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10 Common Deloitte Financial Advisor Interview Questions
  • What is your background in accounting and/or finance?
  • How advanced are your excel skills?
  • What do you consider before giving clients financial advice?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to multitask?
  • How do you curate client relationships?

Top 5 Deloitte Interview questions and Answers

3. What Makes You a Good Choice for this Company?

The interviewer wants you to sell yourself by mentioning some of the things that the company will benefit from if they employ you. You have to convince the entity that it will be getting something in return after giving you lots of experience, learning opportunities, and financial benefits.

Sample Answer

This is my eighth year in this field. Therefore, I have lots of experience that I am ready to bring to this establishment. I am a diligent, highly motivated, and hardworking employee who will give my all to benefit the company. Additionally, I have excellent teamwork skills that will help me inspire, work together with and motivate other employees.

2. Tell Me About Yourself

This is also another common opening question that the interviewer is likely to ask. It is not as easy as it seems since you can’t know for sure what the interviewer wants to hear. To be on the safe side, talk about the responsibilities you have, teams you’ve been part of, or any interests you may have. Why Should We Hire You? 5 Best Answ…

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Sample Answer

I am highly experienced, having spent over thirteen years in this field. I have a degree in accounting and finished on top of my class in college. I love teamwork and have been part of several teams before. I am interested in learning new things, traveling, and reading.

​From preparation to follow-up we offer seven tips to ensure a strong interview

Our interview tips will help set you up for success.

#1: Do your homework. Were impressed when candidates have taken the time to do some research and learn about us. Since you are here on this site, you obviously find value in this too. Take a look around and learn as much as you can. Being prepared will also minimize your anxiety.

#2: Make an impact. Dress for the occasion. The rule is, when in doubt, overdress. Recent trends have dictated business-casual attire, but its still appropriate to wear a business suit. If you mean business, show us. And remember…its not always what you say, but how you present yourself that makes an impression. Be sure to shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact. During the interview, sit up and stay focused. If your mind starts to wander, it shows.

#3: Be confident. Composure in the business world is crucial. And an interview is a good measurement of how you handle pressure. You dont want to appear too nervous. At the same time, dont be too relaxed. Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism without being unapproachable. The best advice is to be yourself. Youre an outgoing, likeable person. Let that come through in your interview. Were looking for individuals who will thrive in our team-based environment.

#4: Ask questions. When you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, it lets us know youre interested. Depending on what you ask, it may also prove youve done your homework. Before the interview, make sure youve prepared a list of questions that we may not have addressed.

#5: Sell yourself. Your qualifications got you in the door. Make sure you can speak confidently about any experiences youve had in the workplace and in the classroom. Specific examples of how youve contributed to an organization or learned something exciting are of interest to us. We see potential in you, so be sure to sell yourself by promoting your skills and abilities.

#6: Get clarification. If you dont understand a question, dont hesitate, ask us to repeat it. You have a better shot at giving your best answer if you know exactly what were asking.

#7: Follow up. Its good etiquette to thank interviewers for their time. Make sure you get a business card from the person or people that you meet with and send a letter to each one as soon as possible after the interview. This will also let us know that you liked what you heard and you want us to keep you in mind.


How do I pass Deloitte interview?

Our interview tips will help set you up for success.
  1. #1: Do your homework. We’re impressed when candidates have taken the time to do some research and learn about us. …
  2. #2: Make an impact. Dress for the occasion. …
  3. #3: Be confident. …
  4. #4: Ask questions. …
  5. #5: Sell yourself. …
  6. #6: Get clarification. …
  7. #7: Follow up.

What does Deloitte advisory do?

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory helps organizations effectively navigate business risks and opportunities—from strategic, reputation, and financial risks to operational, cyber, and regulatory risks—to gain competitive advantage.

Is it difficult to crack Deloitte interview?

Deloitte interviews are pretty challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporates. The questions are difficult and the interview format is specific to Deloitte. But the good news is that with the right preparation it can actually become relatively straightforward to succeed at a Deloitte interview.

Why should we hire you answer Deloitte?

Why should we hire you Deloitte? Ans. I am a hardworking person who likes to take on challenges. I am able to meet deadlines since I have good time management skills.

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