Digital Acquisition: Definition, Techniques and Strategy

Digital acquisition is the process of attracting and retaining new customers through digital marketing strategies. It combines media, online resources and engagement tools to promote awareness about your business, encourage customers to consider purchasing your services or products and make future repeat purchases.

Beginners’ Guide to Digital Acquisition

Types of digital acquisition techniques

The various methods a person uses to find and access your website are known as digital acquisition techniques, or channels. Examples of the most popular methods your website receives acquisitions are provided below:

What is digital acquisition?

Using digital marketing techniques, digital acquisition refers to the process of acquiring and keeping new customers. It combines media, online resources, and engagement tools to raise awareness of your company, entice clients to think about using your products or services, and encourage them to return in the future. Utilizing acquisition strategies that advance with emerging trends and technology, digital acquisition seeks to build a steady and predictable flow of new customers.

Businesses can benefit from digital acquisition in three ways:

How to develop a digital acquisition strategy

Your digital acquisition strategies must be developed and maintained with careful planning and regular upkeep. Prioritizing your desired strategies and fundamental components can be helpful. Here are some steps to get you started:

1. Know your audience

Understanding your clientele and tailoring your digital marketing strategy to their needs is made possible by defining your audience and investigating their purchasing behavior. Different digital channels are used by customers for various purposes, and each one has its own associated statistics.

For instance, statistics might indicate that a customer conducting an online search for shoes is more likely to use a particular social media platform, is more likely to use their smartphone than a computer, and is very likely to have already decided on a brand name. According to research, customers who buy products similar to yours look for inspiration as much as they do for value. You can develop personalized and successful digital acquisition strategies with the aid of a clearly defined profile of your target market.

To better understand your company and your clients, consider the following questions:

2. Identify customer channels and choose strategies

Instead of spending money to market across all channels, it is best to use your target audience’s profile to concentrate your efforts and budget on the top three or four channels that your customers use most frequently. For instance, if your target market is primarily senior citizens, investing time and money in social media marketing may not be beneficial to your company since this group uses these platforms less frequently. This tactic prevents businesses from overextending their resources.

You can develop strategies to make it easier for customers to locate and buy your products by concentrating on the few best channels. After selecting those top channels, you can use one strategy or several strategies to increase your number of acquisitions. Combining strategies can make them more effective than using them separately and boost your conversion rates.

The following are some examples of channel and strategy pairings that a company can use to broaden its customer base:

3. Collect data

Almost everything pertaining to digital acquisition channels and strategies requires data to be evaluated. It can demonstrate which marketing initiatives are successful and which channels are attracting the most customers. Data collection and analysis can help you better understand customer behavior, advance your strategies, and have an impact on upcoming digital acquisition efforts. You can link all of your marketing materials and websites to analytical tools and analytics engines to generate data and reports.


How do you drive a digital acquisition?

The goal of digital customer acquisition (DCA) is to make it possible for people to find your product through a relevant search, and since they are already warm leads, to quickly and effectively persuade them to buy it.

What does Digital acquisition manager do?

16 Steps of Customer Acquisition Process for Digital Marketers
  1. Define Your Business Strategy.
  2. Pre-estimate Customer Acquisition Cost.
  3. Create Your Target Market.
  4. Decide on Right Acquisition Channel.
  5. Hire Trained and Talented Staff.
  6. Build Optimizable Web Pages.
  7. Use Content Marketing to Acquire Customers.

What is an acquisition in media?

A digital acquisition manager typically oversees one or more digital acquisition channels (search, display, social, site, etc.) to achieve the organization’s sales objectives.

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