Top 25 Dominos General Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Five Star Pizza, a Domino’s owned and run in your area, is hiring the next generation of highly motivated General Managers! These leaders will build and support a customer-focused team while making sure our restaurants have the highest levels of operational excellence.

This is not a job posting for Domino’s Pizza LLC, Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC, or Domino’s Pizza, Inc. It’s for a job in a store owned and run by an independent franchisee. (“Domino’s Corporate”). This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is responsible for and will make all decisions about the store’s employees, such as hiring, firing, disciplining, supervising, paying and benefits, staffing, and making schedules. Any application you send to Domino’s for this job will not be seen by the company, and they will not have any say in whether you get an interview or are hired. Further, Domino’s does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees. If this job posting gets you hired, the independent franchisee will be your only boss. You will not work for Domino’s.

Landing a job as a General Manager at Dominos Pizza requires excellent leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills. As the frontline leader overseeing all store operations, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to manage teams, ensure customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth.

In your Dominos interview, expect questions that evaluate your qualifications for this demanding management role. We’ve put together some of the most common Dominos General Manager interview questions along with sample responses to help you craft winning answers:

1. Why are you interested in becoming a General Manager at Dominos?

Hiring managers want to gauge your motivation for pursuing this role. Show your enthusiasm for the company and highlight relevant skills. For example:

“I’m deeply interested in becoming a General Manager at Dominos because I admire your commitment to timely delivery and exceptional customer service. With over five years of management experience in the food industry, I’m confident I can lead store operations to deliver on Dominos’ brand promise. My team leadership abilities coupled with my problem-solving mindset make me well-equipped to handle the daily challenges of this role.”

2. What experience do you have in the pizza or food delivery business?

Talk about any relevant experience you have in fast food, pizza shops, or delivery services. Demonstrate how your skills translate well to Dominos. For instance

“While I don’t have direct experience with Dominos, I did work for two years as a Shift Manager at Pizza Hut. There, I oversaw daily operations including inventory, staffing, and order fulfillment to provide top-notch customer service This experience allowed me to understand the fast-paced nature of pizza delivery I’m excited to apply everything I learned to help enhance operations and exceed customer expectations at Dominos.”

3. How would you handle an underperforming store location?

Show you can identify issues and implement solutions to turn things around. For example:

“I would start by analyzing performance metrics to pinpoint problem areas, such as dwindling sales or poor customer feedback. Next, I’d observe store operations first-hand to identify bottlenecks in the ordering process or inventory issues affecting service quality. Once I determine the root causes, I’d create an action plan – perhaps employee training for improved efficiency or an inventory optimization system to reduce waste. Regular check-ins with the team would help ensure solutions are implemented effectively until the location is operating at peak performance.”

4. How do you handle pressure or stressful situations?

Share how you stay focused under pressure For instance

“In a high-volume pizza delivery business like Dominos, I understand there will be extremely stressful rushes. However, I thrive under pressure. When things get hectic, I stay laser-focused on solutions. I’ll prioritize orders, mobilize team members into support roles, and keep the momentum going. My calm demeanor helps motivate my team to push through the stress while maintaining great standards of service.”

5. What strategies would you use to drive new sales growth?

Demonstrate your sales abilities. For example:

“To drive new sales growth, I would employ a three-pronged approach. First, analyze local demographics and ordering data to identify growth opportunities, such as promoting online orders to tech-savvy customers. Next, engage the marketing team to create targeted promotions that make our offerings irresistible for the target demographic. Lastly, analyze the new sales data regularly to continuously refine our approach and maximize results.”

6. How do you onboard and train new employees?

Share your approach to successfully training new hires. For instance:

“For new employees at Dominos, I would implement a structured on-boarding program to immerse them in the brand and set clear expectations. This starts with introducing them to our company culture, values and food preparation methods through videos, manuals and quizzes. Next is hands-on training where they shadow team members to gain experience in every role – from order taking to delivery. Throughout their training, I provide continuous feedback and encouragement to ensure they gain the confidence and skills to excel.”

7. How would you respond if a customer complained about inaccurate orders or late deliveries?

Demonstrate your customer service skills. For example:

“At Dominos, customer satisfaction is my utmost priority. If a customer complained about inaccurate orders or late deliveries, I would start by sincerely apologizing for the inconvenience and disappointment caused. I would ask clarifying questions to understand the details of what went wrong. Regardless of fault, I would do everything possible to make amends – perhaps by immediately remaking and rushing the correct order to the customer free of charge. I would thank the customer for bringing the issue to my attention so we can improve. Mistakes happen, but it’s how you recover that matters most.”

