Do-Not-Hire Lists: What They Are and What to Do If You’re on One

What is a do-not-hire list? A do-not-hire list is a master list of prospective job candidates that human resources or recruitment departments flag in the hiring process. These departments add the job candidates to an applicant tracking system to ensure they do not get hired within the company.

CPS’ Do Not Hire List

Reasons for being on a do-not-hire list

Understanding what a do-not-hire list is and the reasons you might be on one is crucial because being put on one affects your chances of getting a job with an organization. For the following reasons, a human resources department will frequently mark a candidate and add them to a do-not-hire list:

The job interview did not go well

There are numerous factors that can cause a job interview to fail. One of the most frequent explanations is that a candidate might not have studied the business and the position in advance of the interview. You might come across as not taking the position or the company seriously if you are not prepared.

Another factor is that you might not get along well with the person conducting the interview. The company may feel even after a great interview that you lack the expertise or credentials they are looking for.

There was false information on a resume

It’s crucial to avoid including false information on a resume. Falsified information in your work history raises red flags for employers, who may decide not to hire you. Companies have high ethical standards, so it’s crucial to be truthful about your experience and professional qualifications.

There were insufficient job references

The hiring process involves asking for references from previous employers. References allow potential employers to get a sense of your character and work ethic by speaking with your former employers and coworkers. Even if it was a company that fired you, asking someone to serve as a reference for you does not always mean they will be the best person to represent you to potential employers.

Although employment privacy laws can restrict what former employers can say, failing to provide enough feedback about your performance can occasionally make a company wary of hiring you. Your chances may be harmed by references who do not follow up by getting in touch with your potential employer, as they will not have a complete picture of you as an applicant.

A background check did not go well

Employers will run background checks on all prospective hires. When they conduct a background check, they can determine whether your statements made during the hiring process are accurate. The company will probably add you to the do-not-hire list if the background check reveals any information that you did not disclose in your application or interview, particularly if it relates to any potential legal issues you may have had.

There were mistakes with instructions during onboarding

There are many steps to take during the onboarding process after being hired. Forms like tax information, additional background checks, and possibly a drug test are typically required. These items are time-sensitive. If you don’t complete these tasks, a business may have reason to question your ability to follow instructions as an employee and decide not to hire you by adding your name to the do-not-hire list.

You used another job offer as leverage

While you’re in the hiring process for a new job, other opportunities can occasionally present themselves. A company might view it negatively and decide to add you to their do-not-hire list if you are fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers and decide to use that as a negotiating tactic.

What is a do-not-hire list?

A master list of potential job candidates that human resources or recruitment departments flag during the hiring process is known as a “do-not-hire list.” In order to prevent internal hiring, these departments add the job candidates to an applicant tracking system.

How long does a do-not-hire list last?

The reason determines how long a candidate remains on the do-not-hire list. If you are on a company’s “do-not-hire” list because of a lack of experience, they might reconsider hiring you after a few years if you gain experience and they take another look at your resume.

There are good reasons to keep someone on a do-not-hire list indefinitely. If you lied during the interview, failed to present yourself professionally, or your background check revealed any information you did not disclose in your application, you may be permanently added to the do-not-hire list.

What to do if you’re on a do-not-hire list

Knowing what to do if your name appears on a do-not-hire list is crucial. Ask the employer if they are willing to talk about whether they added you and why if you can maintain a cordial and open line of communication with them. Use the channel of communication to inquire as to the reasoning behind their decision to add you to the do-not-hire list.

If you’re on a do-not-hire list, you can also do the following:

Have a friend put in a good word for you

Have them put in a good word for you if you know someone who works at the company you’re trying to get into. If you have a reference from within the organization who is knowledgeable about you and can speak highly of your character, this may persuade the employer to reconsider putting you on the do-not-hire list.

Give it some time

Let some time pass. Maybe the hiring manager didn’t think you were a good fit or you didn’t have enough experience. By waiting, perhaps that hiring manager won’t still be employed by the business. You will eventually have the chance to increase your skill set through work experience, which will increase your likelihood of being hired again.

Ask if there is anything you can work on for future consideration

A professional move is to inquire if there is anything you can do to improve for a potential employer. It demonstrates to a potential employer that you are eager to learn and develop. You can improve yourself for the future by accepting constructive criticism, whether it comes from the employer you’re looking to work for or someone else.


How long do you stay on a do not hire list?

If you are listed as a no-rehire employee by any company They will always have it in their system, and it will remain in your file forever.

How do I know if I am on the do not hire list?

Speak with a human resources manager by contacting the HR department. Do-not-hire lists usually are tracked in HR systems.

What can stop you from getting hired?

4 Things That Can Keep You From Getting the Job
  • Your social media presence is unproffesional. There’s a good chance that someone from human resources (HR) will look you up online if you’re applying for a job.
  • You have no social media presence at all. …
  • You stretch the truth. …
  • You fail the politeness check.

What makes someone ineligible for rehire?

If you violated the terms of your employment agreement while employed by a company, you might not be qualified for rehire because you disregarded an agreement you had with the employer. As an illustration, let’s say that you worked on a project for your company that contained some delicate business data, such as financial records.

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