programs, you not only gain new skills but also demonstrate to any potential employers that you work hard.

An aspiring marketing professional can benefit from financial knowledge because a marketing department is heavily involved with a company’s finances, both in its own budgeting and tracking the results of initiatives. Similar to how a finance professional can benefit from marketing expertise by being able to attract and keep clients

Marketing and finance coursework

Working with an academic advisor or mentor to choose your courses each term may be helpful because earning a double major requires a heavier course load. A student who is pursuing a double major in marketing and finance is likely to take the following courses before graduating with both bachelor’s degrees:

Career options with a double major in marketing and finance

Graduates with a double major in marketing and finance frequently find employment in the following fields:

A social media manager’s main responsibilities are to plan and oversee the implementation of social media marketing campaigns, including both paid advertising placements and organic marketing through social media profiles. Performance metrics are used by the social media manager to monitor the success of social media campaigns. Metrics also enable a social media manager to improve the effectiveness of money spent on social media marketing campaigns and adjust future efforts.

An accountant’s main responsibilities include keeping financial records organized and giving clients or employers financial advice. Accountants may serve as a financial officer for a business, focusing solely on the requirements of their employer, or act as consultants for various clients. Financial planning, budget creation and implementation guidance, and tax preparation are among the accountant’s typical duties.

An advertising manager’s main responsibilities are managing an advertising team or campaign. A campaign’s responsibilities may include hiring personnel, assigning tasks to team members, and negotiating advertising rates with media suppliers. The budget for a campaign is frequently provided to the advertising manager, who uses it to strategically divide costs between various production and placement costs in order to maximize the campaign’s return on investment.

A marketing analyst’s main responsibilities include analyzing consumer demographics to spot trends. The analyst may carry out their own research to collect data or analyze information gathered by other researchers. In order for other employees in the marketing department to apply the findings of their research to future marketing activities, marketing analysts frequently create charts, reports, and other reference materials.

A marketing manager’s main responsibilities include supervising the marketing team. This position is held at the mid- or senior-level in a marketing department. When developing and implementing marketing initiatives, a marketing manager collaborates with the marketing team and other senior staff to understand the company’s marketing objectives. Before assigning tasks, a marketing manager may meet with clients or senior staff to pitch proposed marketing campaigns in order to make sure the department completes projects according to the planned timeline.

The main responsibilities of a financial planner are related to personal finance. When a client meets with a planner, they discuss their financial situation and look over their financial records and future plans. Clients receive advice from the financial planner regarding matters such as budgeting, retirement planning, and mortgage management. Financial advisors may also refer their clients to other professionals who can provide additional assistance to help them improve their financial situation.

Primary responsibilities: A budget analyst is a financial expert who focuses on overseeing the budgets of big businesses. A budget analyst looks at a company’s financial records to identify where the company is spending money wisely and where it can improve its financial performance. Additionally, they could evaluate fresh spending requests and advise on whether to approve them.


What’s a good double major for finance?

The following double majors in finance are recommended by members of the WSO community for various career paths: Corporate Finance: Accounting, Statistics Investment Banking: Economics.

What is a good double major for marketing?

You can more accurately predict consumer behavior and be more creative when creating marketing campaigns by doubling up on psychology and marketing. Learning analytical and research-based skills as a psychology major can also improve your ability to analyze market data and analyze consumer behavior.

Can a finance major work in marketing?

You can do either Finance or Marketing. You can use your financial background in a variety of marketing-related areas, including marketing analytics, marketing operations, budgets, and marketing in general. You have a nice blend in different areas.

Are marketing and finance related?

Every business needs knowledge of finance and marketing. Simply put, the marketing division is in charge of generating income. It is the finance department’s responsibility to distribute this income among various endeavors in order to maximize wealth growth.

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