8. How would you handle a sudden disruption in supply or inventory?

Show you can think on your feet and problem-solve. For instance:

“Supplier disruptions can deal a huge blow in the pizza business. However, through creative solutions, I can mitigate the impact on store operations. I would immediately get in touch with secondary suppliers or local alternatives to ensure essential ingredients remain stocked. For missing items, I could offer substitute options or limited-time deals on alternative menu items we have ingredients for. With customer-facing communication and transparent explanation of the situation, I’m confident we can continue meeting customer needs despite supply chain hiccups.”

9. What steps would you take to reduce waste and optimize profit margins?

Demonstrate your business acumen. For example:

“Reducing waste while maintaining profit margins requires data-driven decision making. I would start by reviewing inventory reports and waste logs to identify problem areas, like ingredients with short shelf-lives or seasonal menu items not selling well. Next, I would streamline recipes and menu options to optimize ingredient usage. Adopting lean manufacturing principles and digitizing inventory tracking could further minimize waste. Finally, negotiating supplier contracts and capitalizing on volume discounts could reduce costs. With these steps, I’m confident I could significantly cut down on waste while upholding strong profit margins.”

10. How would you handle a team member who refused to take on additional responsibilities?

Show how you would address performance issues professionally. For example:

“If a team member refused additional duties, I would have a private, one-on-one discussion to understand their rationale and try to address any underlying concerns. I would explain how taking on extra responsibilities enables professional growth and discuss potential training to improve confidence levels. If unwillingness persists, I would reinforce expectations and remind them of the duties outlined in their job description. As a last resort, I may have to escalate disciplinary action. However, I aim to be collaborative and coach team members through obstacles to bring out their best performance.”

11. What is your biggest weakness as a leader? How do you mitigate it?

Demonstrate self-awareness and highlight improvements made. For instance:

“Early in my career, I struggled with delegation. I was used to tackling everything myself. However, as I moved into leadership roles, this became counterproductive. I realized that empowering others not only lightens my workload but builds team capabilities too. Now, I consciously delegate tasks based on team members’ strengths and career goals. I provide the necessary guidance without micromanaging. This lifts some weight off my shoulders while growing my team members’ skills in the process.”

12. How do you stay motivated on difficult or slow days?

Share how you maintain positivity when times are tough. For example:

“In the pizza business, slow days and difficult rushes are inevitable. On those days, I stay motivated by focusing on the bigger picture – the students relying on our delivery for late night meals or the family treating themselves to dinner without cooking after a tiring day. I also remind myself that ups and downs are temporary, and things will pick back up again soon. Keeping my energy up helps maintain team morale too. I’ll put on some upbeat music and engage my team by highlighting wins like positive customer reviews that came in. Staying focused on the people who count on us keeps me motivated through any situation.”

13. How do you convey vision and strategy to your team?

Demonstrate your communication abilities. For example:

“Effectively communicating vision and strategy enables a team to work collaboratively towards shared goals. I would first craft clear, concise messages explaining new initiatives, goals and the reasoning behind them. I present these messages in multiple formats – team meetings, one-on-one conversations, emails, and visually on boards in our store. To ensure understanding, I encourage discussion and feedback during meetings. I then regularly reinforce the strategies through my own actions and guidance. This comprehensive approach keeps the vision and strategies top of mind, allowing the team to execute them seamlessly.”

14. How would you respond if you found out a team member violated store policies?

Show how you would handle rule infractions firmly yet professionally. For instance:

“If a team member violated store policies, I would respond seriously and objectively. I would document the incident and any evidence thoroughly. In a private conversation, I would give the team member a chance to explain before stating the policy violated. I would lay out the consequences while also inviting them to discuss ways to rectify the situation and prevent future occurrences. My aim is not to punish but to uphold policies consistently across all employees. However, I would not hesitate

Domino’s question

What should you expect during a domino’s interview?

During a Domino’s interview, candidates can expect to discuss their qualifications, work experience, and their interest in the job. The interviewers may ask questions about your availability, your ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and your customer service skills if you’ll be dealing with customers.

How do you get a job at Domino’s?

The hiring process at Domino’s is generally described as quick, easy, and straightforward. Applicants typically apply online or in-store, followed by a phone call to schedule an in-person interview. The interview itself is often brief, with basic questions about the candidate’s experience, availability, and customer service skills.

How does Domino’s interview process work?

Just ask! On Glassdoor, you can share insights and advice anonymously with Domino’s employees and get real answers from people on the inside. Domino’s interview process entails submitting an application, initial phone screening, in-person interview assessing job fit and skills.

What questions did Domino’s ask employees?

Domino’s Employee: They asked about punctuality, like: “At your previous jobs, have you shown up on time?”, “Have you been late a lot?” They asked you how many times you called off. It was more along the lines about will you come to work, have you quit jobs before, questions like that.

